It’s LOVE my dear..(krpkab) episode 21

#sona’s voice#
She slowly climbed down(ishwari).. dev and I exchanged nervous looks…
She stood infront of our face with a blank face…
Sona:auntyji …
She raised her hand up indicating me to stop…my nervousness doubled!
Ishwari:maine tumhe yahan ek important kam ke liye bulaya hai(I have called you here for important work)…kal dev ne mujhe tumhare aur uske riste ke baare main bataya …pata hai Sonakshi main ne isse shaadi karne ke liye bahut baar bola lekin har baar mana kar deta tha lekin kal toh woh khud …aur main bahut khush huon Ki shaadi tumshe ho rahi hai ..mera toh sapna hi each ho Gaya..thank u sonakshi dev ki life main aane ke liye…meri life main aane ke liye!..( Yesterday dev told me about his relationship with know Sonakshi i have asked him to marry so many times but everytime her refused..but yesterday he himself was…and i am so happy…and on top of it he is going to marry you…its like a dream come true..thank u so much Sonakshi for coming in dev’s life …in my life!)

I just couldn’t believe my ears…i blinked thinking it to be my dream but it wasn’t …aunty was really standing in front of my eyes speaking to me!…i am the peak of happiness…i am just not able to understand how shall i react…..and finally i i spoke
Sona:thank u toh mujhe aap ko kehna chaiye meri life main aane ke liye…i am so lucky(i should say thank you to you..for coming in my life…)
Dev:ma tune yeh sab bolne ke liye bulaya Tha aur pata Sonakshi kitna tense hogayi Thi..usse lag raha Tha Ki Tu uska koi exam legi(ma you called Sonakshi for saying this and Sonakshi was so much tensed…she thought you are going to take some exam of her)
Ishwari:exam..main kya exam le sakti Huon..(exam..what exam can i take)
Sona:(sounding embarrassed)wo aunty jab main tension main hoti Huon toh dimaag main kuch bhi aata hai(aunty actually when i am in tension i think all sorts of strange things)
Dev:(giggles)Haan bahut jayada hi
Sona:dev stop it now(angrily)
Ishwari:(coughs)Maine ek aur kam ke liye bhi bulaya hai(i have called you for one more thing)
Sona:kaunsa kam aunty?(what work aunty ?)
Ishwari:Sonakshi you need to get ready for a press meet which is at 10.
Sona:press meet!
Ishwari:Haan wo main chahati Huon Ki Puri duniya ko pata chale Ki mere bete dev dixit Ki shaadi hone ja rahi hai(ya actually i want the whole world to know that my son dev dixit is going to marry)
Nikki:wow!..what an idea ma…delhi’s most eligible bachelor going to get married…
Ria:sona di..i mean bhabhi you should get ready
Ishwari:ya of course and Sonakshi if its possible then can you wear a saree..i have bought one for you…
Nikki:hmm…bhai you too get ready!

They were all discussing when i
Sona:wait a second please..
Everyone calmed down and looked towards me..
Sona:i am very sorry i am not okay with press conference thing!
Nikki:pls na bhabhi..
Dev:Nikki..(Nikki shuts up)ma what’s the use of it..leave it na ..
Ishwari:par dev Maine toh sab kuch arrange kar diya(but dev i have arranged everything)
Nikki:waise bhabhi problem kya hai(by the way what’s the problem bhabhi?)
Sona:wo wo na mujhe ..i am sacred of the press questions!
Riya:(giggles)they will ask normal questions only
Sona:but still..(making a puppy face)
Dev:umm..ek kam karte hai sirf main aur ma yeh press conference handle kar lete Hain..(umm..we will do one thing me and ma will handle this press conference)
Sona:sorry aunty
Ishwari:arrey koi bath nahi(no problem)

The hall is full of reporters who are anxiously waiting for dev to confirm the news of getting married …and then finally their wait comes to end…ishwari enters wearing a simple pink coloured saree..and the crowd of reporters start facing their cameras to her…
Ishwari:namastey!..aaj mere liye aur mere bete ke liye ek bahut bada din hai(namastey! its a very important day for me and my son) dev..the dev dixit is going to get married.
R1(reporter)congratulations mam!..when was everything arranged?
Ishwari:yesterday night(chuckles)..everything happened quickly
R2(reporter)is it Mr.dixit ‘s choice or yours.
Ishwari:both of us has similar choices(smiles)
R3:when is the engagement?
Ishwari:the date is not yet decided but it will be taking very soon…
And then dev wearing a black tuxedo enters as usual looking damn handsome makes his entry…all the reporters attention diverted towards him..
R1:congratulations sir! do you feel sir?.
Dev:thank you!..its the most beautiful feeling i have ever experienced and maybe will ever experience…sirf suna Tha Ki love is the best feeling but today i know it is.
R4:sir maybe we know the name of your going to better half.
Dev:sure…Dr.sonakshi bose
R6:how did you and Sonakshi mam meet?
Dev:well in a award ceremony and then by luck she started working for ma…as she is a nutritionist..
R4:is she not going to attend this meet?
Dev:actually …
(this conference was going live)
In a very big mansion,a man was sitting on the sofa watching the news channel when he saw the conference being broadcasted…
He starts boiling with anger…
And then he shouts a name of a man…soon another man wearing a white shirt and black pants with a tie stood before the former..
Man1:book tickets to india ..i want to go there as soon as possible..and 2tickets
Man2:certainly sir.
Bejoy(shouts)Asha Asha…
Asha:arrey kaya Hua (arrey what happen?)
Bejoy:news dekho..koi dev kheh raha hai Ki wo Sonakshi Bose se shaadi karne ja rahe hai(see the news..some dev is saying that he is going to marry Sonakshi Bose .
Asha:koi aur Sonakshi hogi(maybe its some other Sonakshi)..
Bejoy:this Sonakshi is also nutritionist!
Asha:main na usko call karti huon(i will call her )
Bejoy:no need..we have to go to Delhi as soon as possible
(Asha looks on)

Precap:*new entries*

really sorry for the late update…how was it ??…
meet you all in my next bbyeee

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