It’s LOVE my dear..(krpkab) episode 20

My 20th episode…this episode is going to be special even for you guys because the suspense of whether ishwari will say yes or no!
Dev:haan ma sonakshi(yes ma Sonakshi)…i love her!
Ishwari:aur Sonakshi?
Dev:she too…wo bhi mujhe se utna hi pyaar karti hai..jitna main usse karta huon(she too..she loves me the same as I do )
#sona’s voice#
I was just reading a book titled “Diet plans for all age”…when my phone started ringing was dev…
Dev:hi..i want to say something important….
Sona:say..hope everything is alright?
Dev:not on me
Sona:ok where?
Dev: cafe coffee day, within half an hour?
Hanging the call i got ready ..and reached the destination…
Dev was already waiting for me…as soon as he saw me..he waved his hand..i waved back and headed towards him…
Usually his face is full of expressions so I guess 50% of what he is going to say but this time his face was expressionless..what it could it be?
Sona:kya hua?..ab toh bolo(what happen..tell me )
Dev:hmm..wo Sonakshi maine na ma ko bata diya humare riste ke baare main(hmm..actually Sonakshi ,I told ma about our relation..)
Sona:what!..did you say that we are in love
Dev:yes and…
Sona:oh god!..why did you? should have at least asked me once na…we both should have informed her together ..
I was in a state panick…i myself don’t know what I just bulrted out
Dev:calm down sona!…i know I should have asked you beforehand but I just acted according to the situation…if you were there then you too would have reacted the same way..
I took a deep breath
Sona:I am sorry!..and its okay..nothing can be changed now..and don’t worry even if auntyji said no..we will convince will take some time..but we will..
Dev:she is no more your aunty
Sona:huh?..what do you mean?
Dev:call her ma!..she said yes!
Sona:yes..yes!..OMG truly …why didnt you said this before…she accepted our love…
I shouted and even jumped out of excitement….all the people were staring at me out of shock…i calmed myself and sat down
And said in a low voice
Sona:dev she agreed!
Dev:ya she did
He smiled at me ..
It was all sounding like a dream for me….i never thought that dev will fall in love with me but that happened and the proof is right in front of eyes..secondly auntyji agreed without any fuss…
He bought me back from my thoughts… what next!
Dev:umm next will be engagement,haldi,sangeet and then finally shaadi aur phir..( smirks)
I blushed !…..
Dev:acha!..i wanted to tell you something more..
Sona:ab kya ?(now what?)
Dev:even I don’t know
Sona:matlab?(what do you mean?)
Dev:ma ne bola hai ki woh tumse milna chahti kal subha 8 baje…(ma has said that she wants to meet you tomorrow morning by 8)
Dev:I don’t know..she didnt say me for what?
Sona:hmm(sadly)..chalo ab niklti huon..(I will take your leave now)
Dev:hmm..kal subha milte hai(hmm..see you tomorrow morning)
Both headed to their respected home…with their minds constantly thinking about why ishwari wants to meet Sonakshi…
Dev completed his pending files and retired to bed giving his curiosity a rest!
On the other Sonakshi was trying her best to sleep but the thought of whats going to happen kept her awake….
Time 11:45pm
#sona’s voice#
What will happen tomorrow…is auntyji going to take my examination or something…if so then what kind of?…what if she asks me to cook?…no wait she knows that I cant cook so I don’t think she will ask…then what?…ughhhh!..its 11:45 and still I am not able to sleep !…if dev hadnt told me about this it would have been better…
I called dev…
He recieved the call after 4-5rings…
Dev:hello(in sleepy tone)
Dev:of course yes..thats what people do at midnight
Sona:how are you able to sleep haan?..are you not worried of tomorrow?
Dev:why ?..whats going to happen?
Sona:arrey! forgot…
He interrupted me
Dev:oh ya I remember..but don’t worry..i think ma has called you just like better sleep
Sona:I have been trying to do that since 2hrs but all my efforts in vain.
Dev:umm..then take a sleeping tablet
Sona:thats not good for health dev!
Dev:okay nutritunioust madam!…idea!
Dev:you know what ma always say that when you drink milk mixed with a pinch of turmeric then it helps in your sleep
Sona:oh ya! can i forget this..
Saying so i headed to the kitchen…
Dev:sona make sure that you mix haldi(turmeric) in warm milk
I boiled milk and then mixed one spoon of turmeric in a glass of milk..
I took a sip
Sona:yuck..kadva hai(yuck!..its bitter)
Dev:kitni haldi mix kar diya?(how much turmeric did you mix?)
Sona:one spoon
Dev:you just had to mix a pinch not one full spoon..
Sona:so now..shall i make another one? one think mix a spoon full of sugar its unhealthy!
Dev:ufff!..iss nutritunioust ka kuch nahi ho sakta(nothing can happen of this nutritunioust)
Sona:dev…(pleading tone)
Dev:let me think now!…umm ya mix a spoon of honey..thats healthy too!
Sona:good idea..Mr.obudhru…now its better!
I just slept for 4-5hours and then my alarm beeped at 7am…i yawned and all of sudden i remember that i have to get ready…i rushed to washroom..
I wore a simple orange coloured anarkali with minimal makeup and matching accessories …
I reached ishwari mansion..
Dev was walking from one corner of the hall to the other..he was well dressed wearing a black balzer…
Sona:dev kuch pata chala(dev did you get to know anything?)
Dev:nahi isliye toh tension main huon(no that’s why i am in tension)
And then i saw auntyji climbing down the stairs looking at us…i forced a smile though i was fully nervous…

PRECAP:sona:what!..but how will i?..

I know i am very late but guys i tried my very best…
I hope you like the episode….from this episode the story takes a turning point…
So guys don’t miss a single episode and if you have minute or two then pls comment!…
Stay tuned…enjoy !..
Meet you all in my next bbyee!

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