It’s LOVE my dear (krpkab) episode-2 by Darshana

Episode 1
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EPI-2(this is also completely in Sonakshi’s voice)
Sona:oye Mr. Rude…
But soon i realised that i was in a hall which was full of so many rich,powerful and sosphicated people who were right now staring at me as if i am an alien who has stepped down from Mars..i was embarrassed but i was not going to leave that man..i followed him,it was a bit difficult as he was walking quite fastly and i was having trouble in keeping pace with him as i was wearing a gown and some other person kept coming in my way which added to my problem..but finally it was just a short distance and just then he entered in a lift and before i could get in the elevator, its doors closed?…but i was determined..
I had to wait for the other lift which took time till then i kept checking the floor on which he got out of the was 26th per my knowledge this building had only 25floors and the 26th floor was the terrace..”why did he go to the terrace”wonderingly i entered into the lift which just reached..i pressed 26.
I don’t why i was getting a strange feeling..then i even got a feeling to leave all this but till then i have reached so i thought it as my destiny and headed for facing the man..not man,rude man!(?) i could see his back as he was standing towards the boundary of the terrace maybe watching the sky as his head was slightly up. I shouted
Sona:Excuse me Mr.(in a very clear and sharp tone)
He turned and now finally i could see his face..he was handsome..his hair thick was a bit long but perfectly set. I was right he was wearing a tuxedo..his shoes were brightly polished and his watch of silver was glistening with the moon light. It was a windy night..i moved towards him while he did the same. Now we are at distance of 1 feet from each other. He said in his heavy voice.
Sona:you need to say sorry.
Dev:excuse me!
Sona:why don’t you remember anything..because of you my whole plate of pasta falled down.
Sona:say sorry(in a demanding tone)

Dev:do u know who am i?(in a very confident and calm tone)
Sona:no..maybe someone..who cares?(in a carefree and in an arrogant manner)
Dev:i am the recipient of the youngest businessman award and the owner of ishwari chains of industries, Dev Dixit.
Sona:oh is it..then i am the best friend of the recipient of youngest businesswoman award…Dr.(Dr.with a stress)Sonakshi Bose.
Dev:oh aacha..(oh nice!) jo bhi ho main sorry nahi better leave(listen whoever you are i am not going to say sorry)
Sona:jitna Maine socha Tha tum to usse bhi obodhru nikle(you are even more obhudru than i thought)
Dev:what is this..obh..whatever u just said!

Sona:first you learn how to say it then ask its meaning..oh wait you don’t even know how to say sorry how could..(in a tone full of pity)
Dev(irritated and angry now interrupted sona)you !(pause) Just leave
Sona:leaving …who the hell wants to stay here..that too with such a person in front.(rudely)
Dev:then leave what for are you waiting..and ya don’t even show me your face again.
Sona:oh of course don’t you show your face again..
I was leaving but then he said these last words which terrified me and my confidence which i was boasting so high came to zero.?
Dev:i hate those persons who say something to me which i don’t want to hear…when i hate someone i don’t spare that …
I didn’t let him continue, i looked back to him. I saw his smirk..i was really tensed but i did not let my tension come up to my face..i left from there really quick. I came down where i saw Swathi frantically searching for me.
Swathi:kidar thi(where were u?)
Sona:just wanted some fresh air so went to the terrace.(smilingly)
Swathi:okay..lets go now.
The car journey was silent ..i did not wanted to tense Swathi so i did not tell her about him. She was wondering why i was so silent because i always chatter but maybe she thought that i am tired and all so she didn’t ask any questions. The whole journey his face kept coming in mind..his terrifying words..what could he do?..was the constant question in my mind

Precap: sona’s room
Sona:who are u?
Male voice:don’t you remember dev dixit.

So how was it?? Was it boring??? Pls pls comment…the next episode will be posted soon only if i get good no: of comments like i got in the previous your comments encourage me to write…

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  1. Manya

    Waiting for the next one❤️❤️
    Post soon
    And u know I love u loads??

    1. Darshana

      Thanks …??????

    2. Darshana

      I will surely post soon……and i know that very well dear?

  2. Awesome episode

    1. Darshana

      Thank you?!

  3. V.V.harshita

    Fab????…and Precap OMG !!! Is Dev so bad god ?????

    1. Darshana

      Sorry i didn’t get u..”fab?”..
      you have to wait for sometime…dear, to decide de. Is really bad or its just?

  4. Priya12

    Di, this is not fair di…
    I want justice..
    Short epi di…I want long epi…
    Amazing and marvellous epi…
    U nailed it…
    Don’t dare 2 say it as boring di…it’s damn interesting….really I don’t want 2 stop reading but u ended it….
    Luved it a lot…
    I m so excited…Can’t wait…
    Precap killing me..,
    Pls post soon or else I will die…eagerly waiting 4 nxt epi di..
    A big hug 2 u for this epi…muaaah di..
    Luv u a loads…

    1. Darshana

      Aww really sorry Priya dear..but i cant write longer than this..???
      pls don’t die or else who will comment in my next?…i will surely post very soon
      thank you so much for ur big hug
      love u too?

      1. Priya12

        Its k…short epis r accepted but try 2 be regular di..
        And I will not die becoz u have posted
        And luv a lot di,,

  5. Hey darshana the episode was fabulous? I love the first meeting of sona and dev i like it and I guess it right it was dev the rude man ??and waiting for next episode ❤❤keep it up my dear ??

    1. Darshana

      Thanks u so much sandy..posted the next one stay tuned!?

  6. Richa144

    Awesome.. Great job..Post soon

    1. Darshana

      Thank u..i have posted the next?

  7. Yvonne Codner

    Hurry up Darshana..the suspense is killing me…LoL. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Post soon!!

    1. Darshana

      Don’t die..i have posted the next suspense is going to come to an end …hehe..thanks..stay tuned?

  8. Rekhadhir

    Post soon.

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    Awesome Dear…
    Loved it ….Post soon..???

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  10. I am gonna die out of soon

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      Oh pls don’t die…i have posted the next stay tuned?

  11. Anushk

    Sweet and salty like crakjack biscuit cute nok jhok ????

    1. Darshana

      Lo???..thank u so much,inspite of your exams you are commenting..thank u so much,it means a lot for me!???
      all the best for the next??..exam!

  12. Aamu

    Reallly wala sorrry…
    Sorry for late cmnt…i was not at my place so…
    N btw ur episode was aweesome….
    I jz loved it….
    Der fight was….?
    N precap seems interesting…
    Hope u hav posted d next one……
    I’ll read it…
    Love yaa

    1. Darshana

      Oh its okay..i can understand..but still u commented thank u so much for means a lot…
      glad that u liked it?
      ya i have posted the next..
      love u too?

      1. Darshana

        The next part is up!

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