It’s LOVE my dear..(krpkab) episode 17


Hey everyone!! r u all guys doing??…as promised here you go with episode17
#sona’s voice#
sona:Where were you haan??..i missed you so much….
“I am sorry na sona(male voice)”
Sona:sorry se kam nahi chalega…tumhe punishment milegi(saying sorry is not enough…you will get punishment)
“punishment…kaisi punhisment”(punishment…what punishement?)
Sona:tumhe mujhe aur elu ko shopping le jana hoga.(you have to take me and elu for shopping)
“what??..nahiii…itni badi punishment mat do…i cant afford it(what??..noooo…please don’t give me such a big punishment…i cannot afford it)
Sona:ab galti badi hai toh punishment bhi toh badi hogi na(laughs)(when you have done a big mistake then you will get a big punishement na)

I laughed at his sad expression..he gives such cute expressions…
The next day
#Dev’s voice#
As usual i got ready for going to office and as i was going Sonakshi came…she smiled seeing me…i wanted to talk to her but i shouldn’t..if i will stay away then only i will be able to keep my feelings for Sonakshi in control…so i just ignored her and moved…but she stopped me again
Sona:what happen?are you angry with me?
Dev:no i am not…

Sona:if you say so…
I moved…and hurriedly sat in the car…but I guess I am not lucky today..the car’s front tier was punctured…and there was no extra tier, the other car has gone for servicing..and one car was parked in the office itself…ughhhh! will I go to office?…i went back and seeing me ma asked
Ishwari:dev kya hua..tu vapas kyun aa gaya?(dv what happen? came back?)
Dev:wo ma meri car ka tyre puncture ho gaya hai..aur wo dono car bhi use nahi kar sakta…ab main office kaise jaunga..??(actually my car is punctured and the other two cars also I cant how will I go to office?)

Ishwari:toh aaj aaram kar lena..(then you take rest today)
Dev:aaj meri ek important meeting hai!(today I have an important meeting)
Ishwari:lekin ab Tu hi bata kaise jayega?(but how will you go?)
Sona:umm..i have an idea…if Mr.dixit doesn’t mind sitting on my scooty then i can drop him
Ishwari:wah!..yeh toh bahut acha idea Tu Sonakshi ke saath chaleja(wow!..thats a great you go with Sonakshi)
Dev:lekin ma..main scooty pe..(but ma..on scooty..)
Sona:i don’t think you have any other option
What to do now?..i cant even skip this meeting…but with Sonakshi…
Ishwari:kya soch raha hai…chaleja na(what are you thinking…go na)

Sona:ok then …
I followed her out…her scooty is a orange colour scooty pept…and that too she wears a orange helmet…she even handed me a helmet..thankgod a normal black colour one
Dev:i will manage without a helmet
Sona:you have to wear..
She ordered and truly saying its a complete time waste augmenting with i quietly obeyed her….
It was after a long time I was sitting on a scooty…it felt so good…and on the whole way soanskhi kept chatting…saying the specialtiy and connection of her with each and every place we crossed…i kept admiring her the whole journey…
It was a safe drive …she drives well and we reached..
Sona:we reached!…

Dev:hmm..thank you!
Sona(smiles)my pleasure…
Dev:(smiles)you drive really good!
Sona:thank know what aaj tak Mera sirf char bar accident hua hai(thank know what till today i have met with accident only four times)
Dev:what 4 times!!!
Sona:Haan..but none of them was serious for me…only for my sccoty it was
Dev:and 4 times is less for you

Sona:of course..elu ka toh 20-25 baar accident hua hoga(of course..elu has met with accident 20-25 times)
Dev:thankgod…iss baar kuch nahi Hua.(thankgod…this time nothing happened)
Sona:hota bhi kaise…main tumhe kuch hone hi nahi deti..(they share an eyelock)(how can anyhting happen this time…i will never let anything happen to you)
It seemed to be the best moment in my life…and then someone called sonakshi from the other side of the road
Sonakshi looked and an ear to ear smile appeared on her face….he crossed the road and came to our side
“Tu yahan kya kar rahi?”.(what are you doing here?)
Sona:i will tell but before that meet Mr.Dev dixit and Mr.dixit this is Jatin,my best friend.
Sona:inki car puncture ho gayi thi aur inki ek important meeting bhi hai isliye main inhe drop karne aayi Thi…waise tum yahan?(his car got punctured and he had an important meeting so I came here to drop him…by the way what are you doing here?)
Jatin:mujhe yahan kuch kam your work is finished na…then lets go(I had some work your work is finished na…then,lets go)
Sona:hmm ya..
Dev:ok then …bye!

Sona:tum drive karoge(to jatin)(you will drive)
Jatin:Haan…koi shak(ya..any doubt)
Sona:bhagwan please bacha lena(laughs)(bhagwan please save me)
I looked back and watched them..i don’t know why i didn’t had a good feeling seeing Sonakshi and jatin together..
I headed was a bad day for me…i shouted on almost each and everyone in my office for no specific reason..and that meeting,it was one of the worst meeting I ever had…
When i came back sona was about to leave and then once again i saw jatin …he came to pick Sonakshi up…is Sonakshi a small kid that he has to come to pick her up…
Jatin:hey dev!
I said in a dull voice…

Sona:i am here…(smiles)
Sona:hiii…lets go!
Jatin: tumhare liye ek suprise hai..(there’s a suprise for you)!!…kya hai?(suprise…wow!!..what is it??)
Jatin:wait and watch
Sona:oh common tell me
Jatin:umm okay…i am going to take you to your favorite ice cream,parlour .

Ice cream parlour! And he was saying as if something big….but Sonakshi so simple and sweet that she gets happy in the smallest things…
Jatin:so lets go!.
Sona:ya …bye Mr.dixit

She went…and i felt so uncomfortable..but i ignored that and headed to my room…..
i tried to deviate my mind but all in vain…i kept on thinking about her…and then finally i decided to go to the place where she went …as i was not able to stop myself anymore…
I didn’t know exactly which ice cream parlour she went…but i just guessed and guess what i was correct…
I parked my car outside and from there i could see both of them chatting and laughing… anger roused seeing them like this and i headed back home…i know i am depicting a very strange behaviour but what to do..i am such a big confusion…i want to stay away from her but it was being so difficult for me neither was i able to see Sonakshi with jatin……

Next day
#sona’s voice#
From yesterday onwards dev is depicting a really strange behaviour…he seems to be dull and angry all the time…i think his work is not going well…
He was in his….i headed to the kitchen and then kichu bahiya came and told me that dev is calling me to his room…
Sona:you called me?
Dev:oh ya…pls come in…i wanted to ask how is ma doing?..any progress?
Sona:she is doing very good…infact Dr.sinha was saying that if her development continued then within a month she will be completely alright and she wouldn’t need any doctor.
Dev:wow…really…thats good!..and all the credit goes to you
Sona:not completely but ya thanks…

I was about to go because i thought that my purpose was completed but then
Dev:Sonakshi..i mean Ms.bose i wanted to ask something
Sona:go ahead
Dev:well there’s one of my friend who is really confused …he is in love with a girl but doesn’t feel it right because something happened in the past but that’s a different thing…he decided to stay away from her so that he could control his feelings but then her friend enters in his life…he starts feeling uncomfortable whenever he sees them…what should he do in this situation?…actually he asked me this but you know na i am not good at these i thought to ask you..

Sona:well i am not the right person to answer but since you have asked …i would like to suggest your friend that..if he tries to avoid his love..he will face difficulty for sure as well as it will increase his love …”ignorance is not the solution”…and secondly past is past…he shouldn’t spoil his present due to his past…i think he should expresses his feelings to his love …but again that’s my should be his decision…

Precap:Dev: i love you sonakshi(shouts)….
The next episode is going to be really special so guys stay tuned….
Meet you all in my next …till then bbbyee!!

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