It’s LOVE my dear..(krpkab) episode 10

Hey everyone ..sorry for making you all you go with the next…

Sona and dev conversation goes for a while and then Elena comes back home so they disconnect …
Days pass by..sona keeps imagining dev everyday!…
#sona’s voice#
Its been almost 5days now…can’t he finish his work quickly and come back…
I was making aunty’s diet plan when someone rang the doorbell…there is no one in the house now . Aunty has gone for puja in the neighbourhood and will return only after an hour..riya is in office and Nikki is in college..kichu bahiya has gone for buying groceries so i had to open the door…
There was a man standing with a bouquet of flowers..but he didn’t look like a florist..he was wearing a black suit…and wore a Rolex watch on his wrist…but unfortunately he was holding the bouquet right in front of his face..i was not able to see his face

Before i could ask anything..
Man:love you..
Saying so he slowly took of the bouquet from his face and ..guess what?..he was none other than Dev..i was shocked and he was double shocked..we both were dumbstruck…and were staring each other as if we had seen a ghost or something…
He composed himself back and then
Dev:i am so sorry..i thought it was ma..
But i was still standing there in shock
Dev:are you fine Sonakshi?
He shakes me a little..and i came back to reality.
Sona:ya..ya i am fine.
Dev:i am really sorry …i thought it would be ma..
OMG!..he said love you…he didn’t mean it for me..but still he said …ya he said…love you too dev…love you till infinity…i was not listening to his apology..i was lost in my own dream world.
Dev:where is ma Sonakshi?
Sona:aunty has gone for some puja in the neighbourhood .
He was about to head for his room ..but then he turned towards me..came close and janded me those beautiful flowers which he bought.
Dev:this is for you
Sona:but you bought it for aunty na..
Dev:ya..but I guess you should take them..woh kehte hai na dane dane mai likha hai khane wale ka nam..same way..maybe these flowers were only for you
Sonakshi:thank you
I blushed..but I tried my best to control hide it from I asked him a question
Sona:dev what if kichu opened the door?
Sona:i mean how were you sure that aunty will open the could have been kichu.
Dev:if kichu had,opened the door..then as soon as he did he would shout”mam phulwala aaya hai(mam florist has come)
He mimicked kichu bhaiya…that made me laugh .
Dev:now can i go(smiles)
Sona:who has stopped you?
Dev:oh ya..there was some ghost here asking me questions
Sona:how dare you call me a ghost..
Dev:i didn’t say its you..
Saying so he rushed to his room…i smiled to myself..
“ya he is obudhru..”
#Dev’s voice#
I came down after getting freshed and saw Sonakshi writing something…
I headed for the kitchen…
I turned and saw Sonakshi..she was asking this question to me..but how did she get to know that I have to drink coffee..
Sona:stop thinking this much…and say,yes or no?
How does she reads my mind?
Sona:ok..wait a min
And in just 5min she came back with hot cup of coffee…
Dev:thank you
She went on doing her work..but my Mind was still,wondering on the thing that how can she read my,gathering all my courage I finally asked her
Dev:how are you able to read my Mind?
Sona:oh!..its easy..
Dev:so are you able to read everyone’s Mind
Sona:ya..but not as easily as yours
Sona:I mean..whatever is in your Mind is reflected on your face so it becomes easy…
Dev:I see..but for me,I hardly can predict what the person is thinking
Sona:it’ s because you do not try…try and see once..
I was about to say…when her phone rang and she excused herself…
I too after drinking the tasty coffee headed for my room..

I was working on my laptop when ma entered the room..
Ishwari:dev tu aa gaya..kaisa hai?(dev you are you?)
Dev:haan ma..main bilkul thok huon aur tu kaisi hai(ya ma..i am are you?)
Ishwari:mujhe kya hoga..main ekdum thik huon..upar se Sonakshi hai na..mera dhyan rakhne ke liye(what will happen to me?..i am completley fine..on top of it Sonakshi is there take care of me)
Ishwari:dev mujhe tujhse kuch bat karni hai(dev I want to talk to you)
Dev:haan ma boliye na(ya ma tell na)
Ishwari:woh dev main abhi puja main gayi thi na..wahan sab log tere shaadi ke bare main rahe ..(actually dev,when I went for puja there..everyone were asking about your marriage..)
I interrupted her before she could continue
Ishwari:dev woh log thik toh puch rahe hai..teri shaadi ki umar ho gayi hai..ab shaadi nahi karega toh kab karega(dev those people were not saying anything have reached the age of marriage..if you don’t marry now then when will you?)
Dev:ma..maine aap se phle bhi kaha hai ki mujhe shaadi nahi karni..(ma..i have told you before that I font want to marry)
Ishwari:lekin kab tak beta…(till when you will not beta?)
I did not reply because I myself did not knew the answer.
Ishwari:tu uss bat ko bhul kyun nahi jata(why don’t you forget about it?)
I did not reply..
Ishwari:uss bat ko bulne hi acha hoga…(its better to forget it)
Saying so she left.
I don’t know whether I will be able to forget it or not..its been a long time but still I am not able to forget it…
#sona’s voice#
I was heading to aunty’s roomwith a glass of juice ..but then I saw that she was going to dev’s room so I headed for his room…on reaching there I saw both of them discussing on some serious topic…
Aunty was asking him to think about marriage while dev was saying that he doesnt want to marry..and then aunty asked dev to forget something…but why should dev forget something,what is the thing that he should forget?
I was perplexed with all these questions…and then I saw aunty coming out of the room so I hid behind a wall…
I did not want her to see me..because if she saw me..she may get me wrong…
I wanted to talk to dev..he seemed troubled..i wanted to comfort him but lacking courage I came down and handed the juice glass to kichu bagiya and asked him to give it to aunty…
Those questions were still roaming in Mind….
So guys how was it??..did you all liked it??…i am sure sona’s questions are roming even in your mind…but I would suggest you to keep some patience…i wont take long to expose the truth…
Pls,pls comment…
Loads of love and see you all in my next

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