Ahana was really upset as well as angry.. Mixed emotions..
She blamed Manik for everything.
blo*dy!! Whenever you come to my life you bring problems to my life. Go to hell Manik Malhotra if they permit you to stay there. Well I really don’t think they would. No Wai. Its pointless to talk to you. And she was walking away.
Manik sees her in anger and hold her wrist.
Leave my hand Manik .. She squealed in pain.
Manik twists her hand anger but realises soon its hurting her so he let her go.
He asks her Where was she going.
She says I want to die. So going to commit suicide.
He knew she was not serious. She walks away covering her face.
Manik asks his manager to find out who was behind this shit..
It’s almost night.
Manik gets worried as Ahana had not returned yet. He sets out to search her. He is panicked as he couldn’t find her. He sits on a park bench. He hears a girl sobbing and hands her his handkerchief. She takes it and walks away. She was none other than Ahana.
Manik turns back and finds her at a distance. He quietly follows her.
Ahana was walking on the main road. A car came from front and hit her. Her head was bleeding badly. Manik runs to the spot and starts crying and asks everyone for help but no one really wanted to help him.
Just then a car stops and Rythem comes out of the car. She tells Manik to drive the car and she would give first aid to Ahana. Manik agrees. Rythem tries her best to stop the bleeding.
Hema .. Get ready the OT and see for a neurosurgeon in the panel..
But why Rythem?? You were going to Kabir’s place na ?? Asked Hema
Yeah but I got a girl. And I have learnt Helping patient my prime duty.
she cuts the call.
Manik curses himself for letting Ahana go alone.
Rythem tells him Sometimes its better to forget everything.
But I can never forget anything tells Manik.
Slowly Ahana gained consciousness.
Rythem tells him I think it’s nothing serious. Just get her checked in case of internal bleeding.
What the hell..!! What is he doing here Ahana roars in anger.
Well I m also least interested to be with you. But I guess you only find ways to make me be near you.
Stop fighting guyss!! Interrupts Rythem. Oh finally we reached the hospital.
Manik and Rythem help Ahana to walk.
Ahana goes for check up.
Meanwhile Rythem asks Manik what’s the matter between you two.
Nothing serious..
That’s good. You know what you both should get married…!!
What?!?!? Are you mad?
No I m Dr Rythem.
You say anything whatever goes through your mind
No I speak whatever my heart says. You know I am a cardiologist. And I think you should also do that. People usually hate doubled faced guyys..
Yeah Dr Malik comes there and asks Rythem why was she still in the hospital. Rythem explains the whole episode. Dr Malik tells her I m proud that you are such a good doctor. Never change.
Never…Oh no!!! I forgot about Kabir. Catch you layer guyys and she leaves ina hurry.
She sneaks inside Kabir’s place and Kabir catches her. She stumbles on him. And they both get too close..
What are you doing here at this moment ??
Fist tell me. What’s your problem?? Why were you acting so weird??
Oh as if you don’t know??
Ofcourse I don’t know the reason that’s why I m here..replies she.
Okay.. Then listen if you have the courage. You left me that day like a coward after the promise..
What promise ??
That you would sing with me on the fest…says he.
Ohhhhhh… I’m so sorry. But I have a reason Kabir. Remember that day you told me dp whatever your heart says. And my said me that Not Music but Medical field is my passion and that’s why I left the S.P.A.C.E Hobbilage.
Godd.. And I always thought you betrayed me.. How stupid I am….
Hope you like it..Keep commenting even the silent readers let me know how both are going i meen YOU ONLY LOVE ONCE and LOVE CROSSES TWICE..?

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