Chapter : Rythm in his life
Rahil didn’t know how he his first day would be . How he would give that fake smile when he would meet new people.
He goes to the music library and there he encounters something unexpected.
A girl who was wearing a mask definitely to hide her identity was rolling her skateboard and there she dashes him. They both fall.
Uhhh… Dude…!! Why were you on my way..
Excuse me .. This is music library.
Oh really. ???
She sounded somewhat like Rhea to him. But he knew it wasn’t possible. He was definitely daydreaming.
He takes out her mask.
Yeah she was not Rhea.
New here ???
Alright catch you later bye..
But she is caught by the librarian.
You are detained..
I so hate that new guy..
So this new girl. Her name is Rythem. She is a wild girl and she was in the Hobbilage since two months and never missed even a single detention class. And that day was nothing new.
She found herself lonely in the detention room.
I need a partner. And she set outside to find her new target.
Unfortunately Kabir became her target. She hates him as he was the reason she got detained..
She gives him soft drink can and asks him to give to Mr Joshi the dean.
He hands him the can. And as soon as he opens the can all the drink fizzed out on his shirt.
What an adventure on the first day !! You are detained !! Scowled Mr Joshi.
Tit for tat says Rythem
Yeah right…says j as bir in a mocking way.
She stretches her legs on his table.
Kabir was bewildered on her madness.
He tried to ignore her. He sees a guitar and starts playing it. Rythem was lost in the music.
Suddenly he stops.
He takes out his Homework from his medical college and completes it. Rythem sees him doing his homework.
So u want to be a doctor ?
What a curse to humanity ..
No reaction….
I know it was a bad joke and she leaves. Kabir asks her how can she just leave ??
Don’t worry. Me staying here is like a punishment to Mr Joshi. So he gave me permission that I can leave whenever I wish.
So why did you drag me into this ?? Asks kabir.
So that Mr Joshi doesn’t feel lonely. She winks and walks away.
Kabir smiled.. His first smile after Rhea had died…..
Should I continue ??

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  1. Of course anaika, please continue, its going well. ..eagerly waiting for the next episode ,love you loads

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