Chapter What now ???
Rahil with Ahana
Don’t cry ..that dog doesn’t deserve you .. He is just a spoilt brat.
Uhhh.. Dnt call him a dog Rahil.
Yes’s Rahil was trying to console Ahana after whatever happened and whatever Manik told her.
I don’t get it. Why Manik always reacts as if it was all my fault. He already gave me so much pain when he told me to get out from his life. I think we should return Mumbai.
Return Mumbai?? Are you nuts…
Yeh return Mumbai
Are you out of your mind?? This deal was your dream. How you let it go off your hand.
You’re right. Its enough.. Now he will shed tears.
The room service guy came in and told them that they have been invited to the beach party by our boss.
Okayy…replies Anaika.
After he goes ..
What is this new drama?? Uhh the old couple.. Are they going to sell this or are they wasting our time..says Rahil
I guess they are too attached to this place and that’s why they want the best hands for this place.
Manik was in his room getting ready
Aisha asks him Are you going to the party coz Ahana will also come there. ?
Of course. Now I love hatred and Ahana till date just saw my love but now its time to show her my monster side. I m just waiting..
Ahana and Rahil reach the party..
Manik was already there and he gets irked as soon as Ahana enters the party hall with Rahil.
Always late like seriously.. No punctuality in the air..
Ahana ignores him and goes to the farthest place from Manik. The party was going good till now except for the few eye locks of anger between Manik and Ahana.
The music was being played everyone dance except few people which included our lovie dovies..
Manik and Aisha were standing aside Rahil and Ahana just then the couple arrive and yells at them
You old people .. And he drags Ahana’s hand. They both dance together awee..
You remind me of my grandpa he was also young and lively like you.
And his wife takes Manik to dance.
Aisha and Rahil felt a little awkward standing alone in the crowd. So they dance together.
The old couple now dance together exchanging their partners.
Manik and Ahana dance…
Both reminisce their moments..
You still don’t know how to dance. Says Ahana
You are toh Dancing superstar..
Ahana was about to fall but Manik holds her by waist. And they dance beautifully….until Aisha interferes and gives her the look He’s only mine !!!
Ahana leaves to dance with Rahil. They danced smoothly.
Manik and Aisha danced terribly. She all the time stepped on his foot. And Manik was always like Ouch freak etc etc…
Manik was frustrated and Ahana was having a good time seeing him in trouble.
He leaves the party..
Ahana had a good time but she also got bored as the green apple of hr eye had left. Ao she went to the beach to take a stroll..
There she encounters Manik.
You should not be here alone Ahana. Its not safe..
Ahana ignores him..
But Manik was true as she is somewhat molested by some goons.
She tried to call Rahil but he was not answering her call. They were about to take her to their car with their heavy hands.. But a saviour comes and beats them up badly..
It was none other than Manik. Ahana also helps him out but is badly injured.
Go to that corner…! Manik told her while hitting a goon
Which corner ?? Its all beach..
Stand there statue.
She squealed as she was hurt in her leg. So she sat down watching the fight.
After all goons ran away she tried to stand but couldn’t.
Not again muttered Manik..
He comes near her and whispers in her ear Why its always me who picks you up when you hurt your leg.
Not this time Mr Manik..
She tries to get up again but fails..
So she starts crawling on the sand.
She could nt go farther. Manik forcefully picks her up in his arms and walks away..
You can never change. I told you not to roam without a bodyguard.
Yeah yeah.. But tell me what were you doing here at this odd hour Manik ??
Relaxing. . . Away from you. But see my fate. The more I try to run away from you the more I bump into you. They had reached the hotel Manik takes her to her room. She looks out for the key but is not able to find it
I think I lost it in the beach.. Now what??
They ask the manager for the master key. But he tells them it is with their boss.
They think I wont be right to interrupt at this hour of night.
Is there any room vacant?
No Ma’am. Its all occupied
Manik asks Ahana to come with him to his room..
Tell me hows it going.. Should I continue ..Plz comment guyys
Love you ?

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