Chapter : The end or beginning ??

Anaika knew that she too had feelings for Manik. But she just feared one thing. And that was all the lies she told him.
Manik thought she was Anaika an ordinary girl. But Anaika was actually Ahana the heiress of the Singhania Hotels.
Anaika wanted to tell this truth to him but she just couldn’t due to her promise to his dad. She had promised him that she would not reveal her identity to her company at any cost.
So She decided to go ahead with this fake life of Anaika which actually never existed.
After reaching Delhi Anaika was even more confused. She knew Manik deserved to know the truth. But she just didn’t have the authority. For her her life wasn’t just her life it was their life which means her families’ life. She didn’t want to put to stake her families’ reputation.
But at the end of the day she decided to tell to Manik whatever her heart said.
And her heart said Manik deserved love ❤.
So When Manik asks her the answer for his proposal She tells him she loves him too and that too more than he loves her. And they hug.
And this is the end of the
Begin Again 1..
Ahana after thinking about her past with Manik starts crying. All your promises were fake . Manik Malhotra I have never seen a guy like you ever like seriously. She wakes up. Its already late.
And here is then entry of our evil Aisha Rajput . She sees Anaika coming out of her room and waves her hand. Both the girls give a fake smile to each other. Aisha thinks I have separated both of you with so much difficulty. I know you both hate each other a lot and can’t stand to see each other’s face. I wont let you both reconcile so easily.
She gets into her room.
The old couple I hope u didn’t forget calls both the potential buyers.
They say to Ahana and Manik..
I ll hand over this hotel to the person who deserves it.
Both try to debacle that they deserve it. But none of them succeed.
Well a competition would decide whoever wins it goes away with this deal.
Round 1 : Cooking competition
Manik thinks he us going to lose this round. But then realises that Anaika aka Ahana is no great cook. She can’t even make scrambled eggs.
Manik decides he can make only one dish perfectly and that’s a cake.
Ahana on the other hand wasted half of her time thinking what she should make and finally makes tea and some sandwiches in a hurry. In the hurry she burns her fingers.
Manik in his overconfidence thinks Ofcourse my cake tastes better than Ahana’s tea and sandwiches.
The couple announce Ahana as the winner. Manik couldn’t believe his ears.
How can her tea and sandwiches win over my cake ?? Asks Manik
Exactly !! Questioned Aisha
Well It was not just tea. It was herbal tea. Look at our age beta. Do you think we are in a state to have a excessively sweet cake . But Ahana thought about our health and made the menu. After seeing Manik satisfied with their justification they leave.
So Mr Malhotra Game on tells Ahana . After walking a few distance she turns back and winks. Manik gets to his room angrily and thrashes away everything that came to his hand.
He passes by Ahana’s room and sees her struggling while dressing her hand. He reminisces how he helped her when she had hurt her leg once. He goes and helps her. He after dressing her wounds says This is just because I am a human from inside. I have helped you out of humanity and not out of love. Don’t even think you can win me back. It can’t happen even in your dreams. He leaves slamming the door hard in anger.
Well I know you want to know why Manaika got separated. Well this is the whole story about. So its going to unravel in steps. So have patience sweeties.. Tell me if you are not happy with the plot. Love you ?

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  1. I think in the mean time our villian ne aake manik ko bhol diya hoga who ahana is am i right dr…..

  2. O. . . So aisha is the vilain here. , i luvd it wen manik cared 4 ahanas wound. . . So luvly. 🙂

  3. Nice epi..liked it…it means that The friend of Manik is Villain..where is Ahana’s friend..who came with her..pls patch that Aisha with Ahana’s friend..i don’t want her to come between Manik and Ahana now..interesting to read…waiting for next part…
    Thank u ? and take care..

  4. Very nice episode, keep it up, eagerly waiting for the next episode

  5. Ty guyys for the response Love you
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  7. It means Aisha separated them.. . Now its seems very intereting . Eagerly waiting for nxt part
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