Chapter 5 Jaipur’s Trip
Jaipur hotel
Malhotras Jaipur hotel is big but it missed something..May be love ? A place works when love and passion combine. And this place lacks both.. thinks Anaika .
Everyone were spending the night in their rooms Manik Malhotra being at the topmost floor. Whereas Anaika was in the fifth floor.
Suddenly fire breaks. ♦
The first people to run away were the staff members .such a callous attitude thought Anaika. She was in the third floor when she realised that the fire alarm in the top floor was not working.
She rushes to save Manik Malhotra without caring about her life. But when she enters the room she is shocked as Manik was very calm n quiet playing a silly videogame. She tells him that fire broke in the hotel but he says not to worry.
After many and drama a meeting is called at 4 am. Early in the morning
Yeah I know its too early but Manik is also weird. In the meeting room he tells them that :
He wanted to figure out what’s the problem with this hotel and he figured out that the staff members only don’t care what’s happening. No one bothered to evacuate the hotel in the emergency situation.
It was only his PA Anaika who cared to check if he was okay. He looks at Anaika proudly. Both share an eye lock. finally He says everyone is fired.
Anaika shouts Me tooo ???
No !!! Replies Manik . As everyone get out with a sad face..Manik asks Anaika Didn’t she care about her Life while trying to save him ???
She replies my loyalty is with you sir and I wud never break your trust.
They both go to a restaurant to have lunch..
Anaika suddenly turns pale. She remembers this as the same restaurant where he was brought by his father. She runs away as she didn’t want anyone to identify her.
Manik asks what happened why did you run away..??
Anaika replies I m craving for street food of Jaipur.. Dal baati ka choorma, blah blah…
Like seriously asks Manik
They both have a hearty lunch.
Manik tells her he never had such awesome food ever before..
Thank you sir.. You just stay with me.. And believe me I ll light up your life. Just like a star.
After returning to the hotel
She sees the old chefs seriously doing their work. So she in order to make their work interesting Anaika starts dancing , enjoying and helping them..
Manik peeps through the door and sees the whole episode. He starts giggles secretly and hides back as soon as Anaika leaves.
Both return to Delhi soon.
But twists are yet to come in this budding love story.

Well keep reading and you will get to know soon ? ❇?

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