Chapter 4 Lets get even !!

Manik thinks Ahana has brought a guy with her so should I. Lets get even . He calls his best friend Aisha Rajput. He tells her to come to Jaipur with him. And she readily agrees to go there.
Ahana thinks about her past
? BEGIN AGAIN ? (Love story of Manaika)
Ahana is a happy that she completed her course on Hotel management. Her dad asks her to join him in his company. But Ahana says
Dad let me check if I deserve to join ur company.she says I’m flying to Delhi to join a company.
Which company asks his dad
She says just a small company
She was lying she knew because Malhotra’s Company is no small company.
At her office she meets a guy who tells her boss is Manik Malhotra and she is his personal assistant PA.
( Yeah imagine Ahana Singhania a PA suffering all the tantrums of his new boss. His boss none other than Manik Malhotra.)
She is disturbed as she heard Manik Malhotra is a distinct human specimen who is always with his angry young man look.
Monster Manik? she giggles when she enters his room..
What’so funny ????
Nothing sir…I am ur new PA , Anaika Ray .
Oh alright !!! That’s enuf fr today says monster Manik ? .
As the shift ends….
Manik tells her that she has to go with him to Jaipur hotel as there are running problems there. They are leaving tomorrow.
************************************* will be continued … If you aren’t bored

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