Ahana was full on drunk. She couldn’t stay static even for a second. She roams around the whole house and finally knocks Manik’s door. Manik opens the door and is shocked to see Ahana’s state. Ahana screams she wants to go for a long drive. Manik keeps his hands on her lips trying to make her quiet..
Ahana stares him. God knows from where wind blows and their hair flutters.
Manik hold her hand and takes him to the car. I will drive !! Ahana orders.
No way Ahana I will never let you..
Your are so mean huh.
Yeah whatever replies Manik.
Duh huh..!!Ok wait lets walk. I wanna walk and she runs away.
Manik follows her.
Ahana literally dances through the road. Manik follows.
Manik Do you like that Aisha ??
No!!! Just friends.
That’s great…
And you like your bestie Rahil right ??
Oh nooo!! Actually yes’s she giggles.

She falls badly while running. Manik helps her to get up and takes her I his arm.
I feel so safe in your arms.. Why did you leave me ?? I always waited for your call.
Manik was looking in the sky the beautiful stars.
Ahana sees thhis and asks him Why he likes the stars so much.??
Because They are destined to be together. They never separateas they are bound to each other and form constellations. But we human always undergo the bitter separation.
Wow.. You think so different.. She goes on talking and finally falls asleep.
Manik is relieved seeing her sleep. He heads with Ahana to the house. He makes her lie on her bed and leaves.

What if she again wakes up and tries to escape ?? I have to be beside her. This girl is really unpredictable..
He sleeps on the bed with his hand tied to her so that he gets to know when she tries to move.
The sun rises and Ahana wakes up. She is shocked to see her hand tied with Manik’s hand. She tries to untie it but sees Manik sleeping and forgets it. She takes the nearby jug and tries to drink water but drops the glass.

Manik wakes up with the noise. He unties his hand. He smiles looking at her.
You !! Why did you sleep in my room?? Asks Ahana
You seriously don’t remember anything.. You spoke so much rubbish.
Anyways I m glad you know it was all shit and rubbish. Never rely on me when i m drunk.
The entry of old couple.
You didn’t tell us what’s the reason for this arrival to Bangalore questions Ahana.
We brought you here for the decision we made about the Goa hotel.
We have decided…

The media comes.. They question Ahana and Manik.
Media We have heard you both spent two nights together in a room..
What you have to say about your relationship??
All stupid illicit questions.
Manik and Ahana are shocked. They somehow manage to drive the reporters away.
Ahana was shocked.. And so was Manik.
Its not the old couple’s hand in the media stint. They too are shocked

Nex Chap : Ahana lies to her parents that everything is normal between Manik and her. And this lie brings a lot of problems to their life..

And you will see a mash up of YOU ONLY LOVE ONCE and LOVE CROSSES TWICE. And yeah Rythem’s gonna help them out. Tell me hows it going you liking it or not lots of love ❤ and yeah KEEP READING

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