It was late . A sign came Bangalore 79 km away…
The car was stopped near a small Dhaba.
Here is your Dhaba Ma’am rebukes Manik.
Yeah sure.. Ahana replies him with an ugly face . Manik gets out of the car and like a gentleman opens the door of the car..
Ahana comes out of the car. She says in her mind She is impressed. Just then..
Manik stretches his leg to make her fall but holds her back and she gets saved.
After regaining her balance she shouts at Manik..
How dare you ?? You know na who I am… Still. You can never get better. And day by day you are turning into a worse useless monster.
Manik laughs and taunts her that She still calls her monster.
Ahana leaves in anger.

These small fights make our life more full of love..
Ahana and Manik sit together. A Punjabi man comes to take their order.
I want parathe both scream together..
Wow. Both husband wife have same choice..
We are not married again they shout together.
The punjabi rushes to the kitchen.
Ahana goes to the kitchen .
Manik thinks When she will stop her inspection. Silly girl..
Ahana sees the chefs working together. She is amazed to see them cook. As soon as she leaves the kitchen a man mistake ly drops cold water on her. She is all drenched in water. She starts sneezing badly..
Manik laughs at her..
How insensitive. I think you should take some classes from Rahil Manik Malhotra.. She tells him
Manik removes his jacket and wraps it around her shivering body.
Ahana sits on the chair.
The man comes out with their dinner. They eat it whole heartedly .
Manik loves the food and they are about to leave after paying The bill. Manik runs back to the place and hugs the man.
The man asks him the reason for this warm gesture..
He tells him someone had taught him when someone gives you delicious food you should shower your love and respect to him.

They bid adieu to the man and leave .
Ahana thinks bow Manik hugged the man.. She remembers how she had once hugged a chef and how Manik asked the reason and she gave the same answer. She still sneezes.
The car’s tyre puncture.. The driver tells them that he does not have an extra tyre. He will go and look out for a mechanic.
Manik is frustrated at Ahana’s sneezes. He looks in the bonnet for something.
God.. Here is the tyre. That stupid driver. He takes out the tyre and the tool box.
He tries to change the driver. Ahana helps him out by giving him the tools.. They repair the car..
They wait and Ahana looks at the star. Manik looks at them too.
The driver enters the scene after an hour they drive fast and
Finally They reach the place.
The old couple ask them where the hell they have been ??
Manik explains them the situation. Ok you two get to your rooms its on the second floor the two adjacent rooms.
Ahana is relieved.. Finally she does not have to share her room with him.
They both go to their rooms. Ahana was still badly sneezing.
Manik feels sorry for trying to make fun of her cold. He takes Rum and tells her to drink a small amount. It will help her.
Ahana takes the bottle and empties it. Manik is shocked..


Sorry guyys I might be irregular for these two weeks..and plz comment yaar howz it going should I stop or continue.. Love ya ?

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