Its unbelievable sometimes that some people like Aisha can play such cheap tricks to separate true love..
But everyone has a time and Aisha’s rime has gone because now the old couple will try to unite the lovers by hook or by crook.
The old couple call a meeting.. They tell them that Manik and Ahana have to go with them to Bangalore for some urgent work..
But who will tale care of the hotel.??
Rahil. Suggests Ahana..
Manik suggested Aisha’s name.
The couple give each other a smirk. It was all their plan •••!!
Aisha heard all the developments.
She thinks why are they taking them .. Something’s definitely fishy..
She tells Manik she cant stay here alone.
Rahil will also be there..
Idk Manik. I will go with you.
Listen Aisha. After Anaika left me I thought you are only the trustworthy person I have in my life. Plz I myself suggested your name. Plz Aisha foe mee..
Aisha couldn’t say him no.
Rahil asks how will she manage alone with that monster ..
Don’t worry yaar. Think the other way round. How will he manage without that Aisha.. I will create so many problems for him. Just Wait and watch..
Manik was packing his bags and so was Anaika…
The next day they take off to Bangalore. In the flight Ahana and Manik were seated together. They give each other an angry look..
While landing there were some complications.. It was not going to be a safe landing. Ahana gets really panicked. Manik tries to cool her down.
He tells her to keep her head on his shoulder. She might feel better..
No way ?..
Uhh.. Don’t fight . Its not the correct time to fight. And ge hold her head and keeps it on hid shoulder.
They land emergency landing at Ooty.
Passengers were told it might take two hours to get it rectified.
The old couple tell them they can’t travel so much in a day. We need some rest. We will go to Bangalore tomorrow via road.
Manik and Ahana tell them they are fine with it.
They now set out to find some hotels. The old couple tell them we will talk to the manager.
(definitely some plotting)
They return and tell them there is only two vacant rooms as it is the peak season.
Okay we will go somewhere else. Suggests Ahana..
Noo bettaa we are really tired cant go anywhere else.
I think we both would stay in a room and you two stay in one room.
Ahana starts coughing deliberately.
Manik tells them Okay.
Ahana thinks in her mind The more u try to run away from him the more I bump into him… (second time peculiar)
They head to their room.
Last time you broke the rule Manik. So this time i will sleep on the bed and you sleep on the couch..
Okayyyy.. Manik says in anger.
They start fighting over the pillows.
I want that one !!
Oh I m already sleeping on that stupid couch and now you want me to sacrifice that pillow too.
The biggest sacrifice iss..
She was about to cry but controls it…
She gets on the bed. She hides her face. Manik was about to touch her but retrieves his hand back.
He takes the pillow and throws it on Ahana. (how cute just to cheer her up)
Ahana and he start jumping on the bed and do lots of pillow fighting. Eventually they are tired and lie on the bed. Intense EYELOCK but this time its full of love care and affection.
Ahana realises what the hell she is doing and ao does Manik. Manik gets back to the couch.
Ahana closes her eyes and cherishes all her moments with Manik. Her fights, her romance everything.
Manik sees her sleeping and finally he too sleeps.
Next chap ROAD TRIP .
The old coup trying their level best .. The road trip is going to be awesome.. No doubt here too Manik would be sitting adjacent to Ahana. So lets see if they fight or they fight ?
Keep reading and commenting Guyys. And tq for showering your love
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