Manik was in his balcony remembering his old good jolly moments with Ahana.
He feels someone’s hand on his shoulder. It was the old lady.
She says I have heard these golden words from some one
Telling your problems lessen the burden.
Nothing as such.
I know there’s something which is worrying you. Tell me. You might feel better. But tell me only if u trust me .. Believe me..
Ok achha baba
I was thinking about my past. There was a girl in my life. Her name was Anaika Ray. She was my clumsy PA. She was
very beautiful. I really loved her a lot. I told this to Aisha. I hope you know her..
. That girl who roams around you like your tail..

Yeah. He grins.
So I told her about Anaika. She told me to bring her to my house so that we could spend more time together. I agreed. I was completely into her. But Aisha told me she was flirting with Neil. I was okay with it as I also kinda flirted with girls. But I saw it was not just flirting. I saw them together a lot of times. I never pointed it out as she was a free spirited girl. But when Aisha told me she saw them in the same hotel room I couldn’t believe her words. I also saw them in the hotel room.

The next day when she returned
I asked her just one thing ..
Is she hiding something from me ?
And she told yes..
I was enraged at her answer. I kicked her put of my life.
The old lady was shocked to hear this.
The old couple tell to each other what they got from their story. They joined the pieces of the puzzle and jumped to the conclusion its all because of Aisha..
The old man tells her We have to send Aisha somewhere..
Yeah.. But I dint get one thing. Why did Ahana say yes when Manik asked her Is she hiding something..
Hmm.. I think I know. Ahana was hiding from Manik that she was not Anaika Ray but the heiress of the richest corporate office Singhania..she was not Anaika but Ahana..
Ohh.. Now what. ?
Mission Bring them back together
Hope u lke it.. Aage its all drama and mission. Lets see if they pass in their mission or are failed. N idk how they will make Aisha vanish from Goa Guyys.. Any suggestions ?? Coz with Aisha the mission is impossible
Plz comment guys ur comments really motivate me..
Love ya and Keep reading ?

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  1. Awesome episode I know how aisha created rift between manik and ahana…anaika you are such a sweetheart. ..thx for updating regularly…now see how this old couple bring these lovey doveys together and throw aisha out…will be so much fun…eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads and take care

  2. Ok so this is the plm between love birds….. aisha beta aap ki band bajne ke liye old pairs aa rahe hein

  3. Hey anaika really amazingly descriptive yaar !!
    Hey so dis aisha is a enemy in disguise yo !!
    Hey jus love d story !! Pls cntinu !!

  4. Oh oh This stupid Aisha did this cheap thing to separate them…Manik u didn’t heard what she is hiding u ditched her..have some Trust in love ❤ man..
    I am waiting for the old couple to unite them with their Mission..
    Pls send her back by calling from unknown number by saying anything..i just don’t want her to come in between..pls do anything..
    I am waiting for next part eagerly…update soon..Thank u and take care ?…

  5. Its jest amazng…keep writing..

  6. Aisha such a cheap trick n lvely epi Anaika darling.. Cant wait for the nex epi

  7. Awesome

    Plz old couple kick that Aisha out

  8. Ty deariess.. Nex update mayb today night or tmrw morning and BTW I sent the nex update of YOU ONLY LOVE ONCE… Tc

  9. Soon updating the next part guyys one or two hours maybbb

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