Chapter Stupid Confessions part 1

Old man was chatting with Ahana.
He tells her about his love story. How he met his wife. How he fell for her and wooed her.
Ahana hearing to this amazing love story..
I always thought love is foolishness and it is dumb.
No love is not dumb. It is crazy. It is insane.
I think I m not made for it. I have suffered a lot already in love. I cant tolerate the pain again.
So tell me something about you past love life.
No !! I just can’t.
Think of me as your grandpa and tell.
Okay.. By the way you are totally my grandpa. He also kinda emotionally blackmails me. But I love it.

Now don’t change the topic…
Hmmm. So as you know I m Ahana Singhania. But I became Anaika Ray to get some experience in one of the most top most companies. I got my job as Mr X ‘ s PA. I used to hate my job. Mr X was totally a monster. But I don’t know how I fell for him. And he fell for me too. He proposed me in the most romantic words with words like care, understanding and trust in Jaipur. When we returned to Delhi I met his best friends Y who is a boy and Z who is a girl. X was really good but Y was awesome. We became really good friends. Mr X told me to move to his house. I happily did. But there I met his father. I saw him talking with Z that Mr X would soon forget me. He is just using me for his lusty desires.I never believed their words. But then Mr X started showing his true colours. I saw him flirting with other girls. I didn’t mind that too. I was sure that bond of our love was strong enough..

But one day he told me to get out of his life because he thinks I m a blo*dy cheat. I couldn’t believe his words. His words pierced my heart so deep that it still hurts. The wound is still fresh. Ever since that I hate Mr X and I hate the idea of falling in live again.
After hearing this story the old man was in jaw dropping state. There was a bitter silence in the room. After that
Listen I think whatever happened with you was not good but giving love a chance means giving yourself a chance. And saying so he leaves.
Ahana tells herself…
Manik doesn’t deserve a chance. L❤ve is all about trust. But he broke my trust. It cannot be fixed again. I hate you to the core Mr X

Guyys I hope u liking it . This is just part 1. I know this XYZ equations might make u puzzle. I will reveal it in the next part. Actually Manik would do this when he would confess it to the old lady.
I m sad to hear BD ended. I loved mehbeer a lot. So let me know if someone’s writing it’s ff. Love you ?
Take care. Study hard and party harder whoever exams are coming…. And BTW what to gift my friend she’s a girl turning 16.. I m really puzzled ..khikhi ? help me if possible. And Manik’s confession is super cool just opp to him. Coz he is super hottttt

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  1. Truly amazingggg!!! Actually i had no expectation of u posting ur updatw today as u tld abt ur exams bt still i somehow had some hope n opened de dan fiction list.. i cannot describe de feeling whoch i had wen o read chp 11 posted!!!! Thank you v much!!!

  2. Ty carbon.. It meens alot

  3. Ty carbon.. It meens alot. N m sorry its a bit short cudnt write more in between physics homework.. Just waiting for my exams . It ahould come fast and go faster

  4. Stupidity double commentsss..!! Bye guyys gotta study ☺

  5. Loved the confession. Now waiting for Manik’s turn I understood X is Manik but whose Y and Z….
    Hehe gift some chocolates Anaika..
    Might work..

  6. Silent reader

    Awesome chaptr waiting for the next part.
    It was great as it had no Aisha. I rlly hate her n n is Z Aisha. ?? Plz update if its possible n all d beat for ur exams
    Do well

  7. Amazing epi..I am waiting for Manik’s story yaar..Is Manik’s dad too was involved in separation of Ahana and Manik?..
    Thank u for updating your exams is Postponed to Dec..i am happy and worried yaar..
    I am too a great fan of My MehBeer..i love ❤ them alot…Mainly their fights they look so cute when they fight….but this stupid Star plus ended it..I am missing them alot..
    If someone writes FF of BD I will love ❤ it..
    All d Best for ur exams..thank u and take care ?..

  8. Love is like this only na

  9. Great !!!! Waiting for the next part

  10. I thnk Z is maniks frnd hu is with him nw. N i lykd the eqn of XYZ. Lukng 4ward to solv it soon. 🙂

  11. I cant wait to know abt manik’s stry!!!!

  12. Awesome episode anaika, loved ahana’s confession…can’t wait for manik’s confession… I really appreciate you are finding time between your studies only for us…thx honeyyy…plzzzz upload next part at your convenience. you loads

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