Chapter 10

Ahana enters his room. As soon as she enters she was about to fall due to the stupid dumb bells kept by Manik but Manik saves her from falling.
I know all this is a trick. Making me fall and then saving me.
Manik says in his mind.
You never understood my love Ahana. And that’s why you cheated me. I had loved you madly then. But now..
Ahana by then was already lying on his bed. This irked Manik.
Get up from my bed.
She asks him where shall she sleep then. Sleep on that couch. She gets up and sits there.
and tries to sleep. Manik sees her and hr felt helpless
ok come here n sleep. He divides the king sized bed in two parts using pillows. Don’t cross the border. I don’t want you in my area.
Okay okay.

Its morning. Ahana wakes up and is horrified to see Manik Han on her waist. She thinks of removing it but sees his face.
The monster looks hot when he sleeps.
Manik wakes up and removes his hand. Ahana tells him she is using his washroom.
Manik says no me first. This is my room.
But I woke up first and both race to the washroom and Manik reaches first.
Both freshen up and head to the old couple.
They tell them that their second competition is building a layout of their dream hotel.
Manik was thinking hard and then he remembers Ahana told him how her dream hotel would be..
He kinda makes that kind of layout.
Both submit it to the old couple and the couple is shocked.
Both were exact replica of each other.
The competition is called off.

The oldman tells his wife..
Don’t you think Manik and Ahana would make a great couple. I mean both think the same way and I see some chemistry between them .
She replies Yeah and it is explosive chemistry. They always fight with each other. And I think they will kill each other if kept in a room.
No baba. I saw them coming out of the same room this morning. Now listen you go n ask Manik about Ahana and I ll do the same with Ahana..

In the coming chapters we will see their stories as Manik and Ahana tell to old couple about each other. Then the old couple will realises that both of them still love each other and make a move to hook them up..

Tell me hows it going. Couldn’t write more as I hv exams on my head.
Ignore the typos and plz comment!!
Lots of love ?

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  1. Awwwwww so cute always monster manik dumb….. ha ha ha

  2. It was so cute n funny ?
    Loved it n the old.couple uniting thm. The idea is gr8

  3. Manik n ahana stil luv each othr madly, bt y ahana is showing attitud, bt i luv der cute fight romanc. 🙂

  4. Superb yaar..pls continue..waiting for next..eagerly..take care ?..

  5. Plz update it as soon as possible…
    We all will b waiting..

  6. Hi anaika, awesome episode, loving manik and ahana’s cute fights. What happened in the past which broke their relationship? Loving this old couple try to hook them up…eagerly waiting for the next episode, plzzzz work hard for your exams and get very good grades. of luck 🙂 love you loads, take care sweetie

  7. Ty guyys. Your response makes me really happy.. And I m sorry if the update was small yaar. First bio ka exam hai n I really want to do good. Thanx for understanding. Love ya

  8. Still waiting for ur update plz update it by evening. I hve to go out after that

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