Love is crazy friendship is crazy (Sanlakrag) SS (promo)

A school is shown
The camera focuses in school ground where many students have gathered
And two boys are fighting in ground they are around 6 years
“excuse me please” a boy around 10 was trying to get through the crowd in ground
“laksh” the boys shouts
But the boy continues to fight
Another boy moves close to him and tries to stop both
“laksh I said stop it” screams the boy
“leave me bhai I won’t leave him” he struggles to get free from another boys grip
“laksh come with me” the boy forcefully takes him with him
“ahhhh” screams laksh when other boy was applying ointment on his wounds
“is it paining” he asks
Laksh nods as no
“what was the need to fight” he asks laksh was bowing his head down
“laksh” the boy calls
Laksh smiles at him the boy raises his eye brow
Laksh huffs
“he was speaking bad about you”
“so u beat him”
“I wanted to kill him”
“bhai how could he speak like that about you”
“but you should have controlled your anger”
“sanskar principle is calling laksh” enters a boy in medical room

A small girl of 6 was playing in garden with laksh
The girl was running
“ragini stop yaar”
The girl shows in tongue and continues to run
“I don’t like him” says ragini huffing to laksh
“he is my brother” he says being irritated she gives him
‘whatever ’ look
“promise me sanskar you will protect her, make her that strong that she can fight for herself , u’ll always stand by her promise me” asks a man who was lying on hospital bed
“I promise I’ll even If it by giving my life I’ll protect her”
Two brothers who love each other more than anything in world can do anything to for each other can’t tolerate a word against each other comes girl in their life both get in trouble she is best friend of one and other don’t like her
Will these brothers who could do anything for each other will depart because of her
What would happen when she becomes life of one and responsibility of other
And when she starts loving a brother?
Filled with friendship love drama suspense a story of three people how will they face problems of their life
Their journey of friendship and love and brotherhood

Hello everyone I know u all are waiting for my ff
I’ll update them on Saturday
Sorry for delay and thank for everyone for ur support
Drop your comments about this story

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