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Love my country epi 9

Rp looks at Swara in smile.

Rp: did you complete work?

Swa: yes..! where is Sanskar??

Rp shows her a room. Swara runs there and frees Sanskar who is tied in ropes.
Rp comes.
Rp: if you tell this to anyone, I will kill you both..!

Swara joining her hands: I won’t tell to anyone. Please let us go. We will leave this country.

Rp nods and leaves them. Swara goes away with Sanskar.

Swara crying: I’m sorry Laksh, if I wouldn’t do that he threatened me that he will kill Sanskar..
They leave to airport.

Next day,

Ragini signs on becoming CM…for which all party members agree. The whole country is watching that news.

Laksh was looking at the news from his party office.

Dp: so, Laksh…your wife is CM now..!

Laksh: no sir..! my wife is Ragini. Cm is Ragini.

Dp laughing: what is the difference?

Laksh: when she is Cm she is CM. that’s it. at home only, she is my wife.
Laksh tells with painful red eyes. Dp doesn’t understand his words.

All are congratulating Ragini.

Laksh pov,
“I do not understand what Rp is going to plan. She does not understand what I say. How to overcome this now? In the same way they did for Shekar sir also. And, in mysterious way, he was dead. Next Ragini is made MLA in his place. Now, what is this CM drama?”

Ragini becomes busy in many works. She starts working as if she is going to change the state in one day.

It’s already evening,

As the habit, Laksh goes to the orphanage. He came there alone first time, as Ragini was busy.

One kid: Laksh, why didi didn’t come?
2nd kid: didi has become CM, we wanted to congratulate her..!
Those kids have prepared garlands and bouquets for her on their own.

Laksh smiling: give them all to me. I will give her.
Laksh takes all those flowers with him to home.

For his surprising, the house is surrounded by security guards.

Laksh: what’s going on here?

One guard: sir, now CM mam is staying here. We need to provide more security.

Laksh nods his head and about to go inside. That guard stops Laksh and checks him and bouquets with metal detector.

Laksh: hey, no problem. They are prepared by small kids.

Guard: sir, but madam’s protection is our duty.

Laksh gets little upset. After checking, he goes inside. Ragini is busily talking with many big people. Laksh looks at her, she smiles a little looking at him.
Laksh silently walks to their room.

Ragini sends everyone away as Laksh has come. Now, she has to spend time with him.

Laksh was removing his half coat, Ragini just comes and removes it from back. Both look each other through mirror. While Laksh starring at her, she bends her head in shy and about to go away, he held her hand.
He drags her gently near him, she keeps her hands on his chest.

Laksh: how was the day Cm mam?

Ragini: it was very hard tube light sir..!

Laksh: umhmm..why?

Ragini: meetings..conferences..checkings…omg..! CM job is really tough..!

Laksh: so, what did you think? It is easy just as eating banana?

Ragini beats him gently and sleeps on bed.

R: I’m really tired..i want rest..!

Laksh smiles and presses her legs.
R: Laksh, what are you doing? Don’t do that. I’m feeling uneasy if you touch me feet.

Laksh gently kiss her forehead.
L: did you feel uneasy now?
Ragini bends her head in red cheeks nodding ‘No’

L: when I could share my love, why can’t I share your pain? I will press your legs, you sleep happily.

Ragini smiles looking at him, he continues his work. She soon falls asleep.

Next morning,
Ragini runs away to office without doing breakfast, even Laksh was calling.

Then Laksh’s friend Adarsh comes. He is a police officer.

Laksh: hey adarsh.

Ada: what this mla friend needed my help?

Laksh: yes, it’s a serious help. I want to know Rp’s plan against Ragini. Rp is not mahatma to give away cm post that easily.

Ada: ya, I know. Even our intelligence department doubt him.

Laksh: I don’t want ragini to be in trouble. We have to save her at any cost..!

Ada: don’t worry friend, I will take care..!
Laksh looks on…

The next few days..Ragini becomes busy in her chief minister duties. Laksh and Ragini miss each other. They don’t get time to spend with each other heart fully.

One day,
Laksh was in his party office…

Ragini was in meeting with all MLAs.

Suddenly the commissioner of police arrives surprising everyone.
He doesn’t salute to Ragini.

Commissioner: madam, I could have salute to you if you were normal CM. but, now you are a accuse..!

Including Ragini, all the party members shock. They all stand.

Ragini: what is this commissioner??

Com: madam, generally normal police is enough to arrest accuse like you. But, now you are in Cm position..that’s why I came..!!

Ragini looks shocked.

Rp controlling his victorious smile,
“what the heck is this commissioner? She is the Cm of this state. It is not that easy to arrest her..!”

Com: sir, we know rules very well. The governor has produced arrest warrant for her..!
Ragini shocks.

Rp: but..! on what charges??

Com: drug mafia..!

Rag: no..! I don’t have any relation with that..!

Com: I’m sorry madam..! we have video footage you were talking with mafia members and taking money from them. And we found lots of drug packs in your house.

Rag: no..! I don’t know anything..! I’m innocent..!

But, he keeps shackles to her hands arresting. Tears drop down from her eyes, she keeps her head bent.
They take her to jeep followed by two lady police.

Laksh who comes to know about news just comes there furiously.

Laksh shouts: Ragini…
And tries to go near her.

Ragini crying: Laksh..
She tries to go near him.

She is stopped by lady police and Laksh is pushed by police guards.

Laksh keep shouting her name. ragini remains crying…

Precap: can’t revel..

/* guys, please tell me frankly if the story is boring? I feel like this ff is boring you?
If not, I will continue this… in four more parts I shall try to complete this one…*/

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