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Love my country epi 8

Ragini starts going away. Laksh holds Swara’s hand and takes her before Ragini. She looks angrily at both.

Swa: laksh, if she is looking angrily at us like this means, surely she is Ragini right..!
Ragini looks at swara and takes Laksh’s hand from her.

Rag: who the hell are you? Whoever you are..! he is my husband now. he is only mine..!
Swara laughs loudly and Laksh keeps smiling at Ragini.

Swa: wow Laksh bhai, my bhabhi loves you a lot..!
Ragini amazes.
Lak: that’s why, i’m so lucky swara..!
Now, Ragini sees Laksh.

Swara: omg bhabhi. U need not be that jealous. He is my brother.
Laksh: that’s why I said to call me bhai always. you calls me with name to confuse all.

Rag: but laksh, you said you were an orphan.

Lak: yes. And she is other girl in orphanage, we together grown up as own siblings.
Ragini smiles in relief.

Swara keeps laughing.

They three reach house.

Ragini is watering plants. Laksh stands beside her and touch her hand. Ragini leans to him.
Rag: I’m sorry Laksh. I misunderstood you.
Laksh kiss her head.
Lak: it’s ok. Wife is sweet when she is possessive.
He hugs her tightly from back. She closes her eyes smiling. He keep smelling her hair mesmerized.

Suddenly she moves far from him.
Lak: ??

Rag: so, she is a close sister to you..! so why didn’t you ever tell me about her?

Lak: haa, she left to US four years back. We were not in contact from then. I thought she forgot this brother completely and I thought to forget her too. But, I still remember her everyday looking at her photo. Three days back she contacted me in phone for my surprise.

Rag: so..! you never thought it important to tell me…!
Ragini angrily goes away.
Laksh keeps going her back requesting.

Just then Ragini gets a phone call to come to party office urgent.

Lak: hey, I will drop you…
Rag: it’s ok… I will go…
Lak: no… I will drop..
Rag: no need…
Then Laksh lifts her on shoulder and makes her sit in car. Ragini is still anger on him.
He takes her to her party office.

Lak: dear banana party member, here you go..!
Rag: thanks mr. tubelight..!
Laksh laughs. Ragini goes inside.

Rp is talking with one MLA.

Mla: I’m sorry sir. I’m leaving this party. I will join in prajaa(tube light) party.
That MLA leaves.

Ragini comes near RP.

Rag: what is this sir? Our MLAs are leaving like this..!

Rp: yes ragini. If this continues, our government will fall. Then prajaa party forms government.
Ragini shocks.

Rag: what shall we do now sir?

Rp: they are leaving bcz they don’t like me as leader. So, the leader has to change for this party’s future.

Rag: sir..! but you are the best leader…

Rp: ragini..! for this party’s future you have to be the leader.
Ragini shocks with his words.

Rp: yes Ragini. What you head is truth.

Rag: sir, but you are the CM.

Rp: yes. You will be the CM.
Ragini stuns with his words.

Rag: sir. Plz..! I can’t do this.

Rp: Ragini, you aren’t a normal girl. You are the daughter of great leader Shekar. He has struggled a lot for this party. And, you have shared his blood..!

Rag: sir, actually I didn’t even wanted to become MLA in my dad’s place. But you emotionally made me agree. And you are doing this now also.

Rp: bcz..this is ur responsibility ragini..!

Rag: I will ask my husband and say…

Rp: your husband is husband upto home. But, he is a opposition member to you out.

Ragini comes out silently. She sits in car.

Lak: what? Banana Mla seemed to be dull?
Ragini remains silent. He drives home.

Swara listens to car sound and she finishes hiding something in Ragini’s cupboard, she runs to hall.
Llaksh and Ragini comes inside.

Lak: what swara? U r seemed to be tensed?

Swa: nothing bhayya. Just had a nightmare.

Ragini was sad still.
Lak: what happened ragini?

Rag: they want me to be next CM.

Lak: haha… so, banana will be CM..

Rag: no jokes Laksh..!

Lak: ragini, being Cm is not easy. And Rp kind of leader doesn’t sacrifice CM post. Bcz, it’s not a software job. He has a plan behind it.

Swara rubs her hand in tension.

Lak: moreover, why he is selecting only you, when they are many.

Rag: Laksh, stop doubting on RP sir. He is genuine. Not like your leader DP.

Lak: I agree ragini. Dp is also that kind of man. Politicians are like that. and Rp is not exemption to it.

Rag: not all that. tell me shall I accept their proposal or not..!
Lak: I’m explaining you this much, can’t you understand? They are planning against you..!
Ragini remembers RP words.

Rag: mr. laksh. This is my political career. Even you are a politician. So, try to understand. I will do as I like.

Laksh amazes with her words.
Lak: what happened to you ragini? I’m your husband..!

Rag: but, opposition in case of politics.

Laksh holds Ragini’s shoulders.
Lak: ragini, I have already said you. Don’t bring these political issues between us.

Rag: that’s what I’m telling Laksh. Let me take my own decision.

Lak shouts: ok then..! go to hell. Do as you like..!

Ragini looks at him shocked. She goes away in tears.

Swara: ok bhai, I’m going.

Lak: where?

Swa: I came to meet you both. My flight is at night time. Now, I have to leave to airport.

Lak: but, why don’t you stay for few days??

Swa: no..i have to go. My work here is finished.

Lak: ok..ok…let me drop you upto airport…

Swa: no. it’s ok..

Lak: but swara listen..!
Swara goes away.

Laksh goes near Ragini. She was sleeping. He goes near her and kiss her forehead.
Ragini opens her eyes and looks at him amazed.

Lak: why r u amazing? I’m your love and you are my love. Can we hate each other??
Ragini nods negatively in tears.
Laksh hugs her tight. She too hugs him back.

Swara goes near RP. Rp smiles looking at Swara. Swara looks in fear at him.

Precap: Ragini is Cm??

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