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Love my country epi 7:

“Aapki nazarone samja… pyaar khi kabhil muje…”
Laksh is listening to the old hindi song of lata mangeshkar.

Ragini is arranging wardrobe of Laksh and finds a girl’s photo. (assume it’s swara)
She comes near Laksh.

Later he is listening other love failure song…
“jaane kaha gaye vo din…” old hindi song.

Rag: laksh, do u like love failure songs a lot?

Lak: not like that. I like old hindi melodies.

Rag: oh… did u ever had love failure?

Lak: my love has passed with 100% marks. And it’s you…
He is about to touch Ragini’s cheek, she keeps swara’s photo in between them.

Laksh shocks.

Rag: who is she?
Laksh takes photo from her hand.

Lak: it’s nothing. Leave it here..!

Rag: I’m ur wife..! and I have right to know…

Lak: r u doubting me ragini?

Ragini in tears: while I’m arranging ur wardrobe if I find my photo I feel extreme happy. But, it harshly hurts when there is other girl’s photo.

Lak slowly: ragini…

Ragini goes away in tears. He looks on…

Song is playing…. “dosth dosth naa raha..(he looks swara pic)
pyar pyar naa raha….”(he looks ragini)”
zindagi…..(when song contines…)
he offs the T.V. in upset.

Lak: these songs have buried me today. (he thinks)

Next day…

Laksh and Ragini are going to assembly in car. She is silently looking out of window. Laksh is normal.

He is going on talking something,

“Wow, Ragini. See how our country has well developed. Just look at those huge buildings, companies, we are even 1st in science. Hmm…if poverty and corruption is over come…..”
He looks at her. she is silent.

Lak: what? R u thinking how to make this country corruption free? Don’t think that much. It’s not easy. But, by our side we shall be sincere. If everyone thinks like that, then everything will be alright.

Rag: yes..! and that should start changing from one’s self. It’s may be corruption or may be secret love.

Laksh stops car with sudden break. They reach assembly. He looks at her.
Lak: u r misunderstanding me ragini…

But Ragini silently gets off from car and keeps going inside.

The assembly,

Opposition party member: while the state is suffering with hunger, diseases.. the CM is busy in attending the parties, foreign trips…

Ruling party member: honorable speaker ji, let that person explain us… where is poverty? Where are diseases? Cm is going to foreign not for fun, for state’s will…!

Opp. Member: then why the respected cm is wearing costly kurthas… we all know how he is celebrating his son’s wedding…!

Ruling mem.: *&%#$*&%^$

Opp mem.: ^$*%(^($^#%@*

It continues….

Ragini is rubbing her head as her head is aching.

Suddenly members from both sides stand and shouting on each other. Ragini looks at all of them confused.
The members go near speaker and keep shouting.
Speaker keeps hand on his chin and keeps looking at all of them un reacted.

Ragini holds her head. Laksh laughs looking at her.

Ragini looks at her side and a member in her party is sleeping peacefully.

Rag: this much is happening here. How can you sleep sir??

He yawning: I have been to assembly many times. I have lot of service. Nothing will happen except this quarrel. You too sleep happily…!

Ragini drops her jaw to ground in amazement.

Suddenly everyone get settled and they all laugh all of sudden. Ragini too laughs along with them.

The man beside her wakes suddenly: why all are laughing??

Ragini: what I know sir?? They are laughing and I’m also laughing…!
That man looks Ragini confused. He laughs loudly and Ragini also laughs along with him.

Suddenly the assemble becomes silent, and the whole hall is reflected by their laugh.

Everyone looks at them. They both becomes calm. Laksh keeps hand on his head.

Speaker: what is this mrs. Ragini? And senior member sir? You both plz leave assembly for this session..!

Ragini looks on: this is school or what?

Then ragini’s party members raise up…

Mem 1: y she has to go out? When opp. Party made mess till now… why didn’t they sent out…??

Speaker: plz..plz be silent…

Mem 2: the assembly rules are showing partiality to opposition.

Speaker: plz..plz…

Mem 3: $*^(*^*&^%$

Speaker: the session ends here it will restart at 2’0 clock.

He leaves the assembly. All members become calm and leave. But Ragini still confusingly keeps looking.
Laksh comes near her. But she goes away in upset.

After lunch the assembly started again,

Laksh: sir…! If the diamond has to shine, it should be given nice cleaning first..! in same way, the ruling party has to concentrate on their works properly…!

Ragini raises: speaker sir, a monkey doesn’t know the difference between a diamond and stone. Such monkeys no need to speak about gold smith’s work.
Her party members beat benches in agreeing with her words.

Laksh looks at her smiling: but human has changed from monkey. So, monkeys and humans are same. The gold smith is also a monkey then..!
Now, his party members beat the bench.

Rag: pointing other one is very easy. But, we have to analyze ourselves before that. (she meant about the photo. Laksh understands and looks at her straightly)
She continues: I don’t understand why this opposition party is showing up our mistakes? I never understand, what they have done while they were ruling?

Lak: the state was green and peaceful when we were ruling. The scale of black mny and corruption has raised during ur time..!

Rag: hw can u prove that?

Lak: why? Whole state is talking…!

Ragini keeps hand on her ear: where? I can’t hear..!
Everyone laughs. Laksh too laughs.

Lak: speaker sir, this girl is new to assembly. She is doing childish. Plz, give other one chance…

Rag: mr. mahes…

Speaker: ragini ji, plz sit. Ur time limit is over. This is mr. laksh’s time.

Ragini sits. Laksh smiles.

Laksh: ruling or opposition party, whoever it is..! the truth is we all are Indians. We have many cultures and mother tongues, but still we are connected by the single word called… ‘India..!’
Everyone look at Laksh.

Laksh: saving this country is not single responsibility of army or police or people representatives, it is also the whole and soul responsibility of every person in this country..! country means not the assert of single person or a company..! it is the house of everyone. This is our only mother land…!

Everyone look at Laksh without blinking their eyes.

Laksh: when it is our house, we have to be devoted to it. Every other fellow is your own family member. Bcz, after all, this is our house..! so, everyone join their hands and raise yourselves to abolish this corruption..! if you change…this country changes..!!

All clap their hands with his speech. Ragini becomes dumb struck and looks at him.

The session completes….everyone go near Laksh to appreciate. Ragini tries to go near him, but all were coming in their way.
Laksh too tries to go near her. He keeps looking at her.

When she is about to go, suddenly a girl hugs him. He and she shocks.

That girl: congrats hero..!
That girl breaks hug and it’s swara.

Ragini shocks and looks on. Laksh shocked looks at her and Ragini.
Ragini’s eyes filled with tears.

Precap: who is she?

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