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Love my country epi 6

Ragini is busy in kitchen.

Rag: today, I’m going to impress my pati dev with different varieties of dishes.
It was early morning. Her aim is to complete her preparation within time Laksh wakes up. She is busily doing something in kitchen looking into her ipad for guide.

Laksh wakes and gets amazed that she is not there in room. Suddenly, he hears lots of noise from kitchen and he runs.

He gets laugh looking at the scene. The flour box was feel and all the flour was upon her. laksh laughs.

Ragini shouts: ummm..!

He controls his laugh and lifts her up.

Lak: what is your work early morning here? You don’t know cooking right..!

Rag: I thought to surprise you..!

Lak: y? what special today??

Then Ragini runs into a hall and brings a gift box. Laksh opens it and finds a costly watch. He looks amazingly at Ragini.

Rag: happy birthday to you…. Hpy bday 2 u…. hpy bday…
(she sings)
Laksh remembers that is his birthday that day.

Lak: oh my..! I forgot that’s today is my bday…
Rag: hmm… I thought of surprising u at 12’O clock… but we were…
Laksh coming closer to her : ya, we were…
Ragini blushing runs from there. He laughs and starts cooking.

Ragini cleans herself and comes to kitchen. She sees Laksh is cooking. She comes and hugs him behind. He smiles.

Rag: I’m sorry Laksh. Every day, u were only cooking. At least today I thought…

Lak: hmm dear. Let it be. I love cooking. Especially to my wife..!
Ragini smiles.

After getting ready they both go to an orphanage.
Ragini looks at Laksh not understanding.

Lak: Ragini, I celebrate my every birthday with orphanage children.
Ragini looks on.
La: this is my 1st bday with you. I want to take u here and there. But, these children also…

Ragini holds his hand.
Ra: laksh, enjoying ourselves is just happiness to us. But celebrating with so many is much happiness. I support you in this good work. Let’s enjoy with them…

Laksh smiles.

They distribute sweets and cloths to children. They play with them. They serve them the food they ordered. Till evening, they spend there only. They give some fund.

At evening they start returning back home.
La: I never spent this much time there. Thanks Ragini, I thought u will get bored…

Ragini then asks Laksh to stop car aside. He stops. There is a small lake. Ragini gets down car and faces the lake. Laksh stands beside her.

La: ragini?
Ra(in tears): I didn’t wanted to leave them and come. I felt pity on them. How are they living without their parents. I’m feeling…
She sheds into tears.

Laksh feels sad…he places his hand on her shoulder. She wipes her tears.
Ra: not one day..! let’s go there every day. Let’s spend at least one hour with them. We shall treat them as our own kids..!

Laksh looks on,…

Ra: what laksh? Is my idea is not good?
Laksh gently rubs her cheek.
La: how kind soul you are Ragini..! I’m amazed with ur motherly love. You know, I have fell in love with you now again. It’s 1000 times deeper.

She bends her head. He side hugs her and he too looks at lake. She places her head on his shoulder.

Lak: u know, I’m also an orphan. This was the day I have came to orphan as 6 months baby. And, they celebrate it as my birthday…. I don’t know who are my parents…
He was telling in tears.
Ragini cups his face.
“Laksh, I’m there na with you. How can you be alone. I’m always with you..!” she says. Then he hugs her tightly.

La: I love you Ragini….
Ra: love u laksh…

There both hugging scene was recorded by a T.V channel. And they, even telecast it.

Next day,
Ragini goes to her office and everyone see her awkwardly. She doesn’t understand. Then a lady party member takes her aside.

Lady: see ragini, we all have love life. It doesn’t mean you have to show it publicly..!

Rag: mam..??

Lady: moreover we are people representatives, whole state will be watching us. So, we have to be aware.

Rag: but mam, what happened??

Then she shows her T.V. ragini is shocked to see her hugging with Laksh. And the scrolling are coming as, ‘the love story at peaks…!’ ‘the love is blind’ ‘love beyond parties’

Ragini gets frustrated at first, then she controls her anger and slowly laughs.

There near Laksh also shocks to see that. he gets angry on T.V channel and about to complain on them.

Party leader(Dp): what will you complain Laksh??

La: sir, that is our personal life..! how they can publish it??

Dp: it’s your fault..! who asked you to do romance on roads?

La: sir…that time..sorry sir I can’t explain it. I know we are not supposed to. But, it doesn’t mean the media has to publish it to all state. I’m ok, how Ragini would feel?? How can she raise up her head??

Then he gets call from Ragini. He takes the call.

La: ragini, I understood u were hurt. But…
Ragini is laughing.
La: ragini??

Ra: laksh, have we ever seen ourselves while hugging each other? Look, how cute we are naa….
Laksh shocks with her words.

Ra: till now, only assembly knows our love story. But..today whole state knows. Wow, what and title love between two opposite parties MLAs.

La slowly: ragini..! have u gone mad..! how shameful it is..!

Ra: y to feel ashamed? We are wife and husband. See, we are seeing films like jodha akbar, bajirao mastani…and few historical serials. They also show their love stories…

Laksh keeps confusing…

Ra: and, our love story will also shown like that one day… how great it would be..! we will also go into the list of famous pairs of India….

Laksh laughs with her words. she too laughs.

Ra: Laksh, I know you will be frustrated at this time. I have called to control your anger.
Laksh becomes silent.
Ra: don’t lose ur temper and come home. We will talk about it calmly…

La: love u ragini…

Dp and other members close their ears.

Ra: love u too Laksh…
That lady member keeps her hand on her mouth. Ragini winks her eye to her and leaves to home.

Praja hita leader(Rp): we will lose our reputation if they go on do like this. we have to do something….

Laksh has come home already. Ragini just comes and hugs him tightly jumping. Laksh holds her tight closing his eyes.

Bg song…

Your smile is my treasure…
Your love is my empire…

Your breath is my heart beat…
Your embrace is my palace…

They break their hug and look at each other. They are lost in eye lock…

Bg song…

In the eyes where I get peace…
In the love where I get completed…
May lost ourselves……!
(music follows)

La: we couldn’t have been MLAs Ragini. We would have enjoyed our life…
Ra: why? Are you missing anything..? we r completely into it…!

Laksh smiles. She lays her head on his shoulder. They keep walking in garden slowly like that.

Precap: assembly mein dhoom dham…!

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