I love my country- episode 5


Hello friends, after many days. Now let’s jump into the story…
Story till now,
Raglak are opposition party MLAs. But, they are married after loving each other. Now, the story revolves around them….
(ff continues from episode 5)

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Epi 5

Ragini lights the deepa in front of saraswati devi idol. She prays for a while.
Then she looks at the national flag and national emblem in pooja mandir.

She sings,

“Vande maataram…
Vande maataram….”

Laksh joins,

“Sujalaam suphalaam….
Malayaja sheethalaam…”

Ragini joins…

Sasya syamalaam maataram…
Vande maataram…


Subra jyotsna pulakitha yaaminim…
Phulla kusumita drumadalasobhinim…
Sukhadaam varadaam maataram…
Vande Maataram…
Vande maataram…!

Both salute before the national flag.

Laksh: Ragini… the national flag and emblem in pooja mandir? Don’t you think it’s over??

Rag: not at all..! my country is my god..!

Laksh taking her into hall,
Lak: ok ok my dear lady patriot, when will you do your pati’s puja?

Rag: pati puja…?

Lak: ya…puja for me..with your lips…
He says and bends to her. She blushes and comes aside.

Laksh gets a phone call.
Lak: yaa..

In phone: what is this Laksh? Someone has to remind your responsibilities always?

Lak: what happened sir?

In phone: we got a chance to wash out ruling party again..!

Laksh smirking at Ragini: what? Washing out that Banana symbol wala ruling party..!
(Ragini throws banana at him in anger. He catches it.)

In phone: yes. Come fast to the xyz shopping complex.

Laksh: shopping complex?
Phone cuts.

Laksh: why shopping complex?

Rag: may be to buy some tube lights I think..!

Lak: hey banana party MLA. Give respect to tube light party…!

Rag: ya..ya… stepping on banana peel your party fell down and remained as opposition party. Don’t play games with banana..!

Lak: ok maa. Ok..! my party name is prajaa party and your party name prajaa hita. Let’s call like that instead of that.

Rag: yes..! tube light and banana are…

Lak: ok…ok.. I’m going now.

Rag: I will come too… I want to do shopping…

Raglak leaves in the car.

As soon as they reach xyz shopping complex, they are shocked to see a building was collapsed. And, there are many news channels and opposition party people were busy in cursing ruling party.

Ragini gets down the car and keep looking at the scene in shocked. Laksh runs to the place. He was about to help the people, but his party member drags him.

Member: Laksh…let’s wash away ruling party now..! we got a chance to talk against to them..!

Laksh: but, the people need our help..!

Member: ooo..here the mikes come. Laksh…speak up…! You are the good speaker of party.
Laksh takes deep breath and starts speaking,
“This is very unfortunate incident..! what is this prajaa hita party doing? When the permissions are given to quality less buildings what CM is doing??”

Ragini keeps looking at scene in upset. Some were crying for help. Some rescue teams were helping them. But, media and politicians are busy in their so called work called, ‘shooting and publicity’.

Ragini gets upset with them. She runs to people to help them.

Laksh continues speaking: did the banana party members still came to site? They are upto asking only votes. They are not worthy more than that…

Ragini holds a baby who is crying. She gives water to some and make others to get on safe side. And ties bandage to some.

Then the ruling prajaa hita party members come. They keep going near people and just gives assurance, ‘we will take care…we will take care…’

Ragini upsetly walks to car, after everything got into hands. laksh too comes. It was already late in evening.

Lak: ya..my MLA, shall we go??

Ragini silently sits in car. Laksh was driving.

Lak: it was such as tragic accident. But thank god all are alive. Just some people are wounded. Rescue team reacted fast..!

Rag: and politicians were busy in publicity…

Lak: ragini..?

Rag: then what Laksh? There so many people were suffering and you gone to do a big drama??

Lak: what drama?? I was about to help, but…u have seen know how they dragged me..!

Rag: yes…! Politicians are politicians. U r also selfish as them..!

Laksh shouts: Ragini…!!

Ragini looks at him in shock. Laksh becomes silent. She turns her face away in slight tears. Laksh drives to home in anger.

Ragini silently goes into room and sleeps on bed. Laksh sits in sofa and keeps rubbing his head.

After few minutes he goes into room and looks at Ragini. She was sleeping. He goes near her and slowly touches her feet. With that she wakes and looks at him.

He sits beside her, she too sits and rubs her face. Her face and eyes are red. He holds her hand.

La: I’m sorry Ragini. I was rude…
She looks at him.

La: I couldn’t tolerate when u said that I’m selfish. Tell me, am I selfish?
She keeps her hand on his cheek.

Ra: I’m sorry Laksh.. Actually, it’s my fault.
La: no ragini, I couldn’t have shouted on you.
Ra: no, that’s my fault.

Laksh smirking : ok my dear banana, now touch my feet and say sorry…

Ragini putting a sarcastic expression, “oho mr. tube light, u have touched my feet already.”

They both laugh.

La: ok, ok… from now onwards we shall never bring party or political issues between us. We r wife and husband…

Ra: hmm, then u shall never call me banana again.

Laksh smiles with her cute pout face and kiss her forehead. She happily hugs him.

To be continued…..

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