I love my country- episode 14


Sorry guys, I couldn’t reply anyone. Thank you everyone name by name so much..! you made my ff super doper hit…and I’m very happy for this..! love you all….

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Love my country epi 14

Ragini looks at Laksh in anger.

Ragiin: so, you have become a typical politician too. I thought you will be a great leader..! now I’m feeling shameful, that we are also going to win in wrong way..!

Ragini bursts out.

Laksh simply smiles. He looks at the national flag in the ground beside.

Laksh: look at that high tiranga flag of our’s Ragini…!

Ragini looks at flag.

Laksh: we very well know how many people have struggled to make our flag proudly fly high like that…

Ragini looks on…

Laksh: I’m talking about freedom fighters…!
Ragini keeps looking.

Laksh: and, we all are enjoying that freedom. Ragini, having love on country means not just clapping your hands when our cricket team wins or just giving speeches…! Country means not sand, country means people..!

{ (desham ante matti kaadoi desham ante manushuloi..!
The translation: country means not sand, country means people..!
The famous lines by Telugu poet Gurajada Apparao)
Just wanted to share with you guys..! }

Ragini: it’s true Laksh..! but, why are you relating this?

Laksh: once, our freedom fighters strived for us to save this country. And our army is protecting our country forever at border..! But, what’s going on inside?
Corruption and Crimes..!!
Ragini looks on…

Laksh: I’m not telling at all the places this is happening. But, why should we even tolerate that some?? Due to that some only right…once we suffered…!
Ragini has tears.

Laksh: now, I don’t want to see that some..! I want my country to be free from this locks of corruption and black money..! yes..! if this is karma bhumi, the sinners have to be punished and pious have to be saved..! now, I’m into this dharma yudham..! how many wrong ways may I take at last, my destination is Dhrama(justice).

Ragini looks on.

Laksh: This election is the war now..! if we won, it means the justice has won..! because, I know very well, we aren’t that politicians who rob people but serve people..!

Ragini nods her head.
Laksh: thank god ragini. Everyone is not like Dp and Rp.
Ragini smiles. Laksh smiles and takes Ragini with him.

From next day…
As soon as the sun came to east…

‘listen people listen… your favorite party praja party…. Is for you…!
Vote for Tube light..!!’

‘same as last time make us win and make democracy win..! Vote for banana..!’

The canvassing starts in the way blowing people’s ears.

‘banana..’ ‘tube light’

The sounds keep resonating on roads and tvs.

Ragini is laughing listening to them. Laksh brings two coffee cups near her.

Laksh: what honewali cm is laughing?

Ragini: mr. ex tube light. Don’t you join your party in canvassing?

Laksh: mrs. Banana. Why are you sitting in home like this then?

Ragini takes cup from him, ‘now we aren’t banana or tubelight. The chariot. All are busy in canvassing. You are silent, tell me how you are gonna win?’

Laksh smiles and takes ipad shows her something. She amazes.

Dp and Rp are busy in canvassing.

Rp in his jeep, giving speeches in sway.

Dp is also busy in giving promises.

Rp with his assistant: what? This chariot is not making any sound?
His party people laughs.

Rp: I think, they were hiding in rat house being afraid.

Then one of member runs near Rp.

Mem: what hiding? They are doing dum dham in internet..!

Rp: what??

Mem: all the legislative members are uploading video by video in you tube and making promotion..!

Rp slowly to him: aa…what is You tube?

That member looks at Rp weirdly.

Dp is looking at praja chaitanya party fb page and lakhs of likes to it.

Dp: how is this possible in this less time?

1 mem: youth these days are busy with internet. Praja chaitanya party members all are between 25 to 30. They are connected much to youth. Because…

Dp: youth population is more..! I know,

2 mem: and also their plans and schemes are good…

Dp: let’s not make them more famous..!

While Dp and Rp were busy on roads, T.V’s….. Ragini and Laksh were busy in all social networking sites.

Rp and Dp were weak in it, as all are middle aged people in their party.

Rp: this is not the way..! Let’s buy everyone. Where is my black money van??
The driver comes in a run to Rp.
Driver: sir..! Someone robbed the van…

Rp faints.

Laksh dumps the money in van near a slum area..! all poor run and take money..!

Laksh: so my people..! Your vote is for….

All: chariot..!!

Dp: did all the money transferred into your accounts..?

MLAs: sir, we didn’t get even a rupee.

Dp shocks and checks his online bank account.
It shows empty funds. Now, Dp faints.

Nikil who was sitting before computer gives hifi to Laksh.
Laksh: nice hacking dude..!

Nikil: if intelligence department gets to know, we will be in jail..!

Laksh: don’t worry our ex friend will help us..!

Laksh looks at Adarsh. He was beaten badly.

Laksh: so Adarsh, what will you do now?…

Adarsh nods his head in fear… (that means Laksh threatened Adarsh)

Police comes near Rp to arrest him.

Rp: hey..! What the heck is this??
Police: we have proofs that you are bribing people.
They shows video which is recorded by Swara.

Rp shocks. police arrest Rp.

Banana party collapses.

While police taking away Rp, Laksh stands in front of his door. Rp looks at him.

Laksh: happy journey banana sir..!

Rp: after coming out, I will see your end..!

Laksh: I will take care, so that you can’t come out.

Rp gets furious..!

Laksh keeping his spectacles: check mate..!

He keeps going away… Rp is thrown in jeep.
Laksh looks at the three lions emblem ‘Satyameva jayathe…’
And he proudly salutes to it.

He goes home. Ragini is sitting sadly in sofa. He sits beside her.

Laksh: what happened Ragini?

Ragini keeping her head on his shoulder.

Rag: my heart is very sad Laksh. I don’t think this works out. Let’s leave this here..! if Rp comes out, he becomes cruel. I can’t bear any incident again…

Her tears fall on his chest. Laksh cups her face.

Laksh: we will be fine Ragini. Trust me..! I will not let anything happen to us..! I’m not old Laksh.
He hugs her to heart.

The canvassing completes.

The polling day also comes….

And at last… the voting day…

Dp is sitting with his party members. Some people are busy near counting place.

But Ragini and Laksh are happily sitting near a beach.

Ragini is making some house with sand. Laksh is getting her shells from shore.

Ragini: come fast.. I have to decorate my house.
Laksh comes fastly, but accidentally it collapses. Ragini glares at Laksh. Laksh holds his ears.

The first round of counting starts….

Chariot got all the seats…
Dp shocks…

Ragini is chasing Laksh, laksh is running.

Two, three, four rounds…either Laksh is winning or some other party… but not Dp’s party. Till now Dp’s tube light didn’t get even one seat.

Laksh runs and he falls on sand, and Ragini slips and falls on him. Both have eye lock…

The final announcement comes,
‘This is historical..! the tube light party didn’t even won a single seat… with highest majority the new youth ‘chaitanya party’ has won..! it’s ready to make government..!’

Dp gets furious and breaks T.V. he loses his mental balance. He is taken to hospital.

Laksh and Ragini are busy in eye lock…. Laksh phone rings.

Phone: sir, we have won..!

Laksh: I know,…

He cuts the call.

Laksh: all set Ragini.
Ragini happily rests her head on his chest. He hugs her..!

Precap: new government forms… Ragini’s first oath as CM.
May be epilogue…

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