I love my country- episode 12

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Love my country epi 12

Laksh: I think it’s Nikil…
He goes to open the door and shocked to see Rp there. Ragini too shocks.

Laksh: get out..

Rp: let me talk with previous cm…
Rp comes forcedly in. laksh tries to stop him,

Ragini: rp sir, Laksh… let him come.
Laksh leaves him looking at Ragini. Rp laughs and sits in a chair before Ragini. Laksh is glaring at him.
Rp: ragini beta, are you not angry with me? You guys were confusing right, why I have done all this? I’m not the reason for your torture dear. It’s Dp’s work. You slapped his son, so he took revenge. Now, people lost trust on you…so I can be the cm again. For that, why I have made you cm for a while?? Because, to bring back my party members….

Ragini and Laksh looks on…

Rp: haha…you are kids in politics. You don’t understand it easily.
Rp suddenly stops laughing and looks at Shekar’s photo in anger.

Rp: do you think your father dead in accident? Haa…!

Raglak shocks.

Rp: his fame was increasing in party than me. That’s why I made him killed.

Ragini tights her palm in anger. Laksh grabs his collar. His body guards come and move Laksh.

Rp: I thought, shekar problem is solved…then you came in his place. I thought you are just a innocent kid, you can’t attract people. But, you are becoming mahan in people’s eyes. That’s why, I have played all this game..!!

Ragini laughs in pain.
Ragini: nice game rp uncle. But please remember there is a god and he does the final justice.

Rp and his body guards laughs and leaves. Laksh keep looking at him in anger. Ragini cries badly. Laksh holds her.
Ragini: are politics this bad Laksh?? What has my dad done??

Laksh holds her in tears and looks at Krishna’s bhagavatgeeta scene in poster.

That day passes dully like that.

By next morning, Ragini feels better. She is walking and doing some work. Laksh who just came home with some papers makes Ragini sit.

Laksh: who asked you to work now? can’t you give break to swatch bharat today?
Ragini laughs. Laksh laughs with her.

Laksh: sign on these papers.
Ragini: what is this?
Laksh: visa interview papers. Let’s fly away to Germany… my friend is there, with help of him I will get a job… hmm, not so easy but…

Ragini: are we going to stay there forever..?

Laksh: ever and ever..! our children, grand children..let’s never see India again…

Ragini’s eyes get blur with tears and those tears fall on papers. Laksh cups her face.
Laksh: rago…

Ragini: I can’t leave my country..

Laksh: ragini, don’t be emotional. Everyone love their country. But, see…they stay out and call themselves NRIs. We shall be like that too…

Ragini: laksh, someone has done mistake. Why are you angry on all?

Laksh: ragini, no more arguments. We are leaving to Germany.

Ragini: I can’t leave this country..

Laksh loudly: why??

Ragini stands and shouts,
“Because this is my mother land..! I have born in her lap and I want to die in her lap..! I have taken my breath here..! this mitti has given me everything..! I have ate the food which came from this land..! I shared the happiness from the people who walk on this land..! today, this Ragini is standing before you as Ragini because of the sacrifices which made by the people who born on this land..! This is my house this is my heaven..! how can someone leave their heaven??”

Laksh looks on…
Ragini wipes her tears. Her face is all red with anger.
“but ragini…”
Ragini shows her hand and about to go back and falls. Laksh lifts her and makes her lie on sofa.

Laksh holds Ragini’s hand.
Laksh: you said correctly Ragini. But, Sita maa has also followed Sri Rama when he was going to vana vasa. Now, you have to follow me..!

Ragini: but sri rama has listened to sita maa to bring gold deer.
Laksh looks on……..

At temple,
Laksh was looking at shiv ji silently…
Someone kept hand on his shoulder, he turns back.
It’s his orphanage head.
Head: ragini has come near me.
Laksh amazes.
They both go orphanage. Ragini is talking with kids.

Head: you want to leave to germany?

Laksh nods his head.

Head: why Laksh? She don’t like to come.

Laksh: why we have to stay here sir? What sin has that innocent girl made to suffer? Everyone say this is karma bhumi..! then why sinners are surviving… innocents are suffering? It is only because they are innocent??

Head: yes Laksh. You are right..! this is karma bhumi. Whatever you do, you get in return. The sinners are suffered for sure one day..!!
Laksh looks at him.

Head: this is truth Laksh….

Laksh takes a deep breath and keeps going away. Ragini follows him.
As soon as going home, he becomes busy in sketching something.
Ragini tries to talk to him. But, he is busy. He was drawing something.

It’s already night, Ragini is sleeping keep looking at Laksh,
But he is still busy near study table, he is making some plans on a chart. Ragini dozes off…

Laksh completes the work and looks at the sketch he made.
It is the sketch of chariot. He smiles a bit and says, ‘Praja chaithanya..!’

And dp’s rp’s party symbols got arrow target from his hands. Laksh smirks.

After a month…

Raglak are in airport…

Ragini gets teary sitting in airplane. Laksh holds her hand,
Laksh: I promise Ragini, I won’t separate you from our mother land..!!

Ragini looks on… the flight takes off… she looks at the green fields and rivers, she cries.
Laksh consoles…

Precap: one year leap………..

/* guys, hope this epi didn’t bore you. Sry for small update…

I thinks some of you have missed Samragni’s next part. It was posted already.. yesterday night… please read it if you have missed…. Link is here

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