I love my country- episode 11

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Love my country epi 11

Laksh carries Ragini into room, places her on bed. She is completely unconscious. He cries looking at her position.
He takes out her cloths from cupboard and changes her into new.
Then he applies ointment and bandage at her wounds. He sees blood cot in her legs. It has happened due to the laati beat on legs.
Laksh closes his eyes and cries. He becomes little strong for her and applies some medicine to her.
He holds her hand and see the cot in her finger realizing how they pressed her finger in cutting players. He hugs her and cries a lot.

Then he hears calling bell sound. Nikil comes with a lady doctor also. She checks Ragini and gives some tablets to Laksh.

Doc: she is in shock at present. She needs lot of support for getting cured. She got fever also. Due to current shock, she is weak also. I have given an injection. She will feel better by morning.

Laksh: thanks doctor…

Nikil gives food to laksh.

Nikil: laksh, i will stay here. I will be useful if you need any help.

Laksh: no nikil. U have enough struggled for me from morning. I will take care of her. U go, u have to drop doctor also know.

Nikil nods and about to go. Laksh keeps hand on him and hugs. He cries.

Nikil: laksh, be strong..!!

Laksh: I can’t see ragini in this state. I’m losing my strength.

Nikil: laksh, you have to be strong for her and make her strong. Shall i stay back?

Laksh breaks hug.

Laksh: no, it’s ok. You go. Even you need rest.

Nikil: ok. I will come tomorrow morning. Ragini sis will be fine don’t worry.

Nikil leaves. Laksh closes the door…

Ragini gets a dream… she reminds how that lady police has beat her on legs with laati.

“Aaa…!” Ragini screams.

Laksh runs to the room.

Looking at him Ragini joins her hands and pleads, “I don’t know anything, please don’t beat me..!”
Laksh sheds into tears and runs to her. But she hides her face in hands fearing. He smoothly keeps his hand on her hand.

Laksh: ragu, it’s me. U r Laksh. I’m Laksh Ragini, don’t get scared.

He slowly moves her hands away. She was shivering completely in fear. He cups her face and kiss her forehead. She becomes a bit calm. He slowly makes her lean to bed.

He opens food pack and keeps a piece of idly. She eats it fastly. That means she is very hungry. Then he gives her some tablets to her.

After 5 min, she vomits everything what she ate. Some falls on him also.
(Sry for this scene guys..)

He keeps a bowl near her and holds her ears while she is struggling.

“Easy ragini..easy..!”

But she is still holding her head and moaning in pain. Laksh doesn’t understand what to do first. He slowly takes Ragini to wash room cleans her face and cleans himself. He changes her dress again. He too gets changed. He makes her sleep first, but she is moaning in pain still.

Laksh fastly cleans the vomited part, changes the bedsheet…. then he goes near Ragini and presses her head.

Laksh: ragini, you will feel better by morning. Just bear for a while….

He applies zandu balm for her head. Her body has high temperature. Laksh keeps changing the wet cloth on her head all the night. In sleep also she was dreaming ‘leave me..’
Then Laksh hugs her and sleeps.

Next morning…..

Ragini opens her eyes and finds herself securely wrapped in his embrace . She feels happy. Laksh opens his eyes and checks her temperature. She is feeling better.

Laksh: hmm, now u r feeling ok.

Ragini hugs him tight and cries.

Laksh: don’t cry ragini. Plz…don’t cry…

Ragini: why?why did this happen??

Laksh: i will not leave anyone who has done you this ragini..!

Ragini: no laksh, let them go for their fate. Let’s don’t make this more complicated.

Laksh breaks hug and stands at window. She was looking at him.

Laksh: then, let’s leave this country and go away.

Ragini shocks.

Laksh: I don’t want to stay where you were suffered..!

Ragini: laksh, for that what country has done? Only few people has does this..!

Laksh: what they didn’t do ragini? You have done many missions for betterment of state. But, what did they say you yesterday.. cm down down..!

Ragini looks on…

Laksh: if they doesn’t deserve us, we too don’t want them. Let’s go away and live peacefully.

Ragini: laksh..listen…

Ragini tries to get up and falls back in pain again. Laksh runs to her and make her sit.
They both look at each other. Ragini tries to lift her hand to keep on his cheek, laksh only takes her hand and keeps on his cheek.

He takes her to washroom and makes her brush. Then he lifts her in arms taking her to hall,

Ragini pov(song..)

‘I feel as a baby in his arms…
When he is pouring his love..’

He makes her lean in sofa, he goes into kitchen to do something. She is looking at him through the door..

‘I feel so strong in his care…
When he is a shield to me..’

He prepares rasam and rice which is good to eat during fever, (actually some people say we shouldn’t eat rice during fever.. so, I don’t know. But i like to eat sambar rice during fever..)

He brings rice near her and blowing it slowly so that it becomes cool….

‘He is my army…
He is my weapon…
the strength and courage…
The only…..’

She gestures him to come near as she can’t get up. He keeps bowl aside and moves his face near her. She suddenly makes a lip lock….

‘The only love i have,…
The only family i have……
The friend and sweet enemy…is him..!’

They slowly breaks the kiss. Laksh pats her cheek and kiss her forehead.

Then he about to feed her…someone knocks the door.

Precap: Laksh’s strong decision…


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    you made me cry….awesome update, loved loved loved laksh today so much, so caring and understanding. right now i am just reading all your updates one after another, which were missed by me. i am loving it so much.

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    U know what I just wait for ur ff I keep on tellyupdates for ur update truly saying today I m not getting any prasingn compliment for u ….. Hope so u keep writing like this luv u dear for this wonderful ff please keep writing like this and yah one more thing can u plzz give me regular updates so that I will not miss it….

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