I love my country- episode 10

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Love my country epi 10

Ragini is taken into jail.

Laksh was trying to go inside. His one of friend, “this is not way Laksh. Let’s talk to lawyer for bail..”
Laksh: but, before that I have to talk with her…

Laksh goes inside with help of Adarsh.
“Laksh…” shouts Ragini and comes near him.

A police is about to stop him, but Adarsh stops him.

Laksh cups Ragini’s face.
Laksh: shh, don’t cry Ragini. I will save you at any cost.
Ragini: I’m scared Laksh…
Laksh: no..no don’t be scared. I’m there na…
Ragini keeps crying. A police keeps hand on his shoulder and drags him out.

Laksh wipes his tears and runs to a lawyer.
People outside police station were shouting, ‘CM down down..!’
Ragini closes her ears listening to those words.

Lawyer: no no sir. We can’t give bail to smugglers.
Laksh beats his table in force: who is smuggler??
Then he becomes calm,
Laksh: sir, while big criminals are escaping why a innocent girl has to suffer? She didn’t do anything. And, I have just asked a bail…

Lawyer: sir, I can’t help in this..!

Laksh getting up: I understood, that some X man has bribed you too..!!
Laksh goes out furiously.

In jail,
A lady police comes near Ragini.
She keeps laati on her face and turns her face to her
L.P: now tell me, where did you hide rest all drugs?

Ragini: I’m not smuggler..!
She slaps Ragini. Ragini shocks holding her cheek.
L.P: you are seemed to be so soft and beautiful. Tell me truth. You will be left..!

Ragini in tears: I don’t know anything.
That lady slaps her hard. Ragini falls and blood comes from her mouth. She cries.
That lady clutches her hair and pulls her head back. Ragini shouts in pain.
“why criminals listen to us easily??”
That lady holds a current wire. Ragini looks shocked.

Laksh faces rejection from all lawyers.
He crying, ‘why everyone are like this??’
His friend Nikil: laksh, don’t get disappointed. Talk with Dp sir and see.

Laksh calls to Dp.
Dp’s P.A lifts the call.

P.A: sir is busy, he can’t talk now..!
Dp: cut the call PA…

Laksh shocks listening to it. he runs to his party office. Dp is about to go in car.

“Sir, I need your help..! please… ragini is in trouble..!” Laksh is shouting. Dp goes away as if he has not listened.

One MLA comes near Laksh and keeps hand on his shoulder.
Mla: laksh, don’t waste time here and there. Go to Rp directly. We are thinking, he is behind everything.

Laksh: sir, what has happened actually? Please tell me. I think you know everything..!

MLA: laksh, even I have a family. They will kill me too. Don’t waste time and go near Rp. And don’t tell him that I have said.

That MLA goes away… Laksh confusedly runs to Rp’s office.

Lady police: tell me…

Ragini: I don’t know..!!

Then she gives shock to Ragini with wire. Ragini faints.

Lady: chi, chi…she is too sensitive. I have to start interrogation when she wakes??

Adarsh: why? Throw water on her face…!!

That lady splits jug of water in Ragini’s face, she trembles and wakes. She is shivering.
That lady beating her head: ayyo ayyo..! why don’t you tell everything fast and be happy? Why do you make me torture like this??
She shouts.

Ragini closes her eyes shivering: laksh….!

Laksh runs to Rp’s office. Gate keeper stops him.

Laksh: I have to meet your sir..!

Gate: no meeting nothing..! get out…

Laksh beats the keeper to ground and goes inside shouting, “Ram Prasad..!!”
Other guards comes to stop him, but Laksh beats everyone.

Laksh shouts: ram Prasad..! come out..!
Rp comes out.

Rp: why are you stopping him? Let him in….
Laksh goes furiously inside.

Laksh was all in sweat and he is taking heavy breath due to fight and hurriedness.
Laksh shocks to see Dp with Rp.

Rp: my god, why this boy is burning like this??

Dp: young blood know rp, it burns like that only….

Laksh runs and holds Rp’s collar.
Lak: what is your plan against ragini?

Rp: do you want ragini or plan now?
Laksh tights his grip.
Laksh: why are you doing this to her?
Rp: laksh, leave my collar.. otherwise…

Laksh pushes him to ground
Lak shouts: what will you do haa??

Dp: this young bloods are like this Rp. They have anger but no thinking. Foolish youngsters.

Dp shows him video where Ragini is tortured.

That lady is asking question again to Ragini. Ragini says don’t know again.
She takes a cutting player and presses Ragini’s index finger in it. ragini shouts in pain.

“Ragini…!!” Laksh shouts.

Rp: have you seen young MLA, if you do violence in us, there violence increases.

Laksh then joins his hands in front of them.
“please sir. don’t suffer my ragini. Please help me..!”

Dp and Rp laughs.
Dp: so, you want your wife back. Ok…

Then Dp gives him some proofs and CD.
Dp: take them, this proves your wife is innocent.
Laksh looks on.

Rp: arey, don’t be scared. There is nothing against you. It shows the fake video made on her and those smuggled goods are kept by your sister.. her name is…

Dp: swara…!

Laksh shocks.

Rp: don’t worry. Show these videos to inspector, they will release your wife..! go… they will release her saying it’s a false case.

Laksh runs to police station taking those proofs.

Rp is laughing.

Dp: you have sent her to jail so that people will hate her. then if people knows it’s a wrong case on her, then they will support her again right..!

Rp: once people get doubt on a politician, they never believe him again even if god says. I have shown mercy on them to make myself a mahan…

Dp smirks.

Rp: but dp, why did you ask me to make her torture?

Dp: she has slapped my son as he was luring her. this is my revenge.
Rp: oh, but she tortured too much.
Dp: she deserves it..

Laksh runs to police station with proofs. Adarsh checks them.
‘Ragini…’ Laksh about to go near her.
Adarsh stops him.
Laksh looks angrily at him.
Lak: you are a cheat?

Ada: aha, you want her to be out or not?

Just then Rp comes.
Rp: oh no..! oh no..! how much destruction has happened..!
Media also comes.

Rp: unknowingly an innocent kid is tortured..!

They release Ragini. Laksh runs near her, she is half unconscious.

Rp: I’m seriously rejecting this issue..! my party member the lady cm, tortured like this..! this is indigestible. I will go to supreme court for justice..!!

Laksh is about to go away with Ragini.
Rp keeps hand on Laksh’s shoulder.

Rp: what do you say young mla? Shall we go to court?

Media: laksh sir, do you want to fight for your wife in court?

Laksh: please let us go..! she is not feeling well.

Media 2: sir plz answer us. Whom do you think the culprits are?

Laksh keeps going away with Ragini slowly moving them. Nikil is helping them.

Some media: sir, why are you not answering anything? Is it you who did all this??

Laksh gets angry, he leaves Ragini and grabs his collar. Live is going on in media.
Nikil stops him.

Laksh takes Ragini to home, while Nikil drives.

Laksh cries looking at Ragini.

Media will be saying,
“It is proved that CM Ragini has not done anything. But, how far it is true? Can she be believed? And rumors have been spreading that MLA Laksh is behind this..! at last god has to know the truth. Mla laksh has become rowdy and grabbed collar of media boy. With camera man ——- anchor —– news channel”

Laksh brings Ragini slowly to house. He lifts her in arms and about to take her in.

Nikil: Laksh, I will bring anything for you to eat.

Laksh: thanks Nikil, at least you helped us.

Nikil: dude, we are friends.
Laksh smiles painfully. Nikil goes away. Laksh takes Ragini inside.

Precap: Laksh’s intense care towards Ragini(hmm.. I promise I will make Laksh as serious lover here..! You all will love him for sure..)

/* sorry for making you cry in this part my dears. This part is important for making Laksh turned..*/


  1. rehusha

    Bechari ragini……ithna torture kiya gaya…..dp aur rp ku aisa hi torture denaa…..next baar jail me……update soon astra

  2. nikky

    why not make lakshya cm and than lakshya can’t give time to ragini and raglak fight plZzzzzzzz
    nice amazing superb excellent mind blowing plzzzz give raglak romance and yaa plzzzz be regular bcoz now days raglak ff are very less plzz for raglak fan all raglak writers give more for temish plZzzzzzzz it’s a request

  3. abi

    Wow precap seems interesting
    I wish to see this phase of laksh in serial
    But cvs betrayed me
    I’m happy to see this in your ff

  4. Akshata


    |Registered Member

    its so painful to read, loved laksh’s true love. every sin has its own punishment, so i want swara should be punished with rp.

      • Akshata


        |Registered Member

        yup you are right but forced or willingly, she did commit a mistake and left, now ragini’s life, her career and her image all are at stake. this is unforgivable sin. so swara should understand this and repent for this. hope i am not hurting you, its only my pov.

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