I love my country-epilogue

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Love my country epilogue

In the governor office,

Ragini is standing before the mike. She is wearing official cotton saree. She is taking her oath as chief minister..!

“I, Ragini Gadodiya, do swear in the name of solemnly affirm that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the Constitution of India as by law established, [that I will uphold the sovereignty and integrity of India] that I will faithfully and conscientiously discharge my duties as the chief Minister for the state and that I will do right to all manner of people in accordance with the Constitution and the law, without fear or favour, affection or ill-will. I will not directly or indirectly affirm, communicate or reveal to any person or persons any matter which shall be brought under my consideration or shall become known to me as the chief Minister for the state except as may be required for the due discharge of my duties as such Minister.”

(I have got this oath in internet…)

Laksh looks determined. Ragini signs on the papers in presence of governor.. laksh looks at her in prideness. Next all the members take their oath.
Laksh is just a MLA again. He didn’t take any ministry post.

She comes out with escort of officers. All people are cheering, ‘CM zindabad…!’
‘Once they said you down… today they are praising you..! Yes Ragini, truth alone triumphs..! This is what I wanted. Now, let’s begin the new era of democracy..!’

A long tear escapes from Laksh’s eye.

At night,

Ragini returns to home. The house is dark.
‘Laksh..?’ she says slowly…

Suddenly someone hugs from her back. She very well know it’s Laksh.

‘Hmm, did you start you silly things?’ she says leaning to him.

‘then..! I have missed you a lot from morning..!’ he says keeping his head on her shoulder.

They both walks near table. Laksh makes her sit on a chair. He sits opposite to her. he switches on one candle. It’s giving mild light.

Ragini keeps looking at him. He looks. Both have eye lock.

Ragini: what are you going to do Laksh?

Laksh: ta ta dai…!
He takes a bowl with kheer. Ragini takes it from his hands and starts eating hurriedly. Laksh laughs looking at her.

Ragini: wow..! it’s yummy..!! umm…

Laksh: no one believes you as CM if someone sees you like this..!

Laksh is about to go, Ragini holds his wrist.

Laksh: hmm..?

Ragini stretches her hands asking him to lift her.

Laksh smiles and lifts her in arms. Both were looking at each other and they reach their room.

He gently places her on bed. When Laksh is about to go away again, she holds his collar.
‘Laksh, I want your support more from now. I’m in a different position. I feel, I can’t take this…’

He pecks her forehead gently,
‘Ragini, I’m always with you. Don’t worry. I’m your army..!’

Ragini smiles. Laksh smiles and goes. She sleeps peacefully..!

Next morning,

Ragini and Laksh reach the assembly. They look at our tiranga flag.

Laksh: saffron is for courage…. White is for peace…. Green is for prosperity… the asoka dharma chakra for dharma(justice). Let’s keep up all the four with us and let’s strive to protect all those four for our country..! let’s be the part of this constitution, which designs the fate of people..! let’s serve our country heartfully, and complete our lives in service of people..!

Ragini holds Laksh’s hand.

Ragini: United we shall strive. United we shall protect..! Let’s be together is anything and everything.

Ragini and Laksh together start walking into assembly, they remember the vow they used to take in childhood in school….

‘India is my country..
All Indians are my brothers and sisters…
I love my country and I’m proud of it’s rich varied heritage..!
To my country and my people, I pledge my devotion.
In their well being and prosperity alone, lies my happiness..!’

They walk into their seats…
Screen shifts to National flag which is waving proudly in the sky..!

End of story….

A simple quiz for you guys…

1. who wrote our national anthem.
2. what is our national song and who wrote it?
3. what is our national tree?
4. what is the slogan written under national emblem?
5. what do you mean by republic day? When do you celebrate it?
6. who designed our national flag?
7. who is nightingale of India?
8. when is national youth’s day?
9. what is first war of Independence?
10. final question…. Who is Dhayn chand?

I’m just sharing this as Republic day is arriving… So guys, advance happy republic day..!! and also advance happy national youth day..!

/* ok guys, the ff ends here. Actually I wanted to keep some more tracks… but, the story becomes more more emotional and sentimental later. So, I have decided to stop here. Hope, I didn’t disappoint you all. Bye, my friends… take care…keep smiling…*/

And finally…

Love you India…!!

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  1. Sindhura

    Rabridranath tagore
    Vandematram bakin chandra chattopadhya.
    Banyan tree
    Satyameva jayatai
    Republic means i think reforming
    26 jan 1950
    Pingali venkaya
    Sarojini naidu
    12 jan
    1857 to 1859
    Dhyan chand is ibdian hockey player
    I searched innet as i dobt knew him

    1. Astra

      Absolutely right dear…! Thanx for commenting….

  2. Ragz_teju

    awesome loved it so much….

    1. Astra

      Thank you dear

  3. Awesome loved it

    1. Astra

      Thank you dear

  4. Raglakholic

    Totally amazing
    Really gonna miss this story so much
    Loved it to the core
    Raglak moment’s r simply outstanding
    Nd d answers are
    1.rabindranath Tagore
    2.vandemataram – written by bakin Chandra
    3.banyan tree
    4.satyameva jayati
    5.republic means the formation by the people’s choice – 26th January 1950
    6.pingali venkkaiah ( mana Telugu aayana )
    7.sarojini naidu
    8.12th Jan
    9.dandi Satyagraha
    10. Teliyadu

    1. Astra

      9th di 1857 to 1858 war dear.. 10 th one he is famous hockey player of India…

  5. One of the best ff

    1. Astra

      Thanks a lot…

  6. Balaji

    rabindranath Tagore. he is the one who wrote national anthem for India and Bangladesh.
    Vande matharan by bakin Chandra chatopadya
    banyan tree
    satyameva jayethe
    Republic means a nation ruled by formation of people by taking democracy as base. Jan 26 is Republic Day. India is announced as a Republic country in Dec 26 1949 and in January 26 it becomes officially Republic country and Dr .Rajendra Prasad was our First president.
    Pinkali venkayya and ratio is 3:2. in First national flag we had ratti in middle later it was replaced by Asoka chakra. white remains peace saffron remains strength green remains wealth.
    sarojini naidu she was also a political leader and shishya of gandhiji. her freedom fight poem in Gokale s speech in 1905 was a very famous one.
    12 Jan
    1857 Indian soldier protest against the British but 1808 tamilian Kings protested against British but it didn’t spreaded
    Dayan chand sir is an former hockey player. even Hitler offered a huge to play for jermany he just refused and continued for India. he is like a magician in field. no one can easily snatch ball from him. for his patriotism and achievements, A Award is given by his name which is the highest award in sport lifetime Achievement dayanchand award. sorry if I give excessive details but automatically it came.
    now coming towards ff, it’s an awesome concept which presented so well. some things I like the most especially rp and dp secret relationship , it made to feel realistic and raglak talks and ragini views.

    1. Astra

      You are fantasticly awesome dear..!! Really… I’m proud of you..! Even i got some info from you. Thanks for sharing your views. Everyone will read this and enjoy. Thans a lot dear….

    2. Dharani

      thank u so much balaji for this awesome info i got to know some good things about our country i am really happy to learn them

  7. earlier all answer are so correct and yaa plzzzz yaar u write so awesome amazing excellent plzzz co back with new one plzz hope tomorrow we get new ff intro if possible give it on abhirag track

    1. Astra

      Thank you nikky…i will try…

  8. it’s so awesome amazing excellent superb excellent mind blowing brilliant no words to describe and love and respect all raglak ff writer that they keep their favorite couple alive and plzzz guys write more and regular bcoz we missing raglak badly and see Swasan ff are very much in comparison to raglak And bit jeleousy in me bcoz I am crazy raglak or temish fan

  9. Dharani

    1. rabhindranath tagore
    2. vandhemataram it is written by bankin chandra chatargee
    3. banyan tree
    4. satyameva jayathe
    5. i dont know what is meant by republic properly and we celebrate republic day on 26th an
    6. pingali venkayya
    7. sarojini naidu
    8. 12th jan
    9. dont know
    10. dont know as well

    1. Astra

      So, Republic day is when our constitution came into force. So, constitution is nothing but…our citizen rules, laws..etc…

      1st war of independence is 1857 to 59…
      Dhayn chand is famous hockey player of india.. .

    1. Astra

      Thank you..

  10. Awesome ending dear and loved it a lot

    1. Astra

      Thank you ammu

  11. Epi was awesome .I think all gave u the answer. THQ balaji for giving this info

    1. Astra

      Thank you pinky…

  12. Asra

    fabulous dear…loved it alot…Our laksh s a army of ragini…raglak moments superbbb…..
    and coming to ur question…i don’t know the answer of last 2 question….but now I know the answer…thank you sooo much….and sidhura didi and Sara akka…bcz of u three today I know something….
    tkcr dear….

    1. Astra

      Thank you dear

  13. Asw

    Nice keep going

    1. Astra

      Thank you

  14. Superb one

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      thank you

  15. Jazzy


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      thank you

  16. Sreevijayan

    It was a very different ff dear..loved it soooo much…..

    1. Astra

      thank you dear…

  17. A.xx


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      thank you..

  18. superb sry for late

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      thank you j.. no problem yar..


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      thank you…

  20. Hemalattha

    fabulous dear.

    1. Astra

      thank you dear..

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