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Ahana was in her room. Her beautiful room where she always has her beauty sleep. She was previously jealous of her brother as he could sleep with her parents ( her coz she really meant it possessiveness ). But now she was happy with her personal room as she could dream and hope for anything! Her parents would never let it know. And her dream was Pratik. It was the first day of ninth grade and she was not sure if he would be in his class. She was so crazy about him that she changed her subject after she came to know about his subjects.

She called Umang her bestie.” I don’t know yaar. Will this sacrifice be worth it ? ”
Umang : Oh. U dnt worry about me what if we get separated ?
Ahana : You are scaring me Even more!
She cuts the call and heads to school. She was searching for his area boy all over the school but couldn’t find him.
Finally she reaches her class. Her class teacher was Miss Prema.
Prema : How come you are so early today ? Is everything okay?
Ahana thinks “Not today yaar. Just let me know my class. From tomorrow morning onwards I ll be late as usual.”
Ahana never was on time inspite of living in the closest building. She always gets taunts for this from the teacher even she was bright intelligent smart.
Miss Prema gives them their class. Ahana was in IX B . “I just hope he is also in the same class”
She goes inside but is shattered to find him not there! Their new teacher enters. She was tall and beautiful and her name was Neelu
Just then a guy enters saying ” May I Come in ma’am?”
Neelu : Come in. Don’t be late this must be your last time.
Okay ma’am followed by this warning.
Ahana blushed. She wanted to roar My guy has arrived!!
The guy sits to the adjacent seat in the next row. Ahana’s happiness had no bounds.
Umang: Stop staring him ! Are you gone case ?
Ahana whispers “yes in his love !”
Umang gives her an I don’t believe look. Ahana finally gives her concentration to the lecture.
During the lecture Pratik asked his friends for a pen. And his useful friends give him a negative reply.
He asks Ahana , ” Ahana do you have a pen ?
Ahana thinks “Ohh he knows my name ! ”
She gives a pen to him. Their hands meet in the process. The whole day in the school is over.
Ahana was going back to her home sweet home. Someone shouts loudly her name. The books in her hand falls down.
She sees Pratik. He helps her with the books. She turns back and leaves.
Pratik: Ahana your pen.
“Ohh it’s the pen for which he Came here.” She thinks. She takes her pen back with an annoyed look.
Pratik: Girls !!

Precap: Teacher complains that class is too noisy and decides for boy – girl seat arrangement

Hope you are liking it. There’s no high octane drama here. Its gonna b very simple yet sweet. And abt the hero lets see guys. At least for now its Pratik.

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