Love is confusing (Part 4)


Hey Friends thanku for ur love. Here’s the next epi….

1 Year later….

Scene 1

Its 11 June today.A girl is looking at the wall clock continuously in her room.She is wearing a jeans n Greg top. Her earrings are dangling, n her eyes are sparkling with anxiety. It seems as if she is waiting for the time to come… Its 12:45, so she switches on the computer. She opened the browser n typed 10th std result. Within millisec Google shows her the options. She opens the first website. Now its just 10 secs remaining… 9….8….7…..6…..5…..4…..3….2……..1!! Its 1 o’clock. A screen appears n she types her roll no. in the box.

Within a min she turns around n shours, “Aai, Baba result has come…” They both come running. Her Baba reads aloud “Sakhi Shedge-95%”

Now for the first time the girl turns around she is our sakhi. But she has changed a bit. Now she much taller than last year, more beautiful, just like a Swapan sundari straight from Heaven.

She takes her parents blessing n says ” I’ll tell my friends n come.”

She takes her phone no dials a no. “Hello I told u na, I’ll get good marks. See I got 95%.” “Ok OK u win n I lose. now come here quickly I’m dying to meet u” came the reply. Sakhi smiled n said, ” I also wanna meet u but I haven’t got permission from Baba.I know he won’t saw no but still…” “Talk to kaka soon n come here waiting for u.” “Ya once I come there then I’ll see u. now its time for us to study n me to enjoy… k got to go ttyl bye” saying this Sakhi cut the call. Then she went to meet her other friends.

At evening there was a party at sakhi’s place because she was 1st in her school. After the party Sakhi was completely exhausted. First she had gone to meet all her friends n then they went to school to take blessings from their teachers. She was dust thinking about the activities n doused off.

Scene 2

Next day while Sakhi was having breakfast when her dad(baba) asked her,” Beta as u know there r not many good colleges in kolhapur so where do u wanna go for further studies???” Sakhi was happy she did not had to ask for permittion instead her dad was allowing her to go.

“Baba u know that I wanna become an engineer n there r many good engineering colleges in Pune. so I wanna go to Pune!” Sakhi replied. Without any further discussions Baba said OK n they filled the online form that day itself.

Scene 3

After a few days they got a msg that Sakhi had got admittion in Pune’s reputed college-Fergusson College (FC). Sakhi’s father immediately came to Pune n played the fees. He also selected a room cum hostel for Sakhi which she would share with 5 other people. He also searched the best class for 11th n 12th in Pune- Bakliwal Tutorials IIT n took admitton over there.

Scene 4

On 18 jun, Sakhi was ready to go to Pune. Her train was at 7 in evening. While leaving Sakhi took blessings from all elders she hugged her dad n said, “I’ll miss u” Baba replied,”Take care of itself. n don’t forget those who can adjust with the environment easily they only survive.” As the train whistled Sakhi said “bye” to all n left for Pune.
As she ssettled down in her seat, she msged some one “SORRY:'( “…..

Precap: New city… New college… New friends

Hey guyzz Guess with whom was Sakhi talking to on phone no whom did she msg SORRY. Post ur thoughts as comments!!!!!!!

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