Love is Confusing (Part 7)


Hey friends here’s the next epi. Sorry I’m gonna rush here on. There are gonna be few leaps in the story.

Recap: First test n surprise plan.

Scene 1:

Its 31 August. At the apartment all got up. Chahhat made coffee for Aarti di, purvi di, Tejal, sejal n sakhi. Sakhi made her fav gajar ka halwa. As she served everyone the halwa, Aarti di asked, “yummmm??? its delicious Sakhi. But is there anything special today?” “No di just like that. Sejal brought really fresh carrots today so….” Sakhi was smiling lightly. No one noticed it except Chahhat. But she also pretended to not see her or remember anything. All of them silently had their breakfast.

At 3:00 Chahhat came running n told sakhi that two of her jeans are spoiled n she has only one jeans left with her. “Please Sakhi chal na. we’ll go for shopping. We’ll buy something for u too. Plss plssss.” “OK baba we’ll go. I’ll go n get ready.” So sakhi n chahhat left for shopping.

Scene 2:

At SGS mall Sakhi n chahhat went to a shop named The Secret Wardrobe. There they choose several tops n chahhat choose a jeans. Then they went to the trial room. All the tops were suiting them. So finally Sakhi brought 4 tops n chahhat brougth2 tops n a jeans.

Then they returned home
C: Let’s wear the new clothes na.
S: No chahhat u wear I’ll wear it later.
C: No na, I’ll feel awkward with this new dress. please na.
S: OK I can’t win over u.

So both of them got ready. Sakhi was looking stunning in three-forth jeans n a maroon long top with flowers made of stones that were shining brightly. She had wore matching earrings. They both left for class.

Scene 3:

It was Maths lecture today. All the while they all were very quiet. Even the group was silent the whole day. Not even a single msg. All were bored. At around 8:00 Sir suddenly said, “Sorry Bacho aaj mujhe tum logoko jaldi chodna padega. I have to go somewhere.” N sir left the class. all students were happy.

All of them came out. Harshal said “Hey ppl just two min I’ll come.” n he went away. After sometime Shruti n siddhi went inside the classroom saying that they for there jacket inside.”Hey bring mey helmet as well yar I forgot to get it.” Mihir n akshay said. “r we ur servants to do or work?? Do it your self.” They said n went away. So mihir n akshay also went in. one by one all went here n there. now only chahhat n sakhi were remaining.
C: Let’s go home yar. these ppl aren’t coming.
C: umm wait Sakhi. actually I need to go to washroom. I’ll just come.
n she also went in.

Sakhi waited n waited n no one came back. After 10 min she got a msg from Chahhat. It read: Come to the classroom fast.

Sakhi went in running. She reached the classroom n saw that the lights were off. she entered the class n was calling chahhat. as she reached the center of the class, all of a sudden there was a pull n she was pulled into the darkness by three ppl wearing black dress. then they tied her to the chair. Then one of them brought out a Knife. Sakhi started shouting “leave me….. what do u want….. plss let me go…” The person was still coming towards her holding the knife as if ready to stab someone several times. As he came nearer, sakhi shouted “pls let me go!!!! what have I done??? Pls don’t kill me.” The person continued to come closer. He reached the chair to which Sakhi was tied. Sakhi was in tears. As the person pulled the knife behind for a fatal blow, sakhi shut her eyes tight. The person moved the knife swiftly towards sakhi’s hand and…….
….and he cut the ropes with the knife. Just then she heard a friendly voice saying, “Dear I brought the knife not to kill u but for u to cut the cake” On hearing this see opened her eyes n saw all her dear friends smiling at her. She then realized that it was all there plan.She saw harshal, sid n omi wearing black shirts n saw knife in Sid’s hand who was now laughing out loudly.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAKHI” they all said in unison. “But when did u plan all this??”
Shruti: After the test. It was anki’s plan..
Anki: ya n then we discussed what to do n how to do…
Akshay: n then we included sir in our plan…

fb is shown
Rumjhum n Siddhi going to sir n requesting them to leave us early today n he readily accepted.
fb ends

Chahhat: The most difficult job was given to me. To make you come here completely in new clothes without letting u know the reason. For that I had to tear my jeans..
Mihir: But u got gajar ka halwa instead.
Amaya: Which u didn’t bring for us…. Plus it was so hard to not post anything on whatsapp
Harshal: So how was our surprise???
Sakhi: Its just amazing…
Shruti: Hold on Sakhi! there is another surprise from girls which will be coming within a few min.
Sakhi: What’s it?!?!
Rumjhum: are bata deya to surprise kesa???
Siddhi: Exactly. Now tie this cloth on her eyes.
So they blindfold her.
All the girls: Now just 10 sec n or surprise will be here..10…..9……8…..7…..6……5……4……3…..2……..1 n they opened her eyes. What she saw made tears come in her eyes….
It was her Parents… She ran n hugged them. they wished her HBD. Sakhi came back to her friends n said, “Its my best birthday ever. try a lot guyzzzz” n they had a huge group hug.
“Now shall we cut the cake.. I’m shit hungry…” Akshay said keeping his hand on his tummy like a kid. All of them laughed a lot especially Chahhat. Akshay was mesmerized by her killer looks.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO U….. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO U….. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR SAKHI…… HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO U….” all sang together. Then they made sakhi have cake n applied cream all over her face. Then they clicked many photos n were talking to each other. All had kept there bags n phones aside. Sakhi’s phone was ringing but it was on silent mode so she didn’t notice it. she had got 7 missed calls. The phone rang yet again…
It was Shubhu’s call….

Precap: Almost two years later

I too what a surprise-Pls comment n surprise me with ur thoughts plssss

And pls tell me if I should change the pic of my ff after the leap or should I continue with the same one.

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