Love is Confusing (Part 6)

Hey friends! Last time I forgot to mention that though Sid is a flirt he respects women a lot. n Chahhat has come to Pune for studies from lonavala. Even Siddhi n Akshay r not from Pune. Siddhi is from ratnagiri n Akshay is from Aurangabad. Rest of them live in Pune since there birth.

Recap: First day of class n new friends.

Scene 1:

Sakhi n Chahhat reached home. All were waiting for them only to have dinner. All the 6 sat n had dinner quietly. After the dinner sakhi changed into her night suit. She was just laying on the bed but in no time she was fast asleep. Even Chahhat went to bed early. Chahhat’s phone was in the hall n sakhi’s phone was on silent mode so no one disturbed them.

Next morning Sakhi got up early.Had her bath n went to the kitchen to make coffee for herself n purvi di(She goes to office at 7 in the morning). After some time Chahhat got up. She saw her phone n came to the kitchen n said, “Sakhi did u see the group last night??” “No why re??” “u only see” Sakhi went to her room n got her mobile “OMG!,!! 793 new msgs in one conversation!!!!” N that group was their class group. till 10:30 there was not a single msg. They all started to chat by 11. First msg was from Harshal: hey ppl can u all send me ur names I don’t have ur nos. n also send our birthdayes yar quick.
Akshay:Akshay-24 sept
Siddhi:Siddhi-25 jan
Shruti:Shruti-8 july
Yash: Hey my name is Yash but I prefer every one calling me Mihir.n my birthdate is 17 april
Omkar:Omkar-5 march
Siddhant:Sid -12 Feb
Rumjhum:Rumjhum-21 Dec
Amaya:Amaya-3 Oct
Ankita: Ankita-9 may Harshal tu hi apni birth date dal de.
Harshal: 14 Nov
Ankita: wow children’s day????
Harshal:hmm hey BTW I got only 9 names. who r the remaining two??
Shruti: Sakhi n Chahhat. May be they r sleeping ??
Omkar: Hey its Chem lec tomo . Does ne1 know whose the teacher??
Sid: Na will get to know tomo.
n so on…..

The last msg was at 1:32 from Ankita: A final gn guys. I wanna sleep.
Then it was Chahhat’s msg in the morning: Chahhat-4 Jun. Recently hua mera birth day.
Sakhi also msged: Sakhi-31 Aug. sorry I was sleeping so didn’t reply at night. n Gm.
Siddhi:its OK sakhi. hey BTW did ne1 observe that we have one birthday in each month. what a coincidence.
Omkar: ya r I also saw it know.
n the chat continued….

Scene 2:

By 5:45 all were there in the class n were waiting for sir. Sir came by 5:50. At dot 6 class started. His name was Atulya Mishra. He was a nice teacher. even today Akshay was late. Atulya sir didn’t saw nething. He reached them basics of Chem that is mole concept.
Sir: Aaj hum molality air Molarity padhege. Chalk Balika khadi ho jao(pointing towards Rumjhum) Batao ek mole me kitne molecules hote hai??
Rumjhum:Sir…. woo…. sir..
Sir: batao bhai kitne molecules hote hai?
Rumjhum: sir nahi pata.
Sir: Maf kar do galti hogai(in a funny tone. he is not at all angry). Dekho sab yaha board pe…. n he continued teaching.

Scene 3:

Two weeks later.
college had started. Sakhi, sid, omi, anki were in same clg-FC. Shruti, harshal, mihir, siddhi were in same CLG-modern. n the others werein KHS. They all have become good friends now. All their sirs were just awesome. They used innovative ways to teach the subject. The students specially liked their physics sir as he was very young n knew what the students like to learn n their way of thinking.He could explain the concepts by giving example or told them how he had studied to memories the concept. the is help all the students a lot.

Scene 4:

Two weeks later.
Anita came in sawing, “Kal test hai yar. I havn’t even studied.” “chill yar. MCQ to haI” Sakhi said. “We’ll study together today.” All were tensed as it was their first test. Sakhi used to talk to Shubhu but not so regularly as she used to do before.

Scene 5:

In test hall all were tensed as the paper was hard. As they came out, sakhi n anki said “Maths was hard. chem n phys were OK OK.” Omi, sid, chahhat, rumjhum instantly said “Ya maths was worst”
“No ha Maths was easy. Instead Chem was hard. Harshal, Mihir n siddhi sided with shruti.
Akshay: Tu rehene due Shruti. tu bohot hoshiyar hai. Mere to tino me vat lag gai hai.
amaya: All were OK OK name.
Harshal: hmmm… let’s see the result on Tuesday.
Sakhi got a call from aarti di so she left with Chahhat.
After they left, Shruti: Hey ppl we need to plan some thing. On Friday its 31st August-Sakhi’s birthday.
Siddhi: Let’s give her a surprise party.
Anki: I have a plan.

n she told them the plan which is of course muted.

Precap: Sakhi’s birthday party…. n a big surprise…

What can be the surprise. I have given u some hints of the pairs. can ne1 guess the pairs???
Also pls tell me if u find the track boring. I’ll make sure that it is made more interesting.

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