Love is confusing (Part 5)


Scene 1

Its 6:30 in the morning. Sakhi looks outside the window. Sun has just rosen. The Train arrives at Pune station. Sakhi comes out n gives a wide smile n shouts”HI SHUBHU:-D” Shubhu comes n hugs her. “Missed u a lot.” “I to missed my hot bf” sakhi said sheepishly” “what…ur bf…. in ur dreams” he relpyed.” “Hey who said bf??? I said bff. Better get ur ears checked. don’t worry I’ll pay the fees.” sakhi said almost giggling. “Come I’ll drop u at ur apartment.”shubhu said to change the topic.Both leave the station n take an auto.

Sakhi’s apartmentis far from the station. So it took almost 45 min to reach her apartment. In the auto shubhu asks sakhi about her plans for future n info about her classes n courses. They just talk casually about studies n things in Pune.

The auto drops them near Prajakta Housing Society.
They get down n shubhu pays the auto rent as sakhi didn’t withdraw money from the ATM.

“If u wanna see Pune call me. I’ll take up for Pune Darshan. Now I need to go as I need to rush to college now. bye…call me if you need anything”, saying so shubhu left.

Scene 2

A girl is hearing loud music in her head phones, loud enough for everyone in the room to hear.Her hair are tied into a loose messy bun with few strance of hair coming over her eyes. She then sees the clock. Its 7:30 She signs “oh god!! why r u doing this with me!! When the hell will my college start!! I’m getting bored here just sitting in this dull room. I don’t even have a room partner with me. She was suppose to come today by 7 by hasn’t turned up yet.” She is lying lazily on the couch in her room.

Just then the bell rings. The girl opens the door sakhi comes in n keeps her bag on the desk. “u must be Sakhi. Hi I’m ur roommate. my name is Chahhat.” she extends her hand. sakhi also extends her hand n both shake hands. “How do u know my name??” “Reena aunty told me.” Reena aunty was there landlord. “hey chahhat do u stay alone in this house?” sakhi asked seeing the other two rooms empty. “ohh no no There are other 4girls as well. Aarti di has gone to gym, Purvi di has gone to office. Sejal n Tejal might have gone to get grocery.” Chahhat said introducing everyone to her. “ohh I see.”

“Now better u freshen up then I will tell us the rules of the house.” Sakhi unpacked her stuff. College was gonna start after 2 weeks but classes were gonna start the next day itself.

Sakhi came out after a quick n warm shower. she got ready in her black top n a grey ¾ jeans. on her top it was written, ‘My RULES MY LIFE DONT DARE TO ENTER’

As she came out she saw two slim girls with similar hair style n identical clothes. They were sejal n tejal. They were twins. They were in 12th but had took different courses. Tejal, who was 1 min 12 sec elder than Sejal had take science n warned to become a doctor. While Sejal wanted to become a lawyer so she had taken commerce. “Hey hello” both of said in unison. “I’m Tejal” ” n I sejal” both said introducing them selves. They both were like exactly same. one could differenciate them only because sejal had specs n Tejal didn’t.

“Come Sakhi sit” said chahhat as she came from the kitchen with a tray in her hand. it had 4 cups of coffee.Each took one coffee.Chahhat took a sip f coffee from her mug n began, “Aarti di will be coming soon. Now let me tell us the rules of the house. Firstly all have to pay their rents on 1st of every month. SakhI or first installment has been paid by uncle. The title rent is Rs18000 so each one has to pay Rs 3000. We have to give the money to Aarti di, she will give it to aunty. If Aarti do is not present then purvi di will her work. Secondly u will get the keys from Reena aunty. she stays downstairs. Thirdly everyone in the house have to do something or the other. Sejal n Tejal takes care of the grocery, U n me have to prepare the breakfast n tea coffee for everyone. Lunch n Dinner will be made by Aarti di n purvi di. A maid comes everyday to clean the house, wash utensils n clothes. The monthly expenditure will be divided equally amongst us. Reena aunty comes here once in a month to see if there is any problem in the house or anything extra. I hope I have made everything clear” she finished with her last sip of coffee. Sakhi said OK n finished her coffee.

They spend their day unpacking stuff n get to know everyone. At evening Sakhi meet Aarti di n purvi dI. they were all very friendly. It didn’t take time for her to adjust. She also come to know that chahhat had also joined the same class which she had joined.

Scene 3

Next day evening 4:30.
A boy is shown come to a place on activa. He parks his vehicle. He is 6 feet tall. He takes of his helmet. He is wearing a blue tshirt n jeans. he is looking hot!!!! He goes to meet his friend. Another boy says “Dude y did u call us so soon? Its just 4:30 n class is at 6:00.” The boy says “Come on its the first day of the class n I want to see the beautiful ladies in my class with whom I can flirt” “hey sid come on ya u gonna flirt on the first day class!!??u r just impossible!!” So the boy is Siddhant Shah aka Sid. ” ohh omi Flirting is good for health.” The other boy was Omkar Shinde aka Omi.

Both of them were about to enter the class when the heard, “Mujhe yaha bulakar dono khud gayb ho gae” (Calling me here we both only disappeared) Its Ankita Sid n omi’s friend.

The three go in n settle down on the third bench. All start to come one by one. At around 5:30 Sid says “I’ll come in a min” n goes outside. As soon as he leaves Sakhi n Chahhat enter n take seat n second bench. Chahht had wore a kurta n legging. She has let her hair loose. She is looking beautiful. Sakhi is also looking cute in yellow top n jeans. Rather she is looking hot. Another girl enters. She is tall, like really tall. She is approximately 5’11” tall. The three girls look down to see if she is wearing heels. They are stunned to see that she is wearing a really thin flats.”Hi I’m Shruti. Can I sit with u??” she said in a polite voice. “Ya sure. I’m sakhi” N she moves aside. “hi I’m Chahhat. tera naam kya hai?(whats ur name)” Chahhat said pointing towards Ankita. “Ankita u can call me anki”

Sid enters just then. He bumps into Sakhi.she is about to fall when sid held her waist. He got mesmerized by her beauty.He was engrossed in her deep brown eyes. They had an sweet eye lock. “ahmm ahmm” Ankita coughed to make them realize the situation. So sid said “Hey sorry hottie but if u keep standing like this then all the boys will melt like icecream n all the girls will burn up of jealousy” “Ohh shut up Sid. Don’t pay attention sakhi he is a no 1 flirt.” anki said.

One by one all started coming. At 5:55 sir also came. There were some more students Siddhi, rumjhum, Harshal, amaya n yash. As the class started everyone settled down. It as a Maths lecture.

The Sir started, “Hello bacho… I’m Ramesh Chandra, your Maths teacher for the next two years. Aaj him direct padhai nahi start karange. Sabsepehle ham sab ka intro lenge. Chalo shuruvat tu se karate hai (pointing towards Siddhi)”

Siddhi:hello sir my name is Siddhi Joshi.
Then everyone gave their intro in a similar way.

As intro ended a boy came inside the class.
Sir: Ghadi hai??
Boy:Ha hai Sir
S:Kitne baje hai??
S:Class kitne name tha??
B: 6:00
S:Phir late kyo aaye??
B:Sorry sir wo gadi puncture ho gai thi.
S:GadI made puncture ho sakti hai bhai??
B: mera MATLAB gadi ki tyre puncture ho gaya iss liye late huaa
S: Tyre nahi tumhara dimag puncture ho gaya hai. (the whole class started to laugh) naam kya hai tumhara??
B:Akshay Patil
S: I’m letting u in as its the first day. its the first n last time I’m forgiving u. next time u will get punishment. Now go n sit.
B:Sorry sir.

He sits on the forth bench. Sir takes revision. Aafter sometime sir give break. in the break all start conversing.

“hey who all are on watsapp??”,Shruti asked n all said “me” almost In unison. “So should I form a group for all of us” All of them liked the idea. “Then all of us give me ur nos. I’ll make the group. Give suggestions for the Group title” Shruti continued. “How about ‘BT EVE BATCH’ or ‘GANG OF BAKLIWAL:-D :-P’ ” anki suggested. All said yes to the later option. “Now let’s click a photo for the group icon.” omi said n took out his phone.So they all clicked many selfies n choose a nice one amongst them.

Within mins a new group was formed on watsapp consisting of Sakhi, Siddhi, Shruti, Chahhat, Rumjhum, Ankita, Harshal, Amaya, Omkar, Siddhant, Akshay and Yash.Omkar changed the group icon with thwe pic choosen. After the class everyone went to their home.

Precap: Chats on group n the chemistry sir.

Hey friends I know its a long update. even I’m tired of typing it. Sorry to those who found it boring. I’m not a skilled writer but I love to read n write. Sorry for the typing errors. Autocorrect doesn’t let me type in Hindi properly. like Sid become Said, n ur becomes our.

Plsss drop our thoughts n comment.

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