Love is confusing (Part 3)

Scene 1:

Sakhi says, “I LOVE U Shubham.” shubhu was dumb stuck n couldn’t think what to reply. “I don’t now when this happen but first I started liking u. I don’t wanna lose u. I know u consider me as ur friend but… but I can’t afford to loss u”, saying this Sakhi started crying. Shubhu was utterly shocked. he didn’t understand what to say. He just turned around showing his back towards Sakhi. “Don’t turn away shubhu, I need ur reply!!” she demanded.

After a few min shubhu finally spoke up,”Sakhi look I consider us as my bestie. I don’t have time for such dumd thing like LOVE. n I guess u should also not waste our time in these things. Its ur 10th n u should concentrate on ur studies instead of all these worthless things. Its up to u then what to do. I am no one to interfere. As far as I am concern, I always considered u as my friend n will always.” saying this he began to go.

Sakhi broke down into tears n fell on the ground. While leaving shubhu added, “I expect all my friends to come to station to bid me farewell today” saying this he just left. All this while he didn’t turn even once.

Scene 2:

Sakhi sat on the swing motionless only tears rolling down her eyes. Just then her phone beeped flashing a msg from suhani(a common friend of shubhu n sakhi) She opened the msg. It read,”Be ready by 4:30. We’ll go to station together to see off shubhu.” Fresh tears rolled from her eyes as she reminished the recent events. Suddenly she remembering her promise she made to Shubham just an hour ago that she would never forget him n not give his place to anyone. She wiped her tears n replied suhani ‘OK’.

Scene 3:

At 4:30 sharp Sakhi was ready. She was looking stunning in blue kurti n pink leggings. She had left her hair loose n wore an 3″ pink heel. Her smile compliment her beauty. Suhani came n they both went to the station.

Scene 4:

Shubhu was waiting for the train to arrive with his other friends. As he saw Sakhi he got mesmerized by her beauty. She came n gave him his favorite mixfruit jam n pickle, “mom has sent these for u. take care of urself n don’t dare to forget us”, she said. “Sakhi I hope u will forget what happen today morning no concentrate on ur studies.”shubhu said.

“ohh come on I was just joking at that time”, she said fighting with her tears. Shubhu expressions suddenly changed. “Joking!?!?!? but u were crying!?”

“Actully I don’t wanna spoil my makeup now by crying so I thought to at that time only. Moreover I wanted to take revenge from us to make me wait for long. I was about yell u but u didn’t stop only. n don’t worry I will study hard n then come to Pune next year to torture u;-) ” Sakhi managed to lie n put on a fake smile.

“U scared me out of my wit.” By this time the train had arrived. Shubhu went inside n placed his bag on the seat n came to the door. He took blessings from his parents, hugged each of his friend n went back to the train door.

As the train started to move everyone waved him bye n he waved bye to all. Kabhi alvida name kehna… kabhi alvida name kehna… plays in background.

Sakhi was almost in tears. As the train picked up speed, she went away without meeting ne1 as she couldn’t control her tears any more…

Precap: An year later……Sakhi’s 10th std result.

hey friends, I’m sorry I couldn’t update my ff earlier.
Plss friends comment on how was the episode (specially silent readers)

Also predict what will happen next. will Sakhi be allowend to go to Pune?? Will she get good marks in her 10th board exam?? Pllsss comment:-) ;-):-P

Credit to: Fallingstar


  1. Roma

    Hi, its superb episode…I think sakhi will get very good marks in exams n go to pune…keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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