Love is confusing (Part 2)


Hey friends sorry I’m updating after a long time. I was busy wid my college submittions. So now it’s time for Shubham’s entry.

Sakhi has reached their adda. Its a beautiful place, its sort of a field which belongs to shubhu’s kaka(uncle). There are many trees n a big well. On a branch of a big tree is hanging a swing.

While approaching the swing sakhi starts remishing how shubhu used to push the swing high n she used to say,”slow slow, pls shubhu slow.” She sat on the swing n started to take gentle swings. She waited n waited but shubhu didn’t turn up. It was already 10. She was tired of waiting. “Let him come then I will see him” she thought. As another half hour passed she was frustrated of waiting n so she decided to leave. As she was approaching towards her cycle. She heard a voice saying, “hey u can’t leave like this.” She turned around n looked around. There was nobody there. She thought it to be her illusion so she ignored it n again started to leave. She again heard the same voice saying, “pls don’t go!!” This time she asked, “who’s it??” “I’m your old friend Gianto!! Shubhu has asked me to stop u from going”, came the reply. The word Gianto suddenly stuck sakhi’s mind. She n shubhu had given this name to the giant tree on which the swing was hanging.It was indeed giant so the name GIANTO!!!

It was an apple tree. Sakhi immediately understood that it was shubhu’s plan. Now she had to find out where he was bidding. so she decided to play along for sometime. She flashed a wide smile n went to its trunk a hugged it n said,”o gianto I missed u so much. Im here after so many days n look at Shubham he is as usual late.” “ohh its not like that. He might be busy somewhere”,gianto said.”n he has asked me to not allow u to go from here” he added. sakhi thought for a while n then said, “Sorry Gianto. I need to rush. I have not eaten anything since morning n I am hungry.” “What do u wanna eat? tell me I will bring it for u.”

“I wish u could!! But u can’t move then how u get me food? Let it be I’ll manage with ur fruits.” sakhi knew that fruits might not fall down automatically. shubham will have to throw them n then she would know his location. “here take these” came the voice n two apples fell from the tree. As the tree was huge, it was hard to spot someone on the top of the tree. The apples came down n a stone went like “swish!!!” “OUCH” came a loud moan n a boy jumped down from the tree.

He was tall n well built. Brown hair complimented his deep brown eyes. He was looking super hot in a red T-shirt n dark blue jeans. He is our hero Shubham!!

“What was that for?? I almost lost my balance!” he said. Sakhi replied,”For being late u Idiot.” “Sorry dear. I was packing my bags n then I went to buy ur favourite chocolate. Its my last day so I thought to spend some quality time with my Friend.”

Sakhi frowned at the word ‘Friend’ but shubhu didn’t see it. She thought,”this will change after I confess to him my feelings 🙂 ” She always had feelings that he too liked her by the way he cared for her, made her happy, shared everything with her. She believed that he was to shy to accept it. If she says that she likes him he would immediately reciprocate his feelings. But she don’t knew how to start so she just took the chocolate from him n started eating it. after finishing almost one fourth of it she offered him some of it but he politely denied. so she wrapped the chocolate n kept it in her bag.

Throughout this none of them uttered a word. After a long silencwe, “I wanna tell u something which I never told u” both of them said simultaneously. “u first” said shubhu. “No, I will tell later. its not that imp. U say First” replied sakhi. She didnt had the courage to speak her heart out.

Shubham reluctantly agreed. He beganH…”Sakhi its a long time we have been friends, u know everything about me. Today is my last day here, then I’ll be in Pune. Before I leave I want to tell us what is in my heart…” Sakhi was jumping in excitement ‘may be he may want to tell me what I want to tell him!!!’ she thought. “…..I have a dream to become a successful doctor. I n my parents saw this dream together.n I have worked really hard to get97% in boards so that I get a good college in Pune. I want to fulfill my dream so I’m going to Pune but at the same time I don’t wanna lose u….”

SakhI was on the seventh heaven. She was very very happy.But don’t show it to shubhu. she wanted to hear it from shubhu that he likes her.:-)

“….rather I don’t wanna lose any of my FRIEND.” Sakhi was dumbstuck. FRIEND again. It was like she feall from a 100 storey building. His words hurted alot.

“Sakhi promise me that u will not forget me n will contact me through hike, watsapp n facebook. u will share everything with me even if I stay in pune. Promise mwe that u will not give my place to anyone in ur life. Promise me Sakhi… Promise me..”

Sakhi was on the verge of tears. how could she give his place to anyone in her life??? “Promise me Sakhi” he repeated.

“I promise u shubhu, I won’t forget u, not give our place to anyone in my whole life. I PROMISE!!”

Shubhu who was visibly sad till now was happy.a sense of satisfaction spread over his face. He gave a widest smile ever making him super cute:-) n he hugged her tight. Sakhi also reciprocated n hugged him back.

After a while Shubhu asked,”u were saying something Sakhi” Sakhi tried to avoid this question.

“Nothing imp. just like that.” she replyed. “come on sakhi u promised to share everything with me just two min ago.” “Actually… I… I …..” “stop stammering”, he said.

Don’t know from where Sakhi got Courage, She Just closed her eyes tight n said “I LOVE U SHUBHAM….”

Precap: Shubhu’s reaction……a emotional departure….

Hey friends guess what will be shubhu’s reaction. Our said will be entering soon but not in the next epi:'(

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