Love is confusing (Part 1)


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As the sun rises there is brightness spreading in a beautiful room. A perfect study table, brown curtains which r in contrast with the pink wall. In the centre i s a brown color bed on which a cute little girl is sleeping peacefully. She is our Sakhi. As the alarm rings there is a call from downstairs,”Sakhi getup!! It’s 7 o’clock.” It is shanti maa calling sakhi. “Just two more min mass plllssss”

Suddenly her phone started beeping n she sat up in a jerk. How could she just forget?? It was Shubham’s, her best friend’s last day in Solapur. Though for all he was her best friend but secretly she had a crush on him. N today was the day she had decided to confess to him her feeling. She was smiling even while of him!!!

She immediately got up n texted shubhu(as she called him) ‘meet me at our addaa.’ she started to brush her teeth when shubhu replied ‘k sweety….. At 9 sharp’ sakhi remembered their first meet.

Fb is shown.
A young boy runs into a girl and all books fall down. He first reprimanded her but on seeing her injured hand he said”ohh I’m sorry. I should have been careful.” To this our sakhi replied ,”ohh its ok. I’m alright.” fb ends.
From then they became gud friends. It had been three years since that incident. Now shubhu was going to Pune for his junior college. He wanted a good college so that he could perseve his dream of becoming a doctor. N he had worked hard for it. He studied day n nite. His hard work gave him fruit which were as sweet as nectar. He had got 96% in his SSC board n now was joining a reputed college in Pune. He was happy. So was sakhi but not too much. After all he was leaving her n going:’( but its OK she told herself. Only one year n then I will also be in Pune…yes it was her 10th this year. Then she would also join a college in Pune.

By 8:30 she was ready. She slowly took the keys of scooty n left. She reached her addaa by 8:50. Now she was blushing alot. She couldn’t wait for long now….

Precap: Shubham’s entry….

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