love comes from heart not from mind (part-8)

So hai hope everyone are doing well and I thank all of them who r giving me a huge support I guess without ur support I cant write this so lets start

soon pragya drifted to sleep by thinking abhi and next morning after getting up she immediately called
abhi ,a:in a sleeping tone who is this so when he saw the caller idea to be pragya he immediately got up from the bed
a:hello pragya r u fine,nothing happen no u didn’t get caught from that adolf hitler or saint Teresa
p:stop it abhi I know ur good in naming people it doesn’t mean that u can call my dad and mom like that
a:kkk sorry meri ma ,u know about me I cant hold it I will try to control kk
p:teeek hai ,today r y free,I told u know that I have to introduce to a new person
a:ya u told ,so u want me to see the special person right
p:ha so today evening by 6cmn near taj hotel I will be waiting fr u
a:kk Ibye tc luv u

after speaking pragya went and refreshed herself and meanwhile neil was thinking about the weird behavior of pragya he was thinking y this girl is behaving like she fell in love’nono neil she is not that type its better that u follow her secretly
so after getting ready pragya came down and wished her mom
r:gm pragya ,so eagerly waiting fr ur little devil yes ma
ding dong the bell rang
p:wait let me see.she went running and opened the moment she opened she hugged its been three years they are meeting so they both were not ready to break the hug
r:enough what wi;l people think by seeing u
b:so my mother is getting jealous by seeing their own daughters .
r:started ur drama kk come in
b:ma where is dad’he got an important call and went to speak
so here neil was speaking to that person
n:is it true r u sure what proof r u having
p:sir u just on the whatsapp and see
n:kk after opening he was shocked to see the image
p:sir before this reaches to the public u see to it
n:teek hai mei handle karti ho ,tum koise bath nai karungi
p:ha sir
so neil came to the living room and shouted ragini
p:ma y is papa speaking like this in a high tone
b:hope he wanted to romance with and both pragya and bulbul shared a hifi
n:I am calling u from that time and ur not responding
r:asually neil I was talking with the kids n:oh bulbul came
b:ya dad,n:kk u go fresh up and one more thing ragini from today onwars pragya wont be coming to work .she will stay only at home and ur not supposed to use ur mobile u will look after the household work
p:but dad y suddenly how can I be without working
n:if u go fr work no problem but ur not going fr work instead ur going and doing somethingelse which I never expected u to do
r:neil what r u speaking n:just see this ragini was shocked to see the pic yes guys it’s a pic of both abhi and pragya having a liplock
p:ma whathappend
r:chee don’t call me ma what r u thinking that day u pretended as though u hate that rowdy but now I am ashamed and started to slap
n:stop it no use of hitting her .she got trapped by him u know that abhi challenged me and now the same thing happen I am not going to leave r:but before this goes to the public I have to see him
so neil called to abhi and asked him to come to this place
a:kk I will cmn
I want leave u abhi
P:dad pls don’t do anything he is a very nice person .he cares fr me so much dad pls
N:bulbul take her to the room
B:she noded yes but pragya was pleading a lot,di cmn we will go and she took her to the room

Here abhi was waiting fr neil
N:abhi I want to speak to u
A:kk speak tell me
N:abhi u know what I am telling
A:about what
N:he shows the picto abhi.what is all this abhi pls I beg u leave my daughter
A:leave in the sense means mr neil khanna I am not that type of men
And just tell me one reason fr not liking me.
N:ur a rowdy
A:so if I am a rowdy means u will not accept
A:so what do u want me to do
N:leave her
A:kk I will leave but before that I will feel her
N:abhi shouted and holded his collars.what how is it paining wheni tell. the same thing and yes we both luv eachother and I will protect her
So guys hope u enjoyed so will neil acceptabhigyas love

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  1. Awesome bala dear.. Love u a lot…

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    Bala, Nice one #senti #emotions #keegoing

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  4. nice plz update this story fully. i like this very much dont stop it.

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  7. Super dear…. Interesting….

  8. Awesome episode yaar… Dint expected pragya’s parents vl come to know abt abhigya’s love story

  9. VimalSanjana5

    Wow.. Rowdy love ah… Semma…
    Abhigya so sweet…
    Update asap…
    All the best…

  10. VimalSanjana5

    Rowdy love… Semma…
    Abhigya so sweet..
    Update asap..
    All the best ..

  11. Awesome to a core bala didi..Waiting for next

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    I dint expect Pragya will be caught on the act!! Hope everything ends well for them…

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