love comes from heart not from mind (part-7)

Hai guys so let’s get into the story
So abhi dropped pragya .he stopped little bit far from her home
A:I don’t know whether ur dad will accept me
P:common abhi don’t worry I will convince him but fr some days let us hide about our relationship
Kk but before that let me taste ur rosy lips
P:bus stop ur romance it’s not the correct pace and today we had enough of romance
And if someone sees well get into trouble
A:teekhai but don’t think that u escaped once u become Mrs abhishekpremmehra then u can’t escape from me
P:now kk go from here
A:kk he said and went
P:here pragya felt very happy and she came home
In the living room
N:u came you were u late and ur so happy
P:no dad nothing just reminding about the time we spent today
N:kk good and I have one more happy news from u
P:what dad
R:so meri bachoo is interested to know
P:yes ma

Finally the little devil is back to her home
P:what said in an excited tone
Ya baby she called and said that she will be reaching tomorrow morning and asked u to pick her up
P:k no problem kk bye I am leaving gud night
In pragya s room
She called abhi
A:ha bolo
P:u slept
A:going to what Abthe u
P: I didn’t sleep I am not feeling sleepy
A:shall I cmn and make u to sleep said in a seductive tone
P: before that I will break ur bones
A:have u seen ur self
P:hello listen u know to whom r u speaking
A: ya to the daughter of dcp and to the future wife of the great gangster abhi
P:u just said what I taughta:very simple u always keep ur father at first place know
P:ya kk shall I ask u something
A.: ha poucho

P:abhi what made u to become a gangster
A:he didn’t utter any word .I will tell u when the time comes
P:teekhai hai mei force nahi karthi but lakein
Ek small request
A:kk tell me meri rani
P:abhi asu ally tomorrow r u free I want u to introduce to a new person
A: I am free all the time and that new person is that white cat know
P:abhi common she is a nice girl don’t talk like that .I guess ur good in naming people
A:ya ya u know I guess we can decide our baby’s name
P:what said pragya but suddenly she heard her dad coming kk bye dad is coming mei kal tums e bathkaro bye gud night tc luv u
A:bye me too luv u so both ended their calls
Crazy girl s he is so sweet caring don’t let her down abhi she has faith on u

Screen shifts
N:u said ur feeling sleepy but u r talking to whom r u sp6
P:to my client
N:teekhai jaldise socha kal u have to go early u remember
P:have kk She said and slept
Here Neil was wondering what happened to this girl from morning her thoughts r somewhere I have to check
R:what happened
No just thinking about pragya r u not finding fishy in pragya s behaviour
Ur taking tension just sleep
Screen freezes so guys since I am managing two ff I won’t be able togive long ones hope you all can understand kk bye tc

Precap:pragya got caught from neil

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  1. very nice and intrstng…keep writing…

  2. superb !

  3. Im his chashmish

    Hey great episodes yaar but i hav only silly doubt whether abhi really loves pragya in this ff or just acting to make neil fall bcoz many stories having this theme goes so so only im asking dont take bad

  4. Sabeenia

    Double damaka……..rocking…………love u ya……..

  5. super dear n lovely as waiting 4 u’s always don’t worry bala……….

  6. Balasonika

    I have a big suspense in the uP coming episode .so until then I want tell what is the theme so u have to wait I am his chashmish and I didn’t take it bad and thanks fr commenting I thank di sabeenia
    Riya and navigation fr ur support luv Ull tc

  7. Super

  8. Super dear…eagerly waiting for nxt epi..

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  10. Awesome awesome awesome episode yaar… Really ur ff s super duper hit ff till now I loved it n it’s really going in an super awesome track…

  11. updates next episode soon .. awesome as ususal .

  12. Monesha

    Awesome…… Sweet heart i loved it to the core.

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