love comes from heart not from mind (part-6)

Sorry guys for thelate update.hope all are doing good and since iam managing 2ff iwont be able to give long updates .if u want long update then I will give one per day.kk its all in ur hands now lets get back to the story
The episode starts with abhi asking pragya from where did you get this much guts
P:mr gangster
A:what mr gangster .hey red ballon I am not born as a gangster .u know what a gangster will do asked abhi
P:what will he do
A:so u don’t know he started moving toward her but suddenly his chain of thoughts were broken by bittu
B:chacu what u both are doing ‘oh kk I understood
A:what u understoodtell me
P:abhi stop it he is a small boy don’t fight
A:hey I am leaving you now but later when she is none there I will catch u
B:kk now cmn y did u stop the game in between u cmn he said and pulled abhis hand

Screen shifts in delhi
A person is packing all the things and very excited hey u know finally all the examsare over and I am going to meet her said one person
P2:from morning ur telling about her but in these three years I haven’t seen her once
P1:she is a doctor so she doesn’t have time.and she is the best person in this worlduknow
P2:kk now stop ur bak baks is getting time or else only dayafter we will be able to leave
Oh common purab I know we will be there at station at correct time kk
P:kk meri ma but lakin jaldi se thaiyar karo

Screen shifts in neils office
He was deeply thinking about pragya
N:in his mind .what if abhi manipulates pragya nono .she is not like thatno neil ur overthinking she just hates her to the core she will never even see him .just relax
Here abhi and pragya were whilingaway the time so it was dark so pragya said abhi its time already I didn’t go to hospital andpappawill be searching
A:kk well leave cmn he said
So abhi went and took his ktm bike and came and pragya was waiting
U were having car only then how did u cmn in bike
By flying he said .p:very funny
A:pls now get in
P:kk so she sat and put her hands on abhis shoulder .abhi drove fast
Abhi dere dere chalo
So getting scared
No no I am not telling fr that what if police catches us definitely dad will cm n to know and he will get angry on us
Don’t worry I know but how r u going to tell ur dad about us will he accept I don’t have confident
Y only if he accepts u will marry me
Not like that but when did this sudden chande happen
What sudden change
No u know that I am a rowdy and ur a doctor and both ur parent are from well of backgrounds so how did u accept me
Don’t know I use to hate u but somewhere in my hear it said that ur not a rowdy
Abhi put speed breaker and stopped what y did u stop the bike
Get down from the bike.but abhi what .i am telling u know na
Teekhai abi poucho no pragya asually he said and crushed his lips on hers .at first pragya was shocked but later on see too responded and they both broke the .a:I promise that I want leave u till the last
P:she had tears but suddenly her phone beeped
It was neil .abhi its dad definitely I am gone
A:relax don’t get tensed

P:hello dad tell me
N:pragya where r u .y u didn’t return yet
P:no dad I am in tanus house will beback in another 10 minutes
N:kk jaldi se awo me wait karungi
P:ha kk
A:what happened
P:no he was asking were am I
A:nothing else no
Screen freezes
Hope u guys enjoyed .i guess u all liked hope u all are liking kk bye stay blessed

Precap: neil notices some change in pragyas behaviour

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