love comes from heart not from mind (part-5)

So hai guys and I am so happy that everyone liked the fff and I thank the silent readers also from ur support so here goes the 5th part

The episode starts with pragya asking abhi y did u bring me here I only told you know that I am not the girl who will fall for your charm then what oh now I understood ur intentions without even giving a chance to speak to abhi she wasaid speaking
A:hey listen ms red balloon don’t think me so cheap I am not that type of mam and now listen to me and follow
P:what me red ballon??
A:ya ur a red balloon and ur father is the head of it .now stop and cmn
P:u tell where r u taking then I will cmn
A:so ur not coming
P:no no a:then k I will deal u in my style saying thishe carried her in arms both shared a cute eyelock
Finally both reached the place he left her down
Suddenly a small boy of 6 was holding her pants
Boy:tum kaun hai.the cute bof asked pragya
Hey bittu said abhi how r u
How many times should I say not to call me bittu .listen I want talk with u
Oh sorry he said by holding and pouting
Kk chacu sorry accepted and by the way who is this is know she is our chachi know said in a teasing manner
Abhi and pragya felt little embarrassing.

Suddenly a group of 70people who were tiny called and shouted good morning chacu how r u
Hai my dear boys and girls how r u .we r all fine what about your
A:good today I am going to introduce a new friend
Chil:new friend said in a confusing tone the children
Ya ya chaci is going to introduce chaci said bittu in a teasing manner
A:ohi wait when did I tell that she is chaci
B:u didn’t tell but we guessed it
Pragya was confused she didn’t understand what is happening so she taught to leave before she could leave abhi held her wrist wait were r u going
Meet my friends so children she is an angel who gave a cute daffodil to sharmila ma
So she is the one who save our small daffodil
So all the children immediately ran towards her and kissed .but pragya couldn’t understand anything
So kk leave her friends sometime we will talk later kk they said and went
P:abhi who r they you r they praising me
A:you do nt remember ya you know ms sharmila mehta few days back she delivered a girl baby and that case was handled by you
P:ya ya but what is the connection
A:she is the one who takes care of all children and his husband died in am accident after 7 months of their marriage at that time she didn’t have anyone so she came to this home and started taking care of them then only she came to know that she is going to be a mother at that moment these people were very happy they were so excited and finally today they got their doll
P:tears started flowing through her cheeks .then what about these children parents
A:he didn’t tell anything and went
What he just went I wanted to know I will not leave him so she followed him but suddenly a lady came and said I will tell u were they r
Who r u in am also care taker
Kk tell mam today if we r having this lifestyle it’s because of abhi sir mam ya we all r hailing from different parts of the country we lost our family in terror attacks at that time we didn’t know we’re to go abhi sir only bought us we r very happy mam
Pragya was feeling bad for behaving badly with
Such a nice person .she felt that only his out nature is like that but by his heart he is very good p:(in her mind )no pragya he is a very nice person u will not get anyone like this go confess

So she was searching for abhi
He was playing with the kids p:abhi I want to speak to u a:kk speak p:I want to speak alone
A:kk go to the corner and speak alone no one wants cmn
P:I am serious
A:oh I see
P:she held abhis hand and took him to the corner a: y did u bring me here what will others think
P:without even noticing were they r she crushed her lips on him .abhi was stunned but later he to replied and finally they broke from the oxygen
A:so what sudden change
P:y I am going to be ur future wife so I have all rights
A:what wife when you sudden decision
P:don’t know but I feel I will be protected in ur arms
Abhi pulled her more closer to him and he said ohai red balloon u seriously love me
P:yes Mr gangster I luv u
A:so what if dcp sir don’t agree
P:we will go and do register marriage
So finally I made u mine
Screen freezes

Hope u guys enjoyed
I will try to update the next one today itself bye luv u all

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  1. Aditiroy

    Arey yaar….what a love story…really great..hands off to you…for giving this love packed episide..I am happy to see abhi in this style..and pragya’s sudden change. .I could image what you wrote. .keep doing..I am waiting for your episode

  2. Sabeenia

    Chooooooooooooo sweet

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  4. superb epi 🙂

  5. cute and lovely story especially today epi was sweet


  7. Balasonika

    Thank you sabeenia,aditi and jublifr ur support and aditi ur fff r really awesome what happened to ur innocent love I am really missing it and sabeenia ur love is alive episode alsoI am missing pls do update if u have time

  8. Balasonika

    Sorry from the spelling mistakes I didn’t see it next time I will correct it

  9. Prathi

    Cute love story… Loving it !!!

  10. hey sounds good yr! very different way of proposing! keep it up yr! god bls u!

  11. Soooo superb! Awesome epi!

  12. Superrrrr…. balloon nice name?…
    So cute epi..eagerly waiting fr nxt part dear

  13. super super super dear bala………..

    lovely epi……………….

  14. Asmithaa

    Superb yaar.. Loved it to the core.. Waiting for the next part yaar..

  15. What a super love story i loved it to coreeee plz update soon its my request

  16. awesome write next episode soonn plzzz nd i want abhigya cute nd romance scene?????

  17. why no next part its interesting plz upate or it is finished i rread it regularly iit was very nice to read waiting for next part.

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