love comes from heart not from mind (part-3)

Sorry guys for giving short updates and only after my 5th episode there will be purab and bulbuls meeting and starting abis behavior will be little rough only because of circumstances he is doing like this later on it will be very romantic
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The story starts where ragini coming and asking to pragya what happened ?y did he come without giving a chance to speak she was asking questions
P:ma nothing happened he is just trying to flirt that’s it u never take this as a matter leave now u go continue ur work
R:kk u also take care

Screen shifts to commissoners office
Here in office neil was thinking about his family suddenly his taught were broken
M:may I come in a voice saidN:without even looking at the person hetold him to come.ya u may come have ur seat by hearing the got shocked ya it was our abhi
A:y r u seeing me like that u only told that whatever it is come to office so only I came
N:k now tell me what you want ?
A:very good uncleji kk I hope u didn’t forget about the dealings what I had asked
N:what dealings?
A:so soon u forgot k let me tell from today onwards I will stop my illegal business u must release all my mens from the prison is it k for u
N:is it true what I am hearing kk thankgod atleast now u had a heart
A:wait I am not done yet first listen I will stop my business and I will stop my rowdyism but u must do me a favor
N:what should I do u want money kk I will give
A:wait uncleji listen I want to marry your daughter

N:hearing this he got up from his chair and got hold of abhis dare u cm and ask to me like this do u know who she is u don’t even have the qualities to stand near her ur a rowdy and she is a doctor in which angel u will match
A:by my heart .Today when I saw ur daughter I nevergot melted by her beauty but by her heart and the work which she has done for doesn’t come only by their appearances it must come from our heart

N:what did u watch any film better stay away from my daughter very soon I will get ur arrest warrant then we will see
A:what ur going to arrest but before that I will make ur daughter as mine u will come and fall on my feet
N:abhi said in a high tone

A:pls don’t think me so cheapy I am not so characterless only to see I am rough but to ur daughter I am always pure hearted n:he was able to feel the love that he had for pragya but he is a gangster and this will not definitely work
A:I said that soon she will also realize my love uncleji
Screen shits in pragyas cabin
P:she was reminding about the moments suddenly her thoughts were broken by her cute white cat friend tanu (guys in this tanu is a good girl she is a best friend of pragya and wife of Nikhil)

T:what madam which world are you in
P:no I was just thinking of something ang she was trying to move out but wasn’t able to move
T:come on ur hiding something its better u tell me
P:kk I will and started to tell everything
T:she started to laugh pragya I feel like ur trapped and during clg days if any guys sees u with withy smile u will break their bones but now
P:shutup tanu I thought u will help me

T:u know who is he .he is a gangster the most wanted criminal in the country
T:yes but don’t worry this is all puppy love
P:kk wait we will go somewhere
T:sure k
P:so both decided to go for coffee shop and they went and they ordered
Suddenly her heart beat started to raise she felt abhis presence
T:don’t turn back
T:abhi is behind

P:what how did he know that I am here wait let me goand ask so she got up from the chair and went towards him
Abhi felt that someone is calling and was shocked to see his angel
A:oh what a surprise cmn sit
P:r u trying to play the fool out of my life
A:what r u talking oh for the mornings behavior I am really sorry by pouting he said
P:she got melted by his behavior
A:he dragged and made her to sit near her

P:y ru torturing me like this
A:because I like you
P:just by seeing by my looks u decided
A:no who dsaid like that listen we will be friends I understand it is difficult but pls
P:she was hesitating but she gave hands only for name sake

Guys fr now I can give only this much but I will make sure that once my exams are completed I will give longer ones

Precap:pragya starts developing feelings for abhi

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