love comes from heart not from mind (part-1)

So here is the 1st part of my episode

The story opens with a young girl of 23 who is waking from her half sleep and rubbing her eyes slowly she is none other than our pragya she wakes up and greets her mom and dad
P:gm mom dad how was ur day dad asked pragya
N:asusual good and what about yours
P:great had some nice fun.suddenly a voice from kitchen is telling pragya get ready fast today u have lots of appointments .oh ma iknow now pls don’t start ur bak baks .she said and went for getting ready
R:here ragini was arranging everything for breakfast and was waiting for her loved ones

Neil got ready and was waiting for her junior .how long will u take to get ready dr asked neil
P:papapa 5 minutes wait karo .guys in this pragya dresses modernly she left her hair losse she has long straight hair on the whole she dresses like mogamboo but very sweet
So by packing all her things she came down and sat she was wearing a dark pink kurti top with floral design and yellow leggings .both neil and ragini was praising her beauty
P:now enough we will have our breakfast
N:kk and they were about to sit they could here a calling bell sound .
P:oh who is that ?

R:wait let me go check. immediately after opening the door ragini got shocked seeing the man .he was about 25 years of age with strong body and muscles he was wearing coolers and looked handsome he is none other than our abi
A:gm auntiji y r u seeing me like that oh I see I guess mr DCP would have wrong about me.dont worry by the way where is dcp k I will itself call him by saying he came inside hello dcp sir where r u by hearing the voice neil got panicked and asked pragya to stay here itself

N:y r u here if u want something you can come to office know .y r u here
A:wait now only ur wife was getting scared and I was consoling her now again u I came here to speak about the dealings
N:whatever it is we will speak up later .this is my home not office
P:oh my god today I guess I will have my dinner before 30 minutes they were telling that I am only late now see wait I will go see them saying she came toward the hall
P:dad mom what r u doing said in a loud tone by hearing the voice and seeing her abhi got mesmerisedher sparkling eyes made him forget who he was

A:wow what a beauty ?and structure I haven’t seen any girl with this much beauty in my life may I know who u r ?
P:how dare u and was about to raise her hand neil came and protested her
A:oh common atleast I would have got a chance to feel her handtouch
P:who r u?and u know to whom r u speaking
A:ya to the angel of the world
P:have u gone mad u know who is my father
A:dcp of Mumbai
N:abhi I request you pls leave my daughter and my family we will discuss the dealings in office
A:k but only for my angels beauty I am leaving not for ur k bye
Before leaving he gave a fluing kiss to pragya and went

So guys I know u r all ready to throw tomatoes ,eggs ,ur most welcome .hope u liked and pls do comment on this even silent readers also

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  1. Sabeenia

    Hoi…nice track….even I has an idea of starting lik a ff lik tis….a arrogant love towards a soft nature……go ahead…….

  2. Superb !

  3. Super..super…super…

  4. Balasonika

    Thank u fr ur support from next time I will try to avoid the grammar errors

  5. Really amazing ya. I didnot expect such a cool intro . Nice and superp. Keep rocking

  6. awesome track actually i didnt read the intro but the episode itself was awesome abhis charm i just love it eagerly waiting fr ur next episode and dont dare to say it is boring yaar it is awesome ok

  7. Monesha

    Wow……… you know with your one episode you made me to be your fan. What a story i really loved it to the core. Plz update next episode i am eagerly waiting for ur next episode. You are awesome. Love you. Take care

  8. Prathi

    Cool behavior of Abhi.. Nice episode dear keep writing

  9. wow realy niz ff. its like kollywood movie intro. plz cntnu dr.

  10. Super dear….. But short….

  11. Vidhya

    wowwwwwww it really really really awesome storyline.. pls continue yaar.. no no no not at all.. nly flowers to u dear…

  12. superb.

  13. wow super epi dear……..

    pls con yaaa waiting next one yaaaaaaa

  14. Wow…superrrb episode di…u rocked it today…continue writing…waiting for the next part…!!!

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