When Love Collides with the Truth. (OS)


When Love collides with the Truth!

Swasan OS:

The story unfolds with Swara in the wedding Mandap, she is sitting down next to her groom, she is dressed like a Bengali bride.

Swara’s POV:
Today I’m getting married, getting married is a dream for all woman, I’m happy I’m getting married but I’m not happy because I’m not getting married to the right guy. Im not getting married to the guy I love and my heart desires.

I tried controlling my tears from flowing out in front of everyone, they would know I’m not happy, faking a smile is so easy but it takes time to smile genuinely. My eyes were searching for him but I couldn’t see him.

“Beta, stand up for the pehres.” The Pandit says.

Swara unwillingly stands up, she then starts going around, her groom has blue sherwani on and his face isn’t revealed or shown because he’s wearing Sahra/Sehra.

“Where are you? Please come, stop this wedding and take your Swara away.” Swara thinks and looks at the door.

(Sad tune plays…)

Daadi is smiling evilly, Sharmishta is talking with AP, DP and Shekhar looks at the wedding going on.

They finish the pehres, the groom moves his hands forward to put Sindoor in Swara’s hairline.

“Stop!” A new voice is heard.

All look there but it’s too late, the Sindoor has fell into Swara’s Maang and Swara looks there, all are shocked.

A flight is shown landing, announcements are made and it is revealed that the destination is Delhi.

A girl walks out wearing a yellow anarkali suit with the stole pinned to her shoulder, her hair was out.
Then a group of about 4 people come out. Two of them were girls and two were boys.

“Arey Swara, what are you doing there?” One of the girl in pink shirt and jeans asks.

The girl in yellow Anarkali turns around and is revealed to be Swara.

“Swara likes getting lost, doesn’t she?” One of the boy in jeans and a white shirt says.

“No Mr Laksh Maheshwari, I know my way.” Swara says.

The boy in the jeans and white shirt is revealed to be Laksh.

Just then someone runs into Swara but also catches Swara by the waist. She is shocked and looks at the guy.

“Sorry, I…” The guy says but catches his breath.

Swara couldn’t speak due to the shock. Laksh comes there with their friends.

“Swara, are you okay?” Laksh asks.

The guy let’s go of Swara and she composes herself.

“Sorry, I…” The guy says and freezes.

They look at his position and turn around but only to see 10 goons with sticks, knifes and chains.

Swara and Laksh get shocked.

“G…guys, what’s this?” Preeti asks (one in pink shirt)

“I don’t know.” Laksh says and widens his eyes.

They turn back around and find the guy missing.

“Arey, where did he go?” Swara says.

“Neeche Dekho and please don’t make any noise.” The guy says.

They look down and see him. The goons walk up to them.

“Where is he?” One of the goon harshly says.

“Uh… Who?” Riddi (one in Orange Anarkali Suit) says.

“The man who was flirting with this girl!” The goon with a moustache says and points at Swara.

“Flirt? No, he actually helped me from not falling and I don’t know where he went.” Swara says and looks down instantly.

The guy sneezes and all get shocked, Sam (the blue shirt guy) quickly puts his hand on his nose.
The goons look at him.

“uh, sorry, excuse me.” Sam nervously says.

“But you were fine, I mean…” The goon with the moustache says.

“Well, you see, I have a weird sneeze.” Sam says.

All nod yes, the goons shake their head and leave. The guy slowly stands up and sees them missing.

“Thank you so much.” The guy said.

“It’s okay, anyways why were they after you?” Laksh says.

“Don’t even ask.” The guy says and sighs.

“Well I just helped a girl, Sudha Rajlakshmi and they thought I was flirting with her and they came running after me.” The guy says and touches his forehead and relaxes.

“And you are?” Sam asks.

“Oh sorry, I forgot to introduce myself, I’m Sanskaar Bhalla.” The guy said.

The guy is revealed to be Sanskaar.

“Oh hi, my name is Laksh, Laksh Maheshwari, this is Swara Gadodia, this is Sam, Samar Raghuvanshi, this is Preeti Malothra and this is Riddi, Riddhima Gadodia.” Laksh introduces everyone.

“Hi Laksh, Swara, Sam, Preeti and Riddi.” Sanskaar says while remembering.

“You’re very fast, you remembered our names?” Sam says.

(Characters played by:
Riddi – Shivangi Joshi
Sam – Mohit Sehgal
Preeti – Sanaya Irani

Note: Riddi is Swara’s sister, Ragini is in US for her studies. )

Just then Sanskaar gets a call and he picks it up.

“Hello?” Sanskaar asks calmly.

“Oh fish, sorry Baba, I forgot, I’m just coming.” Sanskaar says worriedly.

Sanskaar disconnects the call and looks at Laksh.

“What happened?” Laksh asks.

“My sister, Janvi is coming today and she must be waiting, she will kill me.” Sanskaar says worriedly.

“Do you live here?” Sam asks.

“Well, I live in Kolkata but I came here for the business and I have been staying here since 4 months but I will soon go back Kolkata.” Sanskaar says with a smile on his face.

“Wow, that’s great because we are also from Kolkata, we’re here for a trip.” Laksh says.

“Bhai…!” A new voice is heard.

Sanskaar looks there and sees his sister Janvi waving at him.

“Lo, Jhansi Ki Rani came back from London.” Sanskaar says and walks towards Janvi.

All turn around and see Janvi, she is wearing black chinos with royal blue shirt, her hair is out and she smiles at Sanskaar. Sanskaar and her start talking.

“Hey, since he’s here we might as ask him to join, waise bhi, he’s one of our own.” Sam whispers to Laksh.

Then Laksh tells Sanskaar to join them and Sanskaar agrees after a lot of convincing. Sanskaar also convinced them to stay with him until they go back, they also agree.

2nd Day, morning, in Sanskaars house:

Swara wakes up and looks around, she sees the house empty, while walking past she sees someone, she enters the room and finds Sanskaar sleeping, a sudden smile appears on Swara’s face while looking at Sanskaar.

Swara’s POV:
I don’t know why a smile appeared on my face while looking at him, I guess he looks cute and innocent in his sleep. I don’t know why I’m being pulled towards him. He looks like a kid!

Where did the rest go? That was all that was troubling me until I saw him sleeping. His innocence made me forget my trouble for some reason. Well I just controlled and left from there.
After a while Swara was in the kitchen cooking, Sanskaar wakes up and looks at the time on the clock that his hanging on the wall in front of him.

“9:45?! Fish!” Sanskaar says and hurriedly gets up. He takes his clothes out and gets changed.

“Oh no, Jhansi Ki Rani is going to kill me.” Sanskaar says and ruses out while sliding his phone in his pocket.

He reaches the hall and sees Swara cooking.

“Why does the house seem empty?” Sanskaar asks himself.

Swara didn’t notice Sanskaar was there. Swara finished cooking.

“Do you know where Janvi is?” Sanskaar asks.

Swara looks up and sees Sanskaar.

“No, they’re all missing, I don’t know where they are gone.” Swara says and looks down.

“Breakfast?” Swara asks.

“Uh… Sure.” Sanskaar says and both sit down on the dining table.

Swara gives Sanskaar his breakfast, she had made toast and eggs.

“So Swara? How is Delhi so far?” Sanskaar asks while taking a bite from the toast.

“Well mein abhi ghumi kaha? I need to go on a tour but they left without me.” Swara says and feels upset.

They finish eating breakfast.

Swara is sitting idle, Sanskaar comes out and sees her sitting idle. He then gets an idea.

“Since they left us, you might as well come with me, I’ll take you out for a tour around Delhi?” Sanskaar says.

Swara looks at him and thinks.

“Don’t think too much, come to Sanskaar’s adventure, trust me, you would love it.” Sanskaar adds on.

“Really? Hmm, then I won’t board your bus.” Swara says.

“Why won’t you board my bus?” Sanskaar asks.

“Because you will take me somewhere else.” Swara says with a faint smile.

“You can trust Sanskaar’s bus, it will take you wherever you want.” Sanskaar says with an assuring smile.

“Um… Agar kuch uch neech Ho gayi Toh?” Swara asks and raises her eyebrows.

Sanskaar smiles and says “Nothing’s going to happen, you would be complimenting Sanskaar travels.” Sanskaar says.

Both look at each other and smile.

“Okay, I’ll go and get changed.” Swara says and heads in.

A smile appears on Sanskaars face. Swara comes out in a long cream ankle length skirt with a yellow shirts and black cardigan. Her hair is out. Sanskaar looks up and gets mesmerised seeing her.

Sanskaar’s POV:
Wow, I mean she was beautiful but she looks even more now, especially with her innocence, it just kills me. I hope she doesn’t steal my heart because once it’s gone then it will never come back to me. There is something about her that pulls me towards her, but what?

I saw Swara looking at me, she must be thinking what is he doing, anyways, after that I took her out.
Swara and Sanskaar roamed around many places, it was 6:17pm, last time Sanskaar checked on his phone.
They were walking, Swara then sees the ice cream vendor.

“Ice cream?!” Swara shouts excitingly.

Sanskaar looked at her.

“I really want ice cream.” Swara says and makes a puppy face.

Sanskaar smiles and says “Okay, let’s go.”

Both walk up to the ice cream vendor.

“Dada, give me 1 butterscotch and…?” Swara says and looks at Sanskaar.

“And one chocolate banana strawberry mix.” Sanskaar says.

Swara looks at him.

“Who has that many Ice cream all together?” Swara asks

“I do and I don’t like deciding because I don’t like neglecting one and accepting the other and these three flavours are my favourite so I thought to pick all three.” Sanskaar says and scratches his head while making a face.

Swara chuckles and says “That’s so sweet.”

Sanskaar smiles, the man gives them their ice cream, Sanskaar pays and they start walking.

They see two girls playing, one of the girl looks at Swara. Swara looks at her too.

“Do you want it?” Swara says and offers her ice cream.

The girl innocently nods. Swara smiles and gives her ice cream to her. Swara then takes Sanskaar’s Icecream and gives it to the other one.

“Arey, what is this? My ice cream.” Sanskaar says.

“Sometimes it’s good to share.” Swara says.

“But my ice cream, I don’t like sharing my favourite things.” Sanskaar mourns.

One of the girl signals Swara to come closer, Swara comes closer and bends, both girls peck her cheeks, one on the right and the other on the left and run off.

“Wow, I also give my ice cream and no thank you? And you get the kisses? But my triple flavoured Icecream…” Sanskaar says and still mourns.

Swara stands straight and smile, she looks at Sanskaar who is still complaining. She shakes her head in a disagreement while smiling. Swara slowly goes towards Sanskaar and gives him a peck on the cheeks which shuts him up and freezes him. Swara moves back instanly and looks down. She bites her lips and just walks away.

Sanskaar thinks “Did she just peck my cheeks? What? I can’t even move, what’s so strong in that kiss that froze me? It should be the opposite, it should unfreeze me.”

Swara thinks: Oh no, what did you do Swara? What must he be thinking? Oh god. I’m so worried, how will I face him?

It’s fully night, around 8:45 – 9:45pm. But the city of Delhi is always shining, no matter how late it is but Delhi stays awake. Swara and Sanskaar are walking, there’s only silence between them.

Swara stops and turns towards Sanskaar.

“Sanskaar…” Swara says but stops as Sanskaar pulls her closer.

That was because she was standing near the road and the car would’ve hit her if Sanskaar didn’t move her on time. Swara’s hands are resting around Sanskaar’s neck. Both share an eye-lock.

Swara’s eyes are shown and then Sanskaar, a song starts playing.

Chhuteya na chhute mose
Rang tera dholna
Ik tere baajo dooja
Mera koi mol na
Bolna mahi bolna
Bolna mahi bolna
Hmm… aa…

*song finished*

Their eye lock gets disturbed by the cars horns. Both compose them selfs.

“Shall we go?” Sanskaar says.

“Haa… Let’s go.” Swara says while looking down.

They reach Sanskaar’s home, they see Laksh, Sam, Preeti, Riddi and Janvi playing a game.

Swara and Sanskaar freshen up and go to their room.

Swara is in her room, a smile appears on her lips. She remembers her kissing Sanskaar on the cheeks. She covers her face with the pillow and blushes.

“Tu bhi Na! What did you do?” Swara says to herself and makes a pouty and innocent face and shakes her head in a disagreement with worrying smiling.

Sanskaar is in his room, he also thinks about the peck and the eye-lock.

“Just go to sleep Sanskaar!” Sanskaar says to himself.

Both SwaSan lie down and close their eyes.

Then after few days SwaSan become really good friends, they fight, argue and tease each other, they do Masti and have fun time, Swara starts to develop a feeling for Sanskaar, Sanskaar does too but he doesn’t know what it is.

Janvi and Laksh notice the feelings SwaSan have for each other and decide to help them realise it, so Janvi and Laksh team up.

One day Janvi and Sanskaar were talking. Swara was at the door and was about to come in.

“Bhai, I know you like Swara.” Janvi says.

“No I don’t!” Sanskaar says and looks away.

“Bhai, for how long will you keep yourself away from love? One day you have to love someone.” Janvi says.

“I do like Swara but as a friend and love? Love is nothing.” Sanskaar says.

“Bhai, you do love Swara but you don’t want to admit it.!” Janvi says.

“I said I don’t love Swara! I don’t love anyone and I can never love Swara!” Sanskaar says angril.

Swara gets teary eyed.

“Why Bhai? What’s wrong with loving Swara?” Janvi asks.

“I already told you once and I’m telling you again, I don’t believe in love but I believe in friendship and Swara is a Gadodia! GADODIA!” Sanskaar says and closes his fist in anger.

“What?” Janvi asks getting surprised.

“And Laksh is a Maheshwari! MAHESHWARI! And we are Bhallas! Look at them and then look at us, Love is nothing in front of the truth!” Sanskaar says and angrily looks on.

(Note: Gadodias and Maheshwaris are business partners and Shekhar and DP are childhood friends too.)

“And I don’t want to talk about this! I don’t love Swara and never will, even if I do then I have one motive!” Sanskaar adds and leaves.

Tears roll down Swara’s eyes.

“What motive?” Swara thinks.

“Bhai, why are you punishing yourself for their mistakes?” Janvi says and looks on.

Sanskaar is shown walking down the street, he thinks about Janvi’s words.

“I can’t fall for Swara…” Sanskaar says and thinks.

He gets frustrated and sits down on the park bench. Swara comes there and stands in front of him.

“Sanskaar, I want to talk to you.” Swara says.

Sanskaar looks up at her.

“I’m not in the mood, you can…” Sanskaar couldn’t complete his work.

“I heard everything.” Swara says faintly.

Sanskaar stands up and looks away.

“I… I want to know what the reason is.” Swara says and looks up.

“You want to know? Then ask your Dad, ask him who Aditya Bhalla was!” Sanskaar angrily says.

“I only came here for one motive and that was to take revenge, your father and Mr Maheshwari had insulted us and killed my Papa! So I planned this revenge, me meeting you and talking to you was a plan!” Sanskaar shouts.

Swara comes in front of him and slaps him across the face.

“Was your love a plan too?” Swara asks with tears in her eyes.

“Well Mr Bhalla, your plan has succeeded, I love you and I really do!” Swara adds and cries.

Sanskaar looks at her.

“Why are you punishing me for what my Dad did? I didn’t do anything.” Swara exclaims.

“But your Dad will never accept our love! He cares about bloodline, lineage and family background and guess what! I’m an orphan, Aditya Bhallas’s adopted son!” Sanskaar says and looks at Swara with pain in his eyes.

“But, you come, I’ll talk to Dad, he won’t say no to me.” Swara says and grabs Sanskaars hand.

Sanskaar jerks his hand.

“This can never happen, When love collides with the truth then…” Sanskaar says and looks away.

“So you admit you love me too?” Swara asks.

“No I don’t!” Sanskaar harshly says.

“Look into my eyes and say you don’t.” Swara says while looking at him.

“Love is when two people love each other for their heart, not class, lineage or whatever! You should forget all this, love has no age, no limit and no restrictions.” Swara adds.

“I know but I can’t!” Sanskaar says and walks.

Swara hold his hand.

“Sanskaar, please, don’t do this to me… Don’t accept me as Swara Gadodia, accept me as your Swara. Please don’t punish me, I know you love me too, Sanskaar please.” Swara cries.

Sanskaar closes his eyes and takes a deep breath, he jerks his hand away. He starts walking. He is also pained.

Ik daur woh tha mujhse bhi zyada
Unko fikar thi meri…

“Please Sanskaar!” Swara shouts

Kehte thhe mujhse rukhsat na honge
Milke dobara kabhi…

“Sanskaar…” Swara cries.

Ab toh gairon se mera haal puchha jaata hai
Yahi dard-e-dil mere dil ko rulata hai

Tears roll down Sanskaars eyes and Swara also cries.

Wafa ne bewafai.. bewafai..
Bewafai ki hai (x3)

*song finished*

Swara, Laksh, Preeti, Niddi and Sam go back to Kolkata, Swara is broken and shares it with Laksh on the aeroplane.

Sanskaar breaks a glass in anger and starts bleeding, Janvi does his first aid.

“Close your eyes, you will get your answer.” Janvi says and leaves.

Sanskaar closes his eyes and Swara appeared, his and her Funtime appeared, her smiling appeared which brought a smile to his face along with tears rolling down.

As soon as Swara reaches her house, GM, she finds the family doing arrangement. Niddi and Swara get confused.

“Daadi, Maa, what’s going on?” Swara asks while walking inside with Niddi.

“Shona, it’s your wedding in three days, so we are doing your sangeet today.” Sharmishta says with a smile on her face.

Swara is shocked.

“Engagement? But with who?” Swara asks shockingly.

“You know him very well, Maa said you agreed for it and it’s your best friend Laksh.” Sharmishta says.

“Haa, she did agree, she promised her papa that she will marry whoever he wills so she said Haa Na?” Daadi says.

“Haa but…” Swara utters.

“Haa but what? Kya koi aur chora mil Gaya?” Daadi asks while glaring at her.

“Baba kaha hai?” Swara asks.

“Study room, why?” Sharmishta says.

Swara rushes to the study room only to see Laksh and DP sitting there before hand. Laksh is also looking sad, it seems like he is forced to marry Swara.

“Uh, baba, I wanted to ask you something.” Swara says.

Shekhar and DP look at her as she walks in.

“Baba, who is Aditya Bhalla?” Swara asks.

Both Shekhar and DP are shocked.

“Beta, why did you say his name?! He’s very evil and a cheap person, don’t even ask, you should stay away from the Bhalla’s!” Shekhar states.

Swara nods and heads out, Laksh follows her, Swara then sees Sharmishta and stops her.

“‘Maa, I want to talk to you.” Swara says.

“Haa beta, bolo?” Sharmishta says and stops.

“‘Maa… Who are the Bhalla’s?” Swara asks.

Sharmishta is stunned.

“Beta, I have some work.” Sharmishta says and tries to walk when Laksh stops her.

“Aunty, please tell us.” Laksh says.

“Yaha Nahi.” Sharmishta says.

Then the trip go in a room, Sharmista locks the door.

“Their names are forbidden in this house, they used to be both of your Papas friend, Aditya Bhalla used to be their business partner. One day, both of your fathers decided to do a business deal with Mr Bhalla, Mr Bhalla nearly agreed but he caught your papas doing illegal activities, he cancelled the deal but both of your papas burned the liquor place and left Mr Bhalla there, then the whole blame went on Mr Bhalla that he did illegal activities, he had two children, Sanskaar and Janvi but both went missing for 4 years now. No one knows where they went.” Sharmishta says and gets tears in her eyes.

Swara and Laksh look at each other shocked.

“I can’t believe Papa did that.” Laksh angrily says.

“Now what?” Swara asks worryingly.

“Don’t worry Swara.” Laksh assures.

Then after a while Swara gets dressed, she then gets Lakshs message and a smile appears on her face.

“Thank you Laksh.” Swara says and calls someone.

Laksh had given Sanskaars number through Janvi to Swara.

“Please pick up Sanskaar…” Swara says.

“Hello?” Swara hears Sanskaars voice.

Swara gets teary eyed.

“Hello? Sanskaar.” Swara says.

“No, please don’t disconnect the call, Sanskaar, your Swara is going to become someone else’s in three days. Please come save her Sanskaar, I… I can’t become someone else’s! I’m only yours…” Swara says but Sanskaar disconnects the call.

“Hello? Sanskaar?” Swara says but gets no response.

She breaks down.

Saajna.. Saajna…

Swara remembers Sanskaar and she cries.

Ek tujhko hi bas dekh kar
Bhooli mujhko hi meri nazar

She picks her phone up and messages him saying ‘Sabskaar, if your love is true then you would definitely come for your Swara!’

Tujhko shayad nahi hai khabar
Tujhko jeete hain hum kis kadar
She puts the near her chin and cries.

Jude jo tere khawab se
Toh toote hum neend se
Yeh kaisa tera ishq hai Saajna
Tu haathon mein toh hai mere
Hai kyun nahi laqeeron mein

Swara walks out like a lifeless body and sits down while the rest dance.

They start doing her mendhi.
Yeh kaisa tera ishq hai Saajna
Tere bina kabhi raatein na ho meri
Tere kareeb ho, mere yeh din sabhi (x2)

*song stopped*

“What’s your grooms name?” The mendhi lady asks.

“Sanskaar.” Swara says lifeless.

The mendhi lady writes Sanskaar’s name on Swara’s hand.

Then suddenly someone starts singing.

Guy: Kare pariyon si, pariyon si baat kare

Swara looks around as she recognises the voice.

Guy: Kare ankhiyon se, ankhiyon se ghaat kare

Swara sees a man coming out wearing a pink kurta and Pajama and had beard and moustache with a turban.

Guy: Kare zulfon se, zulfon se din ko raat kare
Lage nadiyo si, nadiyo si chaal lage
Lage kaliyo, ki kaliyo ki daal lage
Teri galliyo mein, galiyo mein reit gulaal lage (the guy winks at Swara)

Swara smiles: Ho gayi, ho gayi main teri ho gayi
Kaisa kiya arre jaadu
Aa gayi, aa gayi paas bhi aa gayi
Khud pe raha na kaboo
(Swara stands up)
Asha ke dhage se sapne bunte ho kyun
(She smiles and walks towards him. Imagining Sanskaar.)
Din mein taron ko falak mein tum ginte ho kyun
Baaton se to kamm
Teri aakhon se aati hai sharam (Swara feels shy and looks down.)

Guy: Kare pariyon si, pariyon si baat kare (dances also)
Kare ankhiyon se, ankhiyon se ghaat kare (twirls Swara by her arm.)
Kare zulfon se, zulfon se din ko raat kare
Lage nadiyo si, nadiyo si chaal lage
Lage kaliyo, ki kaliyo ki daal lage
Teri galliyo mein, galiyo mein reit gulaal lage
(Swara smiles and walks)

All the clap and look there.

Swara: Dil mera kitab hai
Uss mein tu gulab hai
(Swara walks in front of him, he smiles.)
Jin warkon mein hai gulab
Wahi mera jawab hai
(Swara walks forward and he holds her hand.)

Guy: Mera to yeh hi khaab hai
Khaab yeh betab hai
Keh de main teri dilruba hoon
Tu mera rubaab hai
(He pulls Swara closer.)

Swara: Jo naa karni thi tere sang
Baat wohi kar gayi
(Turns to him.)

Guy: Meri bhi ankh tere sang
Jaane kyun lad gayi
(Looks at Swara.)

Swara: Jodi bann hi gayi

Guy: Kare pariyon si, pariyon si baat kare
(Both Swara and the guy dance.)
Kare ankhiyon se, ankhiyon se ghaat kare
Kare zulfon se, zulfon se din ko raat kare
Lage nadiyo si, nadiyo si chaal lage
Lage kaliyo, ki kaliyo ki daal lage
Teri galliyo mein, galiyo mein reit gulaal lage

Guy: Tohfe mein kya doon tujhe
Kuchh to bata de mujhe
(Goes near Swara and leans in.)
Dil tujhko jo de diya
Sambhaloge kaise use

Swara: Apna bana ke agar
Le jaaoge jo mujhe
(Swara turns to the guy.)
Pyar karoge harpal varna
Jaane na doongi tujhe

Guy: Sharton pe pyar karoge
Yeh to theek nahin

Swara: Sharton mein pyar chhupa hai
Yeh tareef nahin

Guy: Na de itni khushi
Kare pariyon si, pariyon si baat kare
Kare ankhiyon se, ankhiyon se ghaat kare
(Start dancing.)
Kare zulfon se, zulfon se din ko raat kare
Lage nadiyo si, nadiyo si chaal lage
Lage kaliyo, ki kaliyo ki daal lage
Teri galliyo mein, galiyo mein reit gulaal lage

*Stop dancing and song finished*

Swara takes the guy to a room and shuts the door.

“Sanskaar?” Swara says hoping it would be Sanskaar.

“Um… No I’m Bal…” The guy stops as he sees Swara approaching him.

Swara finally reaches near him, she moves closer and the guy moves back, then the guy could no longer move back as there was a wall behind him, Swara comes closer.

“That’s not fair, you’re taking advantage of a poor bechara guy.” The guy said.

Swara moves back and a smile appears on her face, she then hugs him.

“I knew it was you Sanskaar… Only Sanskaar would behave like this at this situation.” Swara says with a smile, she rests her head on his chest.

“Uh…” The guy is speechless.

“Haa, ab bolo. You said Na that you don’t love me, then why are you here?” Swara asks while hugging him.

“I’m not Sanskaar.” The guy says.

“Jhoot Achcha Bol lete Ho but you can’t lie to your Swara!” Swara says.

“Yeh Kya hai?” Swara asks and kids his hand.

He sees the band Swara gave him when they were in Dehli and looks on.

Swara breaks the hug and looks at him.

“Yeh Kya huliya bana ke aae Ho? Anyways you look cute. I love your beard but isn’t it too big?” Swara happily says and fixes his beard and moustache. The guy/Sanskaar just looks at her.

Sanskaar thinks “How did she recognise me? I don’t know why I feel different around her. Is this feeling love?”

“Ab kuch bolo… Or will you just stand there? Aren’t you going to say, yes I am Sanskaar?” Swara says and looks at him with a smile.

“Uh… Vo…” Sanskaar utters.

“Rehne do, anyways what’s the plan?” Swara asks curiously.

“Plan?” Sanskaar asks confused.

“Haa, you must have came here with a plan Na? Ha?” Swara says and looks at him.

“Offo, how will you take me then? Don’t tell me you didn’t plan anything…” Swara adds and taps her head.

“I did make a plan but not to take you.” Sanskaar says while looking serious.

“Ha ha, lie as much as you want, I know you’re here for me. Hm… Are we eloping? Nahi, you’re to scared to do that… Just make a plan and take me. I’ll be waiting but I can’t swim okay?.” Swara says with a smile.

“Well, I need to go.” Sanskaar says and leaves. While leaving he smiles at her childish talks.

The next day Swara was out for shopping, some goons starry teasing her, she was about to slap them when she notice Janvi behind the tree, Janvi signals her and Swara sees Sanskaar, she then understands and acts helpless.

“Come slap me baby, why did you stop?” One of the goon says.

They come close to Swara.

“Leave me!” Swara shouts.

“Where did Janvi go?” Sanskaar says.

He then hears Swara and sees she’s getting harassed, Janvi hides behind the tree.

“Chodo!” Swara shouts and tries to free her hand.

The goon was about to touch Swara but someone stops him, it happens to be Sanskaar, he beats the goons and they run away. Swara then notices he’s about to turn and acts sad. She then hugs him.

“Thank you Sanskaar.” Swara says.

Sanskaar is shocked at her sudden move.

“I’m sorry Sanskaar, you left us no other option.” Swara thinks and tears fall out of her eyes.

Sanskaar hugs her back, both then break the hug and Sanskaar wipes Swara’s tears. He then leaves.

Swara makes a face and says “He left…? Well I know you wouldn’t see your Swara becoming someone else’s. You will be back to take me and stop this wedding and that’s Mrs Swara Sanskaar Bhalla’s promise!” Swara smirks.

**End of flashback**

Swara looks at the groom with the Sehra on, she then quickly takes his hand and makes him pick the Mangalsutra up and put it on her. He ties it.

“Shaadi is completed, now you two are husband and wife.” The pandit says.

A wide smile appears on Swara’s face. All are shocked.

“If Laksh is there then who is…?” Shekhar says and looks at the groom.

It happens to be Laksh who entered and with him are Janvi, Sam, Niddi and Preeti.

Janvi smiles, a flashback is shown.
When they reached home.

“Bhai, I was right there, why did you save her if you don’t love her?”
Janvi says.

“Because there’s something called humanity.” Sanskaar says.

“Oh, so you don’t love her? Then let me go slap her. Her Dad killed our Dad so I’m going to murder her!” Janvi says and turns to leave.

Sanskaar holds her hand, Janvi smiles but then makes it disappear after turning towards him.

“What? Bhai, that witch should get the punishment!” Janvi says while acting angry.

“She shouldn’t, it was her Dad, not her!” Sanskaar says.

“Yeah and what are you doing? And you know what Bhai, you’re right, she doesn’t deserve our love, your love or anyone’s love! I will slap her.” Janvi says.

“You won’t do anything like that.” Sanskaar says.

“Why? What’s it to you?” Janvi says.

“Nothing.” Sanskaar says.

“Then you should have no problem, that witch should be punished!” Janvi says.

“She’s not a witch! And you’re not doing anything to her!” Sanskaar angrily says.

“Bhai, I’m doing it! She should get punished!” Janvi shouts.

“No!” Sanskaar says.

“Why?!” Janvi asks.

“Oh wait, did you start developing feeling for her? Love?” Janvi adds.

“Yes! I love her and she didn’t do anything!” Sanskaar shouts.

Janvi gets happy and Sanskaar realises.

“Bhai, look even you admitted you love her, so what’s stopping you?” Janvi asks.

Sanskaar then leaves and Janvi looks on.

**End of Flashback**

The groom takes his Sehra off and it is revealed to be Sanskaar.

“Sanskaar?” Swara says with a smile.

All get shocked.

“This do kori, ghatiya illegitimate orphan married my daughter?! How dare you?” Shekhar shouts.

“I can’t believe this! He attacked my son Laksh and took his place, you should get sent to jail!” DP shouts.

Sanskaar ignores them.

“Swara! Come here.” Daadi shouts.

“I’m sorry Daadi, he’s my husband now and I can’t leave him.” Swara says and looks at Sanskaar.

“You ruined my daughters life! How dare you?!” Shekhar says.

“Wait Mr Gadodia… How dare you kill my Dad, how dare you ruin my Dads name?!” Sanskaar shouts.

Shekhar gets confused.

“Confused huh? Well let me tell you, I am Sanskaar Aditya Bhalla! The son of your friend Adi.” Sanskaar shouts.

All get shocked except from Swara, Laksh, Sam, Janvi, Preeti and Niddi.

“Adi…?” Both DP and Shekhar say.

“Haa, vahi Adi, whom you had framed and burnt! Vahi Adi, whom you had known for 8 years!” Sanskaar says.

“How dare you?! Tumhari himmat kaisi hui mere ghar mein Aane Ki?” Shekhar shouts.

“Your house? This was our house!” Sanskaar shouts.

Sharmishta gets teary eyed.

“Well Mr Gadodia and Mr Maheshwari, your game is over!” Sanskaar says and looks at the entrance.

They see the police coming in with a man. Shekhar and DP are stunned to see that man.

“I went all the way to Delhi to find Mr Mehta and guess what? I found him.” Sanskaar says.

“I admit… It was Mr Shekhar Gadodia and Mr DurgaPrasad Maheshwari who had killed Mr Aditya Bhalla. That night I was still working there, I was about to go home when I saw Aditya fighting with them two and he was about to leave when DurgaPrasad pushes him and he falls, then they go out and burn the whole factory and blame it on Aditya, they paid me and asked me to move away from Kolkata and I agreed.” Mr Mehta says while folding his hands.

(Mr Mehta played by Chandra Mohan.)

DP and Shekhar have their heads down, the police then arrest DP and Shekhar and start taking them.

“Ek minuet.” Swara says.

They stop and look at her, he walks up to Shekhar.

“I can’t believe you Papa, you stopped that low? I always used to call you my superhero but what is this? I feel ashamed of calling you my Dad so forget superhero!” Swara says and tears fall out of her eyes.

“Now you will believe this sarakchap…” Shekhar says but gets stopped.

“Bas! Mr Gadodia, he’s my husband now and I can’t bear his insult! Inspector, take him!” Swara says and looks away.

Laksh ignores DP and the inspector takes them away.

Swara looks at Sanskaar, she then hugs him and he hugs her back. Daadi glares at them.

“I love you Sanskaar.” Swara says.

“I love you too.” Sanskaar replies.

Besharmiyaan barbaadiyaan
Hain ishq ki shaitaniyaan
Yeh fitoor jo, sar pe sawaar ho
Jeena bhi phir, dushvaar ho
(Both are hugging each other.)

Kiski mazaal koi rok de
Kiski mazaal koi tok de
Ishqe junoon, rukey nahi
(Sanskaar holds her hand and takes her.)
Hai bawari, yeh aashiqui
Gustaakh si, yeh aashiqui
Bebaak si, yeh aashiqui
(Both are holding hands and walking.)
Badi hai ajab kaisi yeh talap
Hai yeh aashiqui..
Ziddi badi, badi sarfiri
Hai yeh aashiqui..
(In their room, Sanskaar smiles at Swara.)
Hota hai yun iska asar
Duniya jahan ki na khabar
(She feels shy, he comes close to her and grabs her by the waist.)

“You made me wait for a long time.” Sanskaar says.

“Me or you?” Swara says.

Mazhab yahi, khuda yahi..
Hai bawari, yeh aashiqui
(Both share a hug and laugh.)
Gustaakh si, yeh aashiqui
Bebaak si, yeh aashiqui
(He pecks both of her cheeks)
Bekhauf si, yeh aashiqui.. aashiqui..
Jo yeh rang chadhe
(He then kisses her and she responds to that kiss)
Jo yeh sang chale
Toh kya fikar koi, kya kahe
(They break the kiss and Swara blushes, he then picks her up and takes her to the bed)
Yeh woh aag hai, jo na bujh sake
Aisi baarishein, jo na tham sakein
(They consummate their marriage.)
Ishqe junoon, ruke nahin…
Hai bawari, yeh aashiqui

“The court decides to punish Mr Shekhar Gadodia and Mr DurgaPrasad Maheshwari for their wrong doings and by witnessing the evidence and listening to the witnesses, we give them 10 years of imprisonment. We have also decided that Mr Sanskaar Bhalla will gets all his rights and his property back.” The judge declared.

Sanskaar gets happy and SwaSan live in a mansion with Sharmishta, Daadi and Niddi.

Gustaakh si, yeh aashiqui
Bebaak si, yeh aashiqui

“Thank you Swara…” Sanskaar says.

“Why thank you?” Swara says.

“You supported me and…” Sanskaar says.

“No, it was my duty to support you. Arey, I promised to supports you for the next 7 life times toh aise Kaise chodh deti saath Tumhara?!” Swara says and smiles at him.

He pecks her forehead and hugs her. 
Bekhauf si, yeh aashiqui
(Yeh aashiqui, baawri
Yeh aashiqui
Gustaakh si..)

Hi everyone, it’s me Halima… I thought to write a one shot on Swasan.

Sorry about the mistakes, I’m not very good on One shots. I was thinking to write a SwaSan FF soon but I just wanted to see how the one shot goes.

Do comment… And if I made a mistake then please do tell me where I went wrong or what I should improve…. And yeah, my writing style changed… Well my sister said to write it like this so it would be less confusing.

Thank you, take care, keep smiling and stay blessed ? love you all?

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