Love (Coincidence of life) – Thahaan, Devakhshi (Intro).

Hey all dear thahaan & Devakhsi Fans.
I have started a New combo FF of TPK & KRPKAB

They both r my Favorite pair in Indian television . I m a big manishian & True thahaanian
So now without wasting a second I will give intro of my ff

Thapki (jigyasa Singh) A sweet modern NRI she is very beautiful, A bubbly girl & A Good dancer. the only problem is her stammering but She never consider it as her weakness. Her sister & mother always give her a pat of love .
Sonakshi : elder sister of thapki One year old than her. Nickname Sonu .A Fashion designer, Hate Indian boys… (reason revealed in Epi soon)
Very possessive towards her sister . Always support thapki In her works.A strict, Loving sister.
Poonam;”Mother of thapki & Sonu.
BIHAAN (manish goplani):” Indian, handsome,chubby,dashing,racer,A SPOIL CHILD but Loves her Dadi & Bro. Love to flirt,lazy, Music lover & always Do Crazy things to impress public (specially Girls)
Dev:Bro of Bihaan A responsible grandson. A businessman, Different from Bihaan But he is not like this earlier But after an incident he left his Older habits & change into a Khaddus Man, Hate NRI….,He too possessive for his Bro …Don’t want bihaan too Suffer from the same By which He is already suffered.

Dadi: dadi of bihaan & Dev.

Santy:(Santosh): And I don’t think I had to say anything about him.He didn’t need any explanation …Our 5 marriage Attender. The CVS KA DUSHMAN, Entertainer Of tpk page ..?????????????????
Now about his character In my ff
He is best friend of thapki
An Indian boy, A good singer,TV artist

Kyu bhai Shi hai na tumhara character????

Now about Others characters So only few will be part of my ff
there names
Roshni (blooper queen)
Juggu ( tamil Girl)
Fatarajo (writer of our page Best one)
Mineey ( Very Lovely & Best best & best)

no more

Now ending here

Plz do comments & Tell me ur views
I will publish Once in a week
if u like my ff

Highlight to Epi;”Thahaan first look. Santy Masti With Girls
Bihaan Racing competition.
glimpse of Dev past

Thahaan meeting Soon

@ last I want to say Recognise me If u can
Reach here with difficulty
My name if U all can identify me than I will Tell u my name in next epi

love u all???????

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  1. Alisha

    Hey! I really loved the into dear but it was kinda heart breaking when at the end I read the name, “Bad writer”? Don’t you dare call yourself one, no one here is a bad writer. Understand! The intro was awesome, plus adding the members of our Telly updates family to a fanfiction, that’s a brilliant idea. I am really excited to to know about how are the couples going to meet.
    Keep writing! ?

    1. thank u g
      But I m bad yar not good so my name is bad writer
      if u can recognise me than try..

      Thanks to liking it

      1. Alisha

        Ummm… I don’t know all the people here so it’s gonna be hard for me. Still I would try! ?
        Waiting for the next episode. Update soon! ?

  2. Keep it up

    1. thanks gayatri.
      keep reading

  3. Manyasa29

    Hey…..i think its u vinlora……am i right ??
    Loved the intro….especially the characters from tu page…excited to read ur ff….keep writing . And plz dont call yourself a bad writer ! U have written really well.

    1. U r wrong my dear friend I m not Vinlora

      someone else

      I know its difficult to recognise me
      but u can try
      thanks to reading it

      1. Vinlora

        Interesting start? keep writing….and aap ne forum friends ko ff mein include kiya aur bhi interesting huva. ..? ek request dear Santhosh ka pet name Santy se San karo na….if u don’t mind ?

    2. Vinlora

      Hehe ..manyasa I can’t be a writer …i can be only a reader….? and u know wt I thought it’s u?

      1. Manyasa29

        Hehe……me and writer??…waise santhosh ka kitna description diya tha toh mujhe laga ki tum hi hogi……waise yeh santhosh bhi ho sakta hai na ??

      2. Vinlora

        Jyada tar santhosh ki tang kichayi tho mein tum aur roshini yi karthe hai na…isliye socha ki tum ya roshini hogi ? tum nahi tho phir. ..roshniiiiiiiiii? ????

  4. My both fav jodis devakshi and thahaan are superb

    1. thanks pihoo
      They both r mine favr8 too

  5. you are not a bad writer.
    you are good one
    really nice
    vaise real tpk se toh acha hai

  6. keep it up??
    great news for manyasa fans
    i think they are getting married soon
    they are best friends and they were always together

    1. Vinlora

      Getting married soon????? Kaun manyasa???
      Abhi sirf 22 yrs hogaye unko ?

  7. i think so bt manyasa said they r just close friends No chakkar between them..
    bt me too want they become real life couple

  8. U r really nice than cvs so don’t ever call ur self bad writer

  9. Vinlora

    Is it Roshniiiiiiiiii? ???

  10. I think u a’e anu???????? Anyway keep it up…waiting 4 the epi!!

  11. No I m not roshni
    My name still a suspense
    OK I will change santosh name santy to San
    BT I like santy the most
    he he he

  12. Juggu

    Def u must b truelove (swetha) if it was nt u im sry….ill try to guess u…

    1. thank u for reading
      Where is ur ff
      have u end it?
      Plz update soon
      By the way u will See my name in next epi for sure

  13. Wow..good combo ..waiting 4 episode

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