Love (Coincidence of life) – Thahaan, Devakhshi (Epi 1)


hey thanks to all to reading my intro & I m Shocked as No one recognised me ?????
every one forgotten me…
I m so bad that’s why I name myself Bad writer.
So here I m starting my first epi

@London In morning
In a room a girl Is found sleeping & Dreaming About someone (About his dream boy)
Let’s Go in her dream

A Boy Wearing blue shirt And black jacket
A lovely hat With letter T WRITTEN IN A HEART SHAPE
calling ;”Thapki my princess my baby Doll I love u a lot. …. ? my heart Beats only for u… ”
He runs towards her.

music plays


alarm clock Shout….

Her dream Breaks.
again She fails in Seeing his face.

why Morning come so early.


Yes she is our Cute innocent & Beautiful Girl Thapki.

thapki(in angry tone):”Di Sonu Di where R u ? Why u always Put alarm clock daily near my ears… Its so Bad.Every day I fails to saw my Dream boy .”
A girl comes Wearing Short dress & combing her hairs.
She is Looking very nice & Says in Strictly look;”Oh madam Now enough of ur dream Now wake up & Do some work so that mom Can say to everyone that My younger daughter Is also Very hardworking….. Now wake up hurry up…”
Yes she is Mrs. Strict (sonakshi) who Want her Sis to do something good…

Thapki;”OK baba G BT 5 min more As I want to saw his face today “.
Sonu;”No excuse no extra Min Wake up otherwise I will tell mum that yesterday Night u r not at home Aha Than u will realise … that Sona chaturvedi Is always right.”
Thapki;”OK madam g fine u always ruled on me… I m getting up BT Plz don’t say anything to Ma OK.”

Sonu:”ye huyi na baat ”

next scene

here is night As in London its morning

A boy is shown Doing party With girls & he is surrounded by them & showing his DOLE SHOLE ? TO girls.
Pooja;”Oh My god i m almost dying My hero my Sweet cute dude Macho man ha ha.”

Boy:”OK OK No more Good words about me I know B 4 bihaan pandey Is B 4 best …..
Let’s Party ???? ”
he sung: Aunty police bulalegi aunty police bulagegi For bhi party u hi chalegi
party all night
party all night ..

Suddenly he felt someone pulling his ears
Ouch ouch
Bihaan;”Oh what the hell man? Who is here ? ”
The boy come in front of him.
:”Tera B 4 Bhai air B 4 baap.” What will u do ha.”
Bihaan:”Nothing oh Dev bhai U here Dadoo is waiting for u go home na I will come Tomorrow ”
Dev A handsome hunk guy Wearing black coat Say:”No I will go with u Dadoo waiting for u Too I m working day & night in office & my Shahabzaade Doing party with Girls . Chal ghar chal otherwise u know what I can do?”
Bihaan(in mind):”yes only u can blackmail Me khadoos bhai Dadoo ke Chamche ”
Ha fine I m coming BT plz don’t say anything to Dadoo.”
He goes waving bye to hotty girls..

they reached PN
They Sees there Dadi sitting on Sofa waiting for them
Dadi ma;”Aa gaye mere bacche. U both work so hard in office that u didn’t care of ur dadi.”
Dev & bihaan together:”no daddo we care for u & love u a lot.”
they both kissed her on forehead.

Dadi;”my Lovely children God bless u both. Now eat something & Go to bed its already mid night ”
bihaan:”we have already Eaten.”
Suddenly he remind his words ??? ouch its mistake.
Bihaan:”Actually doing meeting with a guy we have eaten Little bit & Don’t want to eat more.. u know fitness dadoo.”
Dev;”jhoota Dadoo we don’t want to eat now we r going to sleep Good night Dadoo ”
he take his blessing & goes.
Dadi:”Now bihaan u also go & I m also tired I have taken my medicines so plz don’t try to Say that u will give me medicines My DADA G.”
BIHAAN:”OK dadoo love u bye good night.”
he kiss her on forehead & goes.

In London
A boy is shown singing song
& Surrounding by his friends
He sings Jeena song
.thapki claps
:”awesome santy too good I love Hindi songs u r my hero.”
Roshni;”Really San Maja aa gaya U sings like SADAK CHAAP SINGER. U know road side singer ”

San:”Ruk Ja Roshni Teri batti bujha Du mai I m Road side singer No way.. See yourself U never change always taunts me..”

Vinlora;”Ya Roshni Kya baat khi SADAK CHAAP SINGER
hey hey BT its bad he sings well Our star San.”
thapki;”Now stop teasing my friend u both Leave them santy .Come let’s go home Sonu di & Ma waiting for u.”

They leave
Santy made faces Watching at Roshni & vinlora


bye guys hope u like it
plz tell
next epi will be long


now telling my Nam e
I m Anu (back back girl)
thanks sweety to recognising me

precap: dev think of his past

Credit to: Bad writer

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  1. it’s really nice

    1. thanks tara

  2. Vinlora

    Hii Anu….? awesome episode. ..loved it yaar….? so aapne Roshni ke THASAN ko seriously le liya ?SANTHOSH is Thapki’s Hero…wow…wt an idea madam ji..??? jab mein ye pad rahi thi Vinlora naam dekh ke I was like “hein….? mein kahan se beech mein tapak padi ?????”hehe…
    Thank u for making a part of ur FF…?
    Good one…waiting for the next part ???

    1. i m much happy that u like It
      yes santosh thapki ka hero

      U santosh & roshni R My favr8
      thats why i add u all
      u all jaan of my ff
      & this page

    2. Lightsabre

      Oooommmmggggg!!!! Yippie yippeee ! Manyasa told me abt this and wen i opened this i jusst cudnt read it thru coz i was too excited even to read!! Lol. Then i did some yoga and mediation and calmed down n read it.just kiddin. But yeh…somehow managed to read til end coz i ws waitin to see wat v r gona do in thjs ! I was thinkin…. “ok vinlo is a rare name… bt roshni can b nybdy” ?.Uff man..its tough to read somethin wen ur overexcited ?! Thankssss anu ?????. Btw… wrs my paychek.. we didnt act for free …. sanjay leela bansali is stil waitin in queue???. Just jokin but this ws gr8 n thnks so much dear . Its exactly wat me vinlo n santosh do… pull eachothers legs! Thnx. N btw… it shud b “bindas writer”

      1. i m happy that u like it
        Me too want that santosh too read it
        i want his Comment here
        plz told him about.this
        keep reading

  3. Isme sonakshi bengali family se nhi ha? Yaar jab vo bengali me dev ko obodro bolti thi tab. Kitni cute lagti thi

    1. don’t worry she will say obodoro to dev I promise…

      Bengali twist will also come
      keep reading

  4. RANdomfANCreationz

    hey anu well come back 🙂

  5. Juggu

    Sry anu bt i found u b4 opening ur ff as i saw ur cmnt in another ff sry anu dear..its awesomee….

    1. its ok juggu
      Love u keep reading

  6. Truelove

    it’s awesome. and welcome back.

  7. Manyasa29

    Awesome Anu…..well done….especially the last part…I wish santhosh also reads this….I have just started commenting here from past one month….so I don’t u know many of u…..well ….hello …..nice to know u Anu !

    1. thank u so much i m happy as U r enjoying it
      plz keep reading
      love u

  8. Madhuri

    Nice anu. Waiting for next

  9. Alisha

    Wohoo! You rocked it! Marvelous! I wonder how the girls are gonna meet the boys? Hmmm… Anyways, loved the episode, waiting for the next one. Plus, keep going with that “adding the members from the tellyupdates family” thing, cuz it seems so cute that I can’t stop myself from reading that part again and again.
    Keep writing! On the other hand, sorry for not recognizing you, actually I don’t know many of the people here. At first I didn’t use to comment on fanfiction and updates, but now I try my best.
    Stay blessed! ??

    1. yes yar The members of TU will be here till the end…
      Thanks a lot keep reading

  10. Nusz Khan

    I knew it!!! You were Anu!!! I had a feeling so my god thank you for finally for coming back without another bomb!!

    Man I missed you!!! loved it so much sissy!!!! This first episode rocked so much xx.

    Anyways keep smiling like always xx

    ~Nusz xx

    1. thank u so much my princi Nusz to reading it..
      Plz update Ur foreign Ff
      I didnt Remembering the name
      bt it has thahaan Ragsan shots also
      plz plz update yar
      i love characters plz

  11. hahaaaaa..ur wc anu…how can i forgot u!!! nice 2 see u back.. & i have a small request…if u don’ t mind, plz give translation in english.bcs i don’t know hindi!! well done sisy..!! waiting for the nxt epi…

    1. ok sweety i will add translation
      keep reading

  12. Hey anu sorry mana phala promo dekha phir 1 episode ma confused Ho gai isliya ma comment nahi kar saki so sorry and starting is so funny and awesome and also please add me please .♥♡♥ ♥♡♥ ♥♡♥

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