Love at coffee shop (episode 2)

Hey guys. This keerti again. Guys seriously i am so glad to know that u all liked my first ff. This is dedicated to all swalak fans. We shall be as a group of swalak die hard fans. Nice to meet u all.

So here we go.

Laksh gave swara her ear ring back & went to his table.

Shahrukh’s p.o.v

He sat in his chair & looking at her while drinking & she is writing something. He observes her by smiling. Next 30 mins same scene repeats. She is writing something, he is seeing her & my chef is looking them both & i am watching all these standing on the table.

Me (keerti): Sharukh sir tell fastly what happened next?

Sharukh : Who are u?

Me: I am the director & i also have a role in this story. I can ask any questions when i got doubt. If u do anything extra i can cut your character too.

Shahrukh : Ok fine.

Keerti: Now say what happened next? Fast. Story is interesting.

Shahrukh : but u just told that if i talk more u will cut my character.

Keerti: Sorry sir. Sorry for not knowing you.

Shahrukh laughs loud. Thats the way now listen to the story.

As expected some sparks are entered in his (laksh’s ) body. I will also include my experience in this & will explain about stages in love. There are 7 stages in love.

1. Attraction

Scientists are developed much that they can even go on moon but they are not giving a perfect reason behind attraction. First sight is very important in this stage. There will be no logic in attraction. By only seeing these couples i didn’t get to know about attraction. Because i also had a small lv story.

I don’t know her name but i kept her name as kajol. She came to cafe to collect donations for children. Before leaving she came near me. Upto now many eyes sawed me, many hands touched me but her look, her touch i have never felt that way before. That was the first time may be it is meant attraction.

She asked chef whether he will sell it for her? But chef told that he had only cup of that colour so he can’t give it. She got sad & thought to leave but chef called her back & said if she want she can come daily & can play with it. And also he will give a free coffee. She said thanks to him & went from there.

Even i thanked my chef heartfully. At first i thought it was just attraction but then i realised i am near to second stage.

2. Admiration stage.

You will start finding everything around u beautiful. Kajol used to come every day for me. Evenings after school & in weekends afternoon. Sometimes she used to bring her friends too.

Only in this stage we will realise the true beauty around us. Handling everything in care. Flowers will look more beautiful. Everything will be seen only in this stage. We will enjoy melody songs, we will feel the romance in movies. All happens in this stage only.

3. The grand illusion stage.

It contains only two thoughts & dreams. Thought is just a limited dream but dream is an unlimited thought. Thought is expecting how the exam can be, dream is expecting you to top the exam.

In this stage even god csnnot beat us creating worlds. We wake think & we sleep to dream. This is the uniqueness of this stage. In this stage, we will sing songs and… no need anyways this director keerti will say cut again. You do your imagination.

4. Reality stage

The real story begins now. Get ready for the war. The true resistance of a wire doesn’t show up until the current flows. To let the current flow one should on the switch. The affort which we use to dig a nail into a wall we shoulduse the same affort to sweep off a girl.

Here affort means to talk. You can’t expect the magnetism because you are not a magnet & she is not an iron piece. You need to show all your skills in this stage. Poetry, dialog, singing even fighting & all.

If u don’t have those special qualities keep it simple, straight and honest. The whole story depends on how well you deal this stage. If it goes good u can see the next stage or else instead nail, your hand will get hurt.

Now lets see how this guy will this stage.

Laksh got up from his table & went to swara’s table. By seeing him she closed her book. He will the chair front of her & sits in it.

Laksh: Please dnt take me wrong of sitting here without your permission. I have been struggling here since half an hour to get your sight on me. I am not that type of guy who keeps something in heart & says something out. I am directly coming to the point.

I like you. If you agree i will marry you and then i will love you.

Swara: One commits after the love not before it.

Laksh: Love just needs a girl. But commitment demands clarity & calibre to earn daily bread. I have them both. Coming across in a coffee shop like this an immediate fondness, an instant proposal don’t think there is no logic.

You can see the same scenario even in matchmaking. First we look at photo if we like it, we will decide the dessert menu & guest list for the marriage. I don’t think this is logically different to it. If we ask logic in everything we will miss magic of life.

In case, if you doubt my conduct, i will approach your family traditionally. Brave man looks for the path & coward thinks about logic.

Swara: If u want to love just do why to put it on a display?

Laksh: My dear silver… prashad should be shared love should be displayed. Keeping any of these to yourself is a sin.

Swara: Wow! Dear silver?

Laksh: Silver… atomic number 47, transition metal.

Swara: 11th period 5th group D block. Horizontally between palladium & cadmium vertically between copper and gold. I have too studied periodic table in chemistry. But y did u called me silver?

Laksh: Repeat the previous word.

Swara: why me…

Laksh: Little back….

Swara: In chemistry book…

Laksh: Slightly before….

Swara: between copper and gold….

Laksh: Ya repeat that second one.

Swara: Gold…

Laksh: Well… that corrupts everything.

Swara: What?

Laksh: Listen imagine u have a sister. Both of u are efficient. But how do u feel if only one takes away all the credit? Silver & gold. We use them both & mostly in case of budget we mostly use silver.

We will use silver for many cases but whenever we likes anyone we will compare them to gold. Doesn’t make it silver feel sad? Doesn’t it have a heart?

For this reason, i will call my loved ones as silver.

Swara: So what is this intelligent boy is doing on my table?

He smiles.

Screen ends guys. Please comment. Hope u will enjoy this episode. And i will updste soon. Take care all.

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