love of childhood-twinj os


hiiii…all of u…how r u?..
hmm m today here as its eid so holiday ……
Are pehchana who m i…?
its Aamu…
here i present u a short os…LOVE OF CHILDHOOD::
hope u will like it!

a beautiful morning..sun rises..slowly flowing water at d beach it was a perfect view one should see..d silent water was saying something…gazing some1..ohh!…a beautiful girl is shown running behing a cute baby puppy…in a jogging suit..making her look more adorable….now she turns n is revealed to b twinkle taneja…
she picks d puppy in her arms n strt to walk on d wet sands of d beach…she walks for sometime…n leaves from der …..
she reaches her house…its a lavish bunglow…with royal blue n white colour coated walls….some sculpture r also der….she enters n first put d puppy in a basket which has cotton on it…it was decorated with flowers
twinkle:good morning every1
she said sitting on one of d chair of breakfast table…
“good morning beta”her mom leela greet her passing a orange juice n cheese spread to her..
“thanx”she said back just dan her father raman taneja enter d room n greet dem morning while sitting on d head chair..dey greeted back….
tw had her breakfast …n went to d puppy
“hello baby”she said patting him
n den give him his breakfast n went to her room
it was her daily routinue…she take care of puppy so much…never go out without it…
tw enters her room…it was not less den a princess room…d room was like dis
hope it work
n sit on her bed…she rembers something..n went to her cupboard..d door of d cupboard was full of 2 childs pic…dey were so cute…many were hang der…
she takes 1….n start to weep silently sitting on her bed
“wen will u come kunj…m waiting for u from childhood”she said while weeping…
“u left ur twinki alone kunj whom u love d most…sorry dat time i was mad dat i dint pay attention to u …to ur love…but i regret now…see i hav protect our frndship identity our sunny…our puppy whom v used to play…cry n all d thing…evrything is same but u r not here…pls come back kunj..i m fulfilling ur wish..”she said stammering hugging d pic..
after sometimes she composes herself n take a bath she wore a beautiful red croptop with a black capry tie her hair in a ponytail n a small bun…making her perfect look…she leaves d room n went to her puppy ….she picks him n left d house…
she drove somewhere…

d car stops at a animal shop name ….twinj pets…
she enters der n do her work for sometime….it her daily work being a daughter of a business tycoon…she had a shoped of pets..
a handsome hunk was about to enter d shop..wen tw comes out..both bang n fall in d shop…tw above kunj..d puppy also comes n starts to lick dat persons face…dey both come to sense.n stands…tw feel something strange..but brushed her thought…she was so angry as d cat which she was holding fall…it had not create any injury but she was so carefull about animals…she starts to curse him while he was standing n just watching d puppy..n d puppy was holding his legs…den he came to sense n went widout uttering a word…tw alsoo left…at evening wen she sitting alone n doing something in phone…she remembers dat incident n she felt bad as she had speak very bad things about him..she thought dat wen he will meet she will say sorry to him…
at night wen she was leaving she feels some1 eying her but wen she turns noone was der…after sometimes she saw d same man…she runs to him
“hi” she said
“who me?”d man said..
“yeahactually came to say sorry…i misbehaved with u… sorry actually i m very protectiv about animals”she said in one go
“its k…i also came to see ur shop as i hav also a shop in london..n m also fond of animals”he said smilingly
“really..den i will love to visit ur shop…so as v both r having same passion so friends?”she said forwarding her hands…
“sure”he said shaking hand with her
tw again feels something
“twinkle twinkle taneja.”she said
“sidhant”he said
after dat dey r frnds..dey both meet daily..gossip..n d puppy also was started falling for him both were leaving for london tomorow as tw want to visit his shop…
dey leave for london…n have a special cute moments…tw finally fall for him…
tw:no i cant do dis i only lovekunj how can i love sidhant…no i hav to b away from him
she said trying to control herself…
now she was avoiding him from few day…but he was trying his best
one day she was in her room..wen sid enters..
sid:hii twinki
tw:dont call me dat mr.sidhant
sid:y r u behaving like dis?
tw:nothing…y u come here
sid:oh yaa actually come to ask u for a lunch..
tw:i dont wanna come u go n enjoy…
sid:no u hav to come or let dis puppy come with me!..
tw:ok coming
both left from der..sid was holding d puppy…dey had der lunch n while returning puppy saw a candy floss..he jumps from him n runs to catch it…while sid gets shocked seeing one car coming towards it…
but d car comes n captured it in ….it was full blood…
he runs n hold him n take him to d hospita….
all d time he was crying n
“pls sunny open d eyes…pls”
tw was shocked as she had not tell him about puppy name..
when sunny was in asked him
“no m not sid m kunj..kunj sarna…ur frnd..ur love…sunny frnds…”he spoke cryingly…wen he got a tight slap
“u cheater i missed u soo much..cry daily for u n u !!…just hate u” n leave from der crying
after somedays now sunny was alright…daily twinj comes to hospital…but dey dint talk…n tw not let him come towards sunny..

one day at hospital wen sunny was going to discharge..
tw was taking a leave wen kunj comes…
“pls tw i had done all dis to c whether u remember me or not? n if not den i would leaved u forever”he said
“just keep ur lie with u..”she said widout making eyecontact
“I will leave tw…but before pls can i meet sunny..our friendship identity”he said but tw dint agree..with lots of effort she disagree..
puppy jumps from tw n goes to kunj n hugs his leg…
tw saw dis n hav tears but she controls..n try to take puppy but he was not ready..
“lets go sunny”tw said
“he will not..n waise bhi u dont love me anymore…u dont mean our frndship den y u r keeping our frndship identity withh u …i will take him as i mean all dis”n he starts to leave
“who said i dont love..i love u…i mean it..i mean our frndship…n our sunny”she said in one go widout realizing…
kunj smiles n she reealizes den blushes…kunj spread his arms n tw hugs him…den sunny also join dem…have a hug…
“i love u”kunj said
“love u too”tw said
n both starts to move closer..n hav a paaionate kiss.while puppy bow her head to avoid seeing dem(aww so cute!)
dey trio again hug n hence dis story ends here…dey live der life with der frndship n love…
so how was it?
hope good?
so i want to ask u..
whivh couple will u like in my new ff..
A.shraman…(suman n shravan)from ek duje ke dey r
hope it work
B.devakshi…(dev n sonakshi)from kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi
here is d lovely couple×720-GfV.jpg
which 1 u llike..?
i will post dat intro soon …
do telll…..
n ya wat should i giv d name was all by deatiny’s magic…
C.destiny’s game
give ur views

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  1. SidMin

    Loved it Aamu The story was so cute ๐Ÿ™‚ I would Like shraman for your new ff ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Aamu

      thanx for ur cmnt n suggestion too…nabout shraman i m also thiking about it !!…which ttle u liked

  2. Baby

    yr ammu happy eid
    srsly luvd d os 2 d core
    it was sooooooo cute luvd d last scene wen d puppy bowed her head
    awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww……………..shooooooo cute
    ummmmmmmmmm……..DEVAKSHI is btr n ur choice dear…..
    aami n d name so i chose B. love’s magic………..
    c u soon………..

    1. Aamu

      haayeee…itni taareef…i hav to go tomorrow only to test sugar whether i have or wat!?…hehe
      sho shweet of u…thanx aapi…
      n ya c u ekdum soon as i had posted shruti bday spcial os read n cmnt
      thanx for ur suggestion…

  3. Aww…. Soo cute aamu….

    1. Aamu

      thanks sana…..

  4. Beautiful story…
    I loved it sooo much
    And post it on either of them…but I would prefer ShraMan…
    DevAkshi current track isn’t good in KRPKAB….and EDKV is very popular now…
    And I liked the first title…It was all by destiny…
    Keep writing…

    1. Aamu

      thanx ladddooooo…..thank u soo much…gd u love it!!..
      n i also love shraman n ya krpkab story is mabe going off air….coz of low trp…
      n thakx for ur suggestion

  5. Twinjfan.tamanna

    it was really an awesome os…n I loved the sunny was so cute…do write more os


    love u..

    1. Aamu

      thanks tamanna….n pls answer my question…
      love u tooo

  6. Ayu

    Aamu!!!! U know u’re soooo unique! N this os was outstanding!!! I loved it??

    1. Aamu

      thanks ayu…n pls give d answer to my question….which pair will u like with twinj
      devakshi or shraman…
      n title tooo!?
      so dat i can post soon

      1. Ayu

        Title….mujhe sacchi nahin pata…main khud dusron ke titles liye ghoom rahi hoon??glati se…but i really dont know…ammu tera dimaag bahut tez hai…kuch na kuch dhamakedaar to nikaal hi legi??

  7. Superb os aamu… Nd eid mubarak to u too dear…

    1. Aamu


  8. Awesome os Aamu.. really loved it.. aww the puppy was soo cutee.. U naile it.. I watch neither of the shows so I’m fine with any pair.. I liked the first title “it was all by destiny”.. keep writing more ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Aamu

      thanx sidvee…..n for suggestion too

  9. Shatakshi

    Awww that was shoo sweet
    N I would love devakshi…

  10. Romaisha

    Heyy aamu di
    Awesome os! Loved it!

    1. Aamu

      thanks romaisha,….
      n pls answer my question…which couple u will like..n title?

      1. Romaisha

        Hey sorry for late reply

        Actually i don’t watch either series so i don’t know.. But any couple will do and the title… I like Love’s magic ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Sayeeda

    Hayyyeee reeeee Aamu kitna cute OS tha yrrr ….maza agaya paddke ….
    loved it to the core ……lovely one…
    About ur questions …..go for dev nd sonakshi as a couple nd title I will go for the first one….

    love you???

  12. Kruti

    Amazing Os aamu…..It was as cute as u …….Loved it

  13. dreamer...arundhati

    Aamu hilarious os

  14. Rashiverma2199

    It was awesome…

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