Rythem was at her home thinking what should a person follow ? Passion or Parent’s wish.
Now that she was a friend of Labir he called him. And asked him her doubt .
Kabir told her its always “Manmarziyaan”
Please sing with me in the fest.
Okayy. She told him thoughtlessly.
It was the usual days Kabir getting busy in his study at the medical college and Rythem at her Hobbilage.
The music fest was coming near.
Rythem at her home tells his dad.
Dad idk why I wanted to be a musician before my accident. Now that I dnt remember I want to be a doctor. I want to help people. Please dad let me be one.
Can I say a no to you ? Go and chase your dreams. She applies for the topmost medical college.
On the feat night Rythem gets the Approval letter. She gets excited. She leaves her home with her dad’s wishes .

She was in the flight and switches off her phone.
Kabir tried calling her. She doesent pick up.
He feels betrayed and vows never to talk to her.
Rythem on the other hand had only her dreams in her eyes.
She reaches her new college and bumps into a teacher none other than the deadly Mrs Briganza.
How dare you !! Shouts Mrs Briganza.
Yeah exactly you should see while walking . Anyways I think your power of eyes has increased go to an optician and get it checked.
Mrs Briganza was speechless. She left
The whole crowd was watching this fight.
Bravo ?!? Everyone shouted.
And there came three people and asked her name.

Hi ? we are Dhruv Maddy and Aditi..
And that Was great first day and a fight with Mrs Briganza.
I don’t care whoever she was.. She came in my way.
Rythem and her new buddies…

Coming chapters .. Kabir becoming a doctor and Rythem and her fight with her new teacher. And lets see if they meet ever again and love sparkles ✨

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