Chapter : just another day

It is not was to forget your love but it is important to move on for the sake of your love. Kabir knew that he could never forget Rhea. He was walking through the corridor. Another weekend at his new passion.
He was walking aimlessly but then he stops…..
He hears a beautiful voice. He feels Rhea’s presence. He follows and secretly peeps out but is saddened to see its not Rhea. She is Rythem. She was singing.
He decides not to disturb her.
And so he quietly listens to her soothing voice.
Her voice is magical.

Then crowds of students enter and Rythem stops singing.
The dean announces that there will be a grand event and you all students have to audition. Kabir was sitting beside Rythem. She was playing a game on her phone. The dean leaves. As soon as he leaves the GS and so called Miss popular takes the mic and announces there’s a only guysss audition to select the best singer. All have to participate. All the guys give the audition. Some to see her beauty and one gives it forcefully as he had no choice. None other than Kabir.
And he gets selected.
By the way the Miss Popular is Sailee Thakur. She tells him he will sing with me.
Ohh… So it was a trick to choose your partner. Thank you for wasting my time.
Rythem watches the whole scene.

He goes to the canteen. He gets a call from Kia. Kia tries to calm him down.
Rythem places an ice pack on his hot head.
That was bold really bold. I think you are the first guy to be not smitten by that silly girl Sailee. I think in this college we both are only born to hate her. That dumb.
Kabir’s face turns green. He shook his head. Rythem turns back. It was Sailee standing behind her. She ignores her.

She intentionally drops ketchup on her dress.
Rythem was angry but she also ignores.
I will get water for you Kabir.
Oh really !?!? Kabir was shocked.
She takes the water jug but…
Empties it on Sailee’s head making her wet from top to bottom.
How dare you ??
You Started it and she leaves without giving her heed.
Kabir asks her who you are going with for the competition ?
I don’t participate in all this bullshlt.
But you sing well.
How you know asks Rythem.
No I just heard you singing and you were great.
Well I don’t like music. I am just here for my father. I know he is happy seeing me normal.
Wh wat do you mean ??
Nevermind. Its a long story.
Kabir didn’t knew with who he would sing.. He really wanted to do this for Rhea.


The Hobbilage track is gonna end soon and in the coming chapters you will see kabir working in hospital as a full doctor. And Kia trying to get him. And guyys don’t worry Rhea is not dead. Its just a twist. But a big one.
Keep reading and Tell me about this and ignore the typos

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  1. Thank god yaar… and kabir need to know the true colours of his friend kia…… rythem is rhea is it

  2. I also think Rythem is Rhea. Good going buddy. The story is great.
    Waiting fr the next epi

  3. I too thnk the same as hayathy. Feels lyk rythem is rhea. . . Yipeee. . Finaly rhea is nt dead. 🙂

  4. Oh thank god yaar..Rhea is coming back..I am excited..Thank u..pls expose Kia..i am waiting for next..update soon..take care..

  5. Hi anaika dear, very nice episode. ..loved the precap….eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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