Chapter. Separated Forever ??

Its half a year… Says Kabir to Rhea.
No stupid !! There still a day left.
Omg how much do you calculate. You should have been IIT right now. What are doing here?
Okay bye
Kabir holds her and was almost going to kiss her but he is interrupted by his friends.
Uhhhhmmm… Kabir common. We have a lecture.
After the college Rhea tells Kabir she has got loads of work and she cant meet today. I hope you understand.
Okay baby..
And she leaves………
Kabir tells Kia he is planning an awesome party for Kia and she has to help him.
Kabir is panicked as the decorations are not still over. He tells Kia He is going to pick up Rhea..
No !!! I cant alone do the decorations . You stay here. Tell the driver na… He will pick up your Rhea.
And he tells his driver.
The driver goes to Rhea’s place. She sits in the car. She calls Kabir. He doesn’t pick her call as he was busy. She tries many times..
When Kabir sees his phone. 5 missed calls. I hope Rhea is fine. He calls her.
Finally you though to call.
And an whamm……..
Rhea’s car explodes.
The call disconnects. Kabir tries to call back. But in vain.
He rushes to the way to Rhea’s place.
But there’s a big traffic jam. After two hours he spots the accident site. He is shattered. He sees the cops coming. They take the dead body for post mortem.
Kabir still couldn’t believe Rhea was no more. Kia tries to console him.
She tells him she used to hate Rhea but she never wanted her to be dead.
Cops inform Kabir that they didn’t found Rhea’s dead body at the site but they found another unidentified near the accident site. You have to come for identification.
Kabir tells Kia to identify the body as he can’t see Rhea like this. Kia confirms its Rhea.
Kabir stopped going college. He always stayed in his too not even talking to his mother. He didn’t even met Kia.
Kia meets Kabir forcefully.
What are you doing? If Rhea sees you like this do you think she would be happy. At least let her soul be in peace. Don’t waste your life Kabir..
I think you are right..
Finally he goes to the college. His friends try to make him happy. And Kabir also gives a fake smile to show he’s okay.
At home Kabir thinks he has to go to a place where he can find peace and happiness and he thinks to join a hobby class. His music…
He applies in The Music Hobbilage.
And he gets the admission easily.
I knw you wud be sad after reading abt Rheas death but this is only the theme of YOU ONLY LOVE ONCE.
Keep reading and plz giv ur opinions.
Love you..?

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  1. Is this story from Twist wala love from Channel V

  2. Oh no rhea such mein mar gaya i cant believe this

  3. Feelng so bad to hear rhea died. . . ;-( I thnk its kia’s planing to separt kabrea. Pls brng hr bak. . . Pls. . .

  4. Ooh !!!!!!! I thnk rhea didn’t die in dat accident

  5. No its definitely different Anna. My friend also told me it sounds lke that but its very different..

  6. Yh you re right unnu aka jify.
    Actually I told This story with musical college theme in my ff and Unnati told me The beginning sounded lik twist wala but it was in medical college theme so chnged it to medical college. But the story is totaly different..
    Guyss keep reading love ya

  7. Guyts that’s not me its jiffy btw the story is diff and jiffy rr u unnati ???

  8. Hi, is rhea really died? Or this is just a twist? Eagerly waiting for the next episode

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